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Message from Violinio Germain

Anne Bellringer

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I am Violinio Germain speaking to you, Anne  I come from the Lighted Realms and identify myself as Germain, although many call me “Saint” Germain. I am not a Saint, but am an Ascended Master and have walked your plane many times. I have come this afternoon for a message to you and Patrick.

You have invited me to answer your questions everyday, and I am with you ones all the time, although you have not had a written communication with me, personally, Anne, for some time. I called you today, and you have answered and we shall now continue our message.

You have heard many messages from the Gurus that you have contact with through your e-mails. Many have come in my name saying that I am speaking to them when, in fact, they are speaking to other entities, some of which are much lower frequency. I see that you have put on the net some channelings from Sister Thedra and Edna G. Frankel. These are two of mine servants. Sister Thedra passed on from her last physical incarnation graduating to the Higher Dimensions. Edna Frankel is a dear soul, who has talked with the Lighted Realms for many years.

The on-going games with the NESARA Program/Mission are continuing, yet, today with the Dark Ones interfering with the packet deliveries and the announcement on T.V. All I can say is that over these past years, there have not been many ones, who truly trusted in the Lighted Realms and asked for Divine Assistance. There have been endless “moles”, who have sabotaged the Mission time after time, causing these endless delays in the delivery of the packets to the recipients and, also, undermining and sabotaging the announcement through their control of the media.

Is Grandma Herman on the announcement team and in control of CNN and CBS? Grandma, unfortunately, has not changed her tune, although she came close to the Lighted Realms. The Rothschilds, indeed, have purchased these two media giants, but they, too, are doing it out of revenge to the Rockefellers and other of the Titans, whom they are fighting to get control.

It seems that the endless wars continue on your planet with no end in sight for the Iraq/Iran/Afghanistan/ and all the other endless battles going on, on the surface of your beloved planet. The evil Dark Ones, who control their little puppets Bush, Cheney, Clinton and Gangs, are not about to stop anything with their total control of the planet well in sight. Their evil plans have been delayed to the point where they are livid with rage, as a horrible dragon spewing forth fire and brimstone.

The people of the planet want peace, many of whom do not know about NESARA. Their governments, especially the U.S. do not listen to the people, as they feel THEY are in control, and the people are nothing but garbage to be destroyed in any manner they see fit. Their horrible plans for genocide and de-population/control continue unabated, as they proceed to the finalization of their goal—ONE WORLD ORDER or else NO WORLD at all.

However, be it as it may, their plans have been thwarted at every turn and they now cannot compete with their most powerful enemy, who has risen against them. That enemy is not the people of the planet, not the weapons they would use to destroy the evil ones, but Mother Earth. That is where we are at the present time. Oh, you hear the Guru’s saying that you have months, even years to clean up your planet. Oh, that earth changes shall happen, but they are livable. Oh, there shall be ones dying from earth changes, but earth is rising to 5th dimension.

Well, little ones, all these earth changes, indeed, are happening, and are increasing each day, although your lying media has put a lid on the information they want leaked to the public to know the real truth of the matter. The evil ones are running scared, and they are trying to delay the changes to Mother Earth, but it is like pouring water down the spewing volcano with lava reaching hundreds of meters into the air. It is like trying to quench a raging forest fire with a thimble-full of water.

The time of the evil ones is coming to a rapid close. Whether NESARA gets announced remains to be seen. Plans are laid, broken, upset, sabotaged, and delayed endlessly. Mother Earth cannot be delayed, upset, or sabotaged, as she has the last say. Often, I have said, and as you were told years ago, that you may get your packet, as you are boarding ship.

To say that means that changes are continuing, although you see them not, and the sites you visit to monitor earth changes have been totally controlled. There is not a truthful site out there, Anne, that tells you what is really going on. Just know that your inner Guide of your Mighty I Am Presence is the one to whom you speak, who knows all Truth. Trust your inner Guidance. Trust the answers that you and Patrick get, as I speak to you, as do the rest of the Lighted Realms. You ones know the Truth. You have followed the Red Road of Truth, and are on the straight and narrow path that leads to the Stars.

I walk your planet, speaking to those, who are true of heart. There are those, but they are unknown, who speak to me only for their personal knowledge, and not to broadcast their “importance” of being a channeler on the internet. Read carefully with great discernment those messages that claim they are from the Lighted Realms, for the Truth comes softly to the inner Soul/inner God Spirit. So, remain patient, knowing, confident, and I assure you that when you ones clear yourselves and ask of my presence, the call compels the answer.

We of the Lighted Brotherhood, who surround your planet in our wonderful vehicles of Light/Starships, are still on Red Alert and watching carefully all that transpires. Keep your Lighthouse burning and guide those, who seek the path that leads to the Stars. I am with you in all that you do.

I am Violinio Germain of the One Light of Creation/Creator Source. Adonai to mine brother and sister.

P.S. I am, also, watching and guiding your children. !!!