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Message From Esu Immanuel Sananda

Anne Bellringer

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the Phoenix Journals, with several chapters by me in many of them. I see that you are putting out Phoenix Journal #47 on Fourwinds, which is a great help to many people. I thank you for that.

Today, you received via your e-mail a message that Candace Frieze penned and put out on her site. It has spread to the Internet, and thus, it came to your e-mail. I know what she said in this article that she said was from “Hatonn” and “Esu [Sananda]”. I have some comments to make.

Although this article gives credence to the Phoenix Journals, the information in this article is twisted, so it gives disinformation and confusion to the reader. When I wrote what I did in Phoenix Journal #4 “The Spiral to Economic Disaster”, I wrote the Truth of the matter. Sister Thedra, channelled correctly from me back in 1954 and no one listened. I repeated what I had said previously to Druthea, and what you read in Journal #4 is the Truth of the matter.

“I have told thee ‘there are no new prophets or prophecies’ ” [PJ #4, p. 69], such as Candace is purporting in her writings, as she has twisted my message of the Phoenix Journals. It is the sun of your solar system that shall blow up eventually[PJ#4, p. 78], and it is a fact that Earth will in the twinkling of and eye flip on her axis [PJ#4, p. 81]. I said there was no safe place on your planet, and that mine ones shall be lifted to the starships in safety. I meant what I said, and nothing has changed!

Yes, many shall perish, but it shall be their own choosing, as they would refuse to board any craft due to the dark ones bending their minds to think that all off-world ships are evil, when it is they, who are evil.

No man knows the time of this happening, but you can read the signs of the time. Back in 1989 things were close then, but can you imagine how close this is in 2007? The disasters that I spoke about are surely to happen, as I said, so there is “no place in which you can proclaim “safety”---only with MYSELF! …..YE OF MINE ONES SHALL BE LIFTED UP INTO THOSE CRAFT WHICH RIDE THE WAVES OF THE ENERGIES OF THE UNIVERSE AND REST UPON THE CLOUDS OF SPACE.” [Also written in PJ #4, pp. 70, 72]

Your entire solar system is moving toward the Pleiades, and shall soon have a new sun and moon. This I have said. I did not say that Jupiter would blow up and that you ones would sleep for three weeks.

So, where are we at this point in time with Earth changes? At the very edge, my chelas, of massive earth changes and the tipping of Mother Earth.

China is moving at a snail’s pace with funding, but it is much too slow, for Mother Earth cannot wait for man to decide, if or when any funding shall occur.

No, the Lighted Realms are not the ones to clean up your planet. The water washing over the present land, submerging it under the oceans for 3000 years, does a great job. This is what is to happen.

I know you have put out the evacuation news many times on Fourwinds, so it is not necessary to do it again. People shall have to discern Truth from Lie. That is part of their soul progression

We stand by on “Red-Red” Alert, knowing that changes are to happen quickly, and we need to evacuate at the right time.

The energies are extremely high today, as you can feel, but are somewhat subsiding at this present moment.

I give you my WORD that what I have told you is the Truth of the matter. It is as it is written in the Journals, nothing more, nothing less!

Carry on, but with expectations of our arrival to beam you aboard.

SALU to mine faithful crew, Patrick and Anne.

I AM THAT I AM. I Am Esu Immanuel Sannada of the One Light of Creation/Creator Source. I am but a thought away.