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Message From Creator God Aton/Hatonn To The Bellringers

Anne Bellringer

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ement and the distribution of the prosperity program funds and the Farm Claims.

As you are well aware, the Darkside never quits, and they have not quit with their push for world control, which includes NOT ONE CENT to the goyim, NOT ONE CENT. They believe the money is theirs, and they intend to keep it. These evil ones, the minions of Lucifer/Satan are FAR worse than expected, and they are carrying on the evil they took from Satan and made it a million times more dreadful than Satan ever thought would happen. Thus, you see, that even though the funding packets are “ready to roll across the world,” these evil ones, the would-be-controllers, shall attempt to stop the funding as long as they can. There have been defectors to the side of goodness, but there still remains those who refuse, absolutely, to turn to the light.

Anne: Thank you. I thought that clones, and I am assuming that many of the Dark Ones are clones, have no freewill.

Hatonn: Ah, but you forget that those controllers, who handle the clones and program them for their work, have NOT been cloned, and they are using their freewill to handle the clones in anyway they see fit, and that means total world domination. The ONLY thing that has stopped them is that they must either rise in frequency in their body or they will die a physical death. There are no existing “clone parts” for their body, that are of high frequency. Therefore, they are dying bit by bit, as the frequency rises their body organs do not function properly. Any replacement of an organ to prolong their life has the same problem, so they are in great concern.

You have visited the various earthquake data sites and have found very little information, as to the magnitude of the quakes and the various volcanic eruptions that are occurring at the present time. There are MANY which register in the 6-8 category, but the various reporting sites are squelched in presenting the entire truth. Only the smaller quakes are listed, and these are actually down-played as being very minor.

There are major happenings with the tectonic plates under the ocean and land that speak of a major, major shake-up very soon. There are alarming sounds and grindings that have never been heard before. The scientists know this and have reported such findings to those who control, but little information is leaked to the unaware public. The only way you can find out is to ask your God Spirit what is happening, and it is major, chela.

That is why, as I have stated before, that the delay in the delivery of the packets and the squelching of the NESARA announcement does not delay the movement of Mother Earth, for she has her own freewill and is now in the cleansing of her surface. Many there are along the coasts that are in the line of waking up in the water. We are stationed over all the earth waiting for the evacuation of those, who will freely come aboard our ships. With the fear and trepidation that many feel concerning the aliens, due to the lies of the controllers, there may not be many of those unenlightened ones willing to board ship. They would rather die first. It will be only after they have lost their physical life and realize what they have done that the Truth will dawn upon them for a split second.

It is good that you ones are off the rollercoaster of NESARA and the funding. I would like to see balance brought to your orb, but at this point the cleansing of Mother Earth is more important, as the cleansing job needs to be completed now and not several years of your time down the pike.

“When” is not given. No one knows the time nor the minute, but you know that all is in readiness and we are ready. That is all we can ask of you. You ones have completed your Missions in flying colors, and you stay on track.

Many thanks to you, Patrick, for the fine article you wrote on Mormonism. It is true that the reason you did not get any negative e-mails is that they cannot dispute what is said in the Journals, because it is TRUTH from Creator God. You only told of your experiences, and who is to refute what you have experienced? Mighty fine, Patrick.

I shall see you aboard ship.