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By Anne Bellringer

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s of star system beyond number. I have “time” always, for you ones, as so few people actually call upon me for advice, for communication, and help. I am at your service.

Anne: Thank you for being here. There are so many questions I have to ask of you. Thank you! My first question is as follows. Several days ago we were told that one of the Supreme Court Justices made GW Bush sign 2 EO’s that would permit the funding of the prosperity programs with deliveries to be made even over the week-end, and that by Wed, Dec. 1, 2004 the banks were to be on line. Nothing has happened. This is the old familiar stuff we have lived through the past 15 years. What’s up? The information sounds so credible, and the sources so true, it is hard not to believe what the little people are hearing.

Creator Source: No one knows when the announcement will be held, as it is planned, as Sheldon Nidle said, to be a complete surprise to the dark ones. When you hear rumors flying around, take note and go within and know that much you hear from those “sources” may not be true, and that these rumors fly around spurred on by the dark ones. It causes negativity, despair, doubt, and even suicide in many people, and provides the negativity needed for the dark ones to continue. It’s the old “roller-coaster” ride all over again. There are those in the government who know NESARA is to happen anytime, and that is why they are resigning. As Nidle said in his latest report, things are moving ahead, and the trap is about to be sprung, so do not give up hope. Keep hope alive. Know that I am in charge and that all is going along as planned. There are many, many ones who are awakening to the LIE, and that is helping with the Age of Enlightenment. Do not give up hope, but know that all is well. “Ride the waves of the ocean” with hope and trust in your heart, for you know great things are to happen very soon!

I am here with you ones. I have heard your pleas and cries and I have great compassion for all that you have said. It is always the darkest before the dawn, and you know that when things are the darkest, the Darkside is trying their utmost to stop the Age of Enlightenment. It is like trying to stop the sun from rising in the morning. It is like trying to stop the waves of the ocean, or like trying to stop the stars (ships) from shining…. It is like trying to stop the breathing of every person on Shan. There are more and more people awakening to the Light, even though the evil controllers try to stop all truthful information. Their Plan 2000 was to have been in place by the lst of January 2000, and now we are going into the year 2005, and their plans have gone astray. They have been stopped hundreds of times from more terrorist attacks world-wide, but mostly in the US. Since their plans are not coming into fruition they have thousands more evil plans, and they are trying to implement them all at once. That is why you are seeing so much darkness at this time. The veil of the media is getting thinner, and their repeated lies are not being heard.

Anne: Enough is enough. These evil ones have been given the choice of love and light and a chance to come back to Love, yet they refuse. Is it not time now for the Age of Enlightenment? Is it not the deadline for the line in the sand that has been drawn? Have not enough people prayed for peace on earth, for the wars to stop?

Creator Source: Send the evil ones Love and Light. That is your best weapon against the darkness. The time is now at hand, and what you have heard is true and correct. Ones must not lose faith nor fade into oblivion at this moment. Trust in your God Spirit. Know that the Age of Enlightenment is here and now. Know that what you create you get. Don’t create the darkness by thinking of negative things, but create LIGHT and think and pray about the positive things such as abundance, hope, love, peace and no more war upon Earth Shan.

Anne: Then let us thought-create our funding packets arriving. Let us thought-create the NESARA announcement. Let us thought-create the ships landing. Let us thought-create the end of evil government control, and the One World Order gone! Let us thought-create that the evil ones come to the LIGHT or leave this planet. We shall not create negativity nor project the evil controllers still in control. They are done. They are stopped. They are history. They have come back to Love and Light or they are gone on to their next lifestream, gone to the void, or uncreated.

Earth Shan deserves her birthright. We deserve to come to Light and Love and have a beautiful, healthy, abundant and prosperous earth with peace, security, and LOVE the main concerns, and all people of Shan living in harmony with Creator Source, with nature, and with each other. Earth Shan deserves to have clean air, clean water, clean earth, beautiful trees, flowers, and plants free from chemicals and evil. She deserves once again to be the gem in the cosmos, not a dark smudge pot of evil! We all deserve the best and we shall have it! Enough of evil!

Creator Source: Know that I am in charge of all. St. Germain, Sananda, St. Michael and all the Ascended Masters are working with Me, Creator, and are doing their work as best as possible. Remember, that most of your planet was in darkness, and many are seeing the Light, and that is what is happening now. I know that ones are awakening to the horrors of your government, and that is coming to an end. The world is praying for peace. Peace and abundance you shall have, but no time or date is going to be broadcast so the darkside can interfere. The Forces of Light have been working “24/7” for many years and are keeping tabs on their horrible plans. Yes, I agree. There has been enough killing of mankind, enough war, and so it shall end.

Anne Thank you. So no time is set, but can I ask if it is soon?

Creator Source: Yes, you can. It is VERY soon. It is at your doorstep. The announcement shall come as the thief in the night. That time is upon you, but I give no exact time nor date.

I am Creator Source of ALL THERE IS, and I hold Heaven and Earth in my hand. All is well, all is in sequence, and know that the power of thought –the power of prayer by mine enlightened ones can change Heaven’s Plans. You have the right attitude. With that I say you have what you think—NESARA NOW—not months and years down the road, but now! Amen , sister. I, Creator Source now take leave of you ones for a moment in time, but know that I dwell in you all. Enjoy the day! Beautiful things await those in expectation. SALU TO MINE ONES!

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