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From Esu Immanuel "Jesus" Sananda to the Bellringers - July 24, 2006

Anne Bellringer

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hat time. If you note in the Phoenix Journals I said that I have counted “every drop of blood” said in my name and have clarified that this is a mis-nomer and a lie about my return 2000 years ago. I have resigned myself to the fact that people do identify me as “Jesus”, and in order to help them understand my teaching and who I am, I shall let it go.

As for you, Anne, you hear what you hear from me and no dark “mole” or CIA agent has control of you. I speak to many people, some who listen carefully, and others who put their own thoughts in place of mine. The message I have given you on July 21, 2006 was from me. Yes, I am angry, angry at the evil done. It is righteous anger that is coming through. It is not the person that I am angry with, but his/her actions. The results of these evil ones being “punished by disintegration” is not my doing. Each person must face Creator God and judge himself/herself by the Laws of Balance. These evil ones, who are leading the war are judging themselves. They have done what they have done to themselves. They shall reap what they sow. Remember, that what ever you do to others, whether good or evil, comes back to you 10 to 100 fold. This means 10 to the 10th power or 100 to the 100th power.

You are thinking, my chela, of the message that came to you and Patrick concerning some National Guard persons that were being sent back to Iraq. When asked about what their mission was they replied that they were told that many families in Iraq had at least 5 children. These National Guard people were told to “de-populate” Iraq. This would mean kill the children. If these soldiers would carry out this order, they still have a freewill to choose to kill, but in doing so they shall reap the Law of Karma in another lifestream.

You see, chela, the evil never stops, and these orders are given to the soldiers, who have joined the ranks of the military or National Guard, and they are taught to obey the rules and directions, or they are punished. Whether a person is in the military, or wherever they are, that person has the choice of freewill. When I speak of disintegration of the soul, this means that every chance to return to the Light has been given to this person, and if he still continues on in his evil, there comes a time when he would have to face the final decision of his soul. In many of the cases of these people fighting and killing their soul is nearly gone, or they are clones. The God Spirit has dwindled to nothing, and there is no God connection. I say this about those, who want war and killing.

Now, let’s get down to the Middle East. By total Divine Intervention I am saying that the Lighted Realms have been asked to help. Earth Shan is still a 3D planet and there must be 3D input. My anger is with those whose actions are evil, and they have refused time and time again to return to the Light. The decision is of that person, and final separation from God is the result.

You ask, ‘Is there anything good happening in the Middle East? You told me of the disintegration of weapons. Is this happening ?’ The matter of disintegration is very simple for the Forces of Light. All that is done is to raise the frequency of the weapon, and it disappears into 5th Dimension, where there is no mass. Yes, there has been the disintegration of weapons, but this has been kept quiet and Israel has a gag order on any war news to the outside world.

Your war mongers want a World War III with annihilation of all the goyim. This cannot happen, as the freewill of Planet Earth and her people has intervened. People are ready for peace. Planet Earth is ready. This means that the frequency of Earth Shan has raised because of this, as well as that of the people, who want peace. Our Divine Intervention has been because we have been asked, and we answer the prayers of those enlightened ones.

I remark about the person from Israel who wrote Fourwinds and told how the people of Israel and those of Lebanon want peace. It is not the people who are wanting war, but only a minute few war-mongers who control the government and the brain-washed military. By the prayers of the people of Earth Shan and the Divine Intervention of the Lighted Realms this war shall be ended quickly. Many soldiers are wanting peace and are disturbed, and their soul cries out for peace. So shall it be. Peace is gained by agreement of those wanting peace and the Realms of Light, and not peace by force of war.

Do not be afraid, Anne, to put the words down that you hear from me. I mince no words, and I stand for the Laws of God and Creation. I have the right to be angry, but remember it is righteous anger against the actions of those, who defy God and Creation. The Laws of God are absolute, and no re-writing or fudging of the Laws is allowed, when you judge yourself before Creator God.

I quote the book of Joshua 24:15: “And if you be unwilling to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. Everyone must choose, whom they will serve.

You are my servants, and the shield of plasma protection surrounds you ones. Keep love in your heart, always. Remember those on Earth Shan that want peace are ONE with the Lighted Realms. We are working together, and this is how the Golden Age shall come quickly to Earth Shan!

I AM THAT I AM. I am Esu Immanuel “Jesus” Sananda of the One Light of Creator Source. Salu to my Lighted Ground Crew.