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Message From Violinio Germain, Wednesday, May 3, 2006, Through Anne Bellringer

Anne Bellringer

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ourwinds a message on this 3rd day of May, 2006.

Of all the Ascended Masters both on and off of your planet, my name is probably the most well known among earth people. I have spent many lifestreams with many of you who read this message. This includes both Patrick and you, Anne, for we all have worked side by side, tirelessly, to help bring this planet unto her rightful birthing. We all have been on the Great Wheel of Reincarnation many, many lifestreams, and have been both the victim and the victimizer. Many, many lifestreams have taught us lessons in soul growth, and it has only been with much struggle for many that graduation is finally achieved for ones to move into a higher dimension. Many Lightworkers are righteously angry that the killing and murder and mayhem keep on. Many have said, "If it were up to me, I would stop the Wars! I would announce NESARA! I would deliver the funds!"

Well, chelas, maybe you donít believe this, but much that has happened on Earth Shan, has happened in the past and on other planets, where you have resided. You ones have learned your lessons and are now angry at those in charge, who are not getting the job done and not getting the NESARA announcement made. They, too, are learning lessons in soul growth.

I have worked tirelessly to bring balance and harmony to Mother Earth and to help bring her people to enlightenment. I am in charge of the World Trust and am overseeing the funding to the people at this present time, and to see that at last there is harmony and balance restored to the people. It has been an arduous struggle, as many of you can attest, but it has been worth it.

I hear the cries of so many people who write Fourwinds and say, "When will the funding be distributed for the Prosperity Programs? When will the NESARA announcement be? Have not we waited long enough? The Lightworkers are getting tired. Some are or have given up any hope. When? When? When?"

Let me address certain issues. First of all, we of the Lighted Realms, and particularly the Ascended Masters, are here to help you ones. We are not doing the job for you, but are assisting, as you do your part. We then are given permission to do our part. The Cosmic Law of Non-intervention is very strict.

Never do we of the Lighted Realms degrade or "put-down" other Lightworkers and call them names or make snide personal remarks about them. This would affect even us, as the Cosmic Law of Returns pertains to every one in the Universe. If I were to degrade another one through you, Anne, the negativity would not only come back to me, but to you, as well in multiple amount. Therefore, let it be known that I shall never do this to any person. I am here to help, to teach and to guide.

Now, you ask, "What can we do to help get NESARA announced? What can we do to get the funding packets of the Prosperity Programs and Farm Claims to the people?" You ones would not believe the struggle that has gone on to get the funding packets delivered. The Farm Claims provide the collateral so the Gold Banking System can be started. Patrick has let it be known through his NESARA Updates, as well as Casper the Ghost of the struggles between the World Court, Federal Reserve Bank, U.S. Supreme Court, the Carlyle Group, and the Bush Family to stop everything, delay, sabotage, and try every trick "in the deck" to stop, stall, intimidate, threaten and even death threats to stop this whole funding process. Why? Because it spells the end of their reign of terror that has lasted centuries. Is winning hopeless against these strong ones of the Darkside? No! No! No!

What is the power that is needed to complete the NESARA Mission? The power, my friends, is in the realization that you know Who You Are! You have the power of Creator God within, as do I. It is with knowing that you can use your great thought-power to create the NESARA announcement into being. With many people of your planet wanting peace and balance creates the mass consciousness to "get the job done!" This is the great "Secret" that the evil ones have used against you for millennia. They knew that by making you feel worthless and powerless, they could create what they wanted with their evil thoughts, and never be challenged, because they have kept you in the dark! No longer, my friends, is this the case. Many of you have arisen with your prayer-power, your thought-power and the struggle against the Dark is over! The people of Earth Shan want peace! They may not know the name NESARA, but they want what NESARA brings.

You see, many of the evil ones on your planet are still on the Great Wheel of Reincarnation, and when they chose to come back to Earth Shan, it was in the same frequency as before, in the same family, and even since the time of the Pharisees, these ones have reincarnated back to the same family and lifestyle to continue their drive for a One World Order. They have worked centuries to achieve such, and to have it fall apart at the finish line is very grave, indeed.

I am happy to say that at last, many of the Darkside have joined the Light, and those still wanting their evil OWO have at last been "contained". They cannot stop the progress to our Golden Age any longer. This return to the Light is because many Lightworkers have sent Love and Light to the Darkones, and many of them have returned to the Light!

There are volumes of books written on the activities of this last Dark Cabal that continue from where the Phoenix Journals left off. The Phoenix Journals are a history of this last Cabal from their start in the US to 1998, and now I have helped write the further Journals which are aboard the Phoenix Command Ship of Hatonn/Aton. You ones shall read of this, for all shall be revealed, so you know what has transpired. The "tweaked" history books that you read are not the Truth, so you all shall be quite surprised when you read the true history of your great county.

Now, let me tell you that at last the funding packets are being delivered. Yesterday, there was a computer glitch which had nothing to do with the Darkside, but someone panicked, and the deliveries were stopped for a while. They are now on-going. The announcement shall be made in full length very, very soon. If I were to give an exact date, then all would be "mad", if something happened to change the timing. The announcement is ready, the Forces of Light have control of the entire electronic grid system, and no one can stop this when the final "command" is given to make the announcement.

Arise, O ye tired Lightworkers! The finish line is in sight! You have found the "secret to your success"! Send the evil ones the 100th dimension of pure Love. Either they shall accept it or they shall be here no longer. Mother Earth has requested her birthright of moving into 5th Dimension, and it was given to her on August 17, 1987, the date of the Harmonic Convergence. She has been patient these past 19 years. The pressure is on for her to "turn over", but she has agreed to wait a little longer.

I am happy to say that all of you ones, who have been faithful, who have run the race to the end, shall be rewarded. First Contact awaits you within a very short time! What wonders there will be to behold, to see your Brothers and Sisters from the Stars! Sananda awaits his coming. What a joyful event! How much time we have after the Second Coming with Mother Earth remains to be seen, but for now, rejoice! The Light has won!

I AM THAT I AM. I am Violinio Germain of the Seventh Ray, and of the ONE LIGHT of Creator Source. Salu to mine brothers and sisters of the Light.