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From Esu Immanuel "Jesus" Sananda to the Bellringers, July 21, 2006

Anne Bellringer

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I AM THAT I AM. I am ONE with the ONE LIGHT of Creator Source. I stand firm. I stand ready. I stand as the General leading the Forces of Light.

I am angry tonight at the Dark Ones, who will not cease their fighting, bombing, and incursion upon people, not just the “fighting soldiers”, but babies, young people and mothers and fathers, who want only peace. I am angry that these ones will not listen to reason, and their leader is only listening to his Satanic guides to keep on fighting and killing the goyim, until they reign supreme upon the planet with all in their control.

I have heard the cries of the people of Lebanon. I have heard the cries of those in Israel, who stand for peace and not war. It is not the people, who are fighting, but only the Zionist leaders, who are causing this horrible affair. The people of all nations stand against this killing of human life and making rubble of cities and towns, bridges, airports and stop all living in the entire area. I am angry that what the Lighted Realms did in Jerusalem went unheeded and untold.

Enough is enough. I have ordered the Forces of Light to evaporate all weapons of mass destruction that are guarded by the U.S. Special Forces in Israel, all guns, tanks, missiles, bombs, aircraft of all sorts, and to diffuse the mines that have been planted in Lebanon by the Zionists. The Lighted Realms have dissolved the MOAB bombs from the U.S. and rendered them useless. I order the leaders of this horrible conflict to be removed from Planet Earth, immediately, and be transported to a holding place, where they await evaporation of their soul into nothingness.

I may sound harsh, but enough is enough. These ones have met with the Forces of Light, but they will not bend their evil intent. They now await their fate.

I am angry with the U.S. Media and their “talking heads”, who repeat what the KZB tells them to say. I am angry that they will not stand down with their lies and misinformation. The goal of the Zionists is to force the U.S. into war with Iran and Syria and other countries to start a WWIII. Bush, your imbecile Zionist leader has so declared war in the Middle East, and the wimpy U.S. Congress rubber stamped his whims.

It is time that your Congress face the fact that they are history. Most of them have capitulated to the Darkside and have been bribed to do what they are doing. Their moves have affected the entire world, and I do not mean for the good. Your Congress, chela, is headed toward Herculobus. There they shall be for 26,000 years to live with the dinosaurs, who are 12 times bigger on Herculobus than they were when they lived on Shan. Only by being loving and kind, caring and peaceful shall the dinosaurs grow smaller. I am still contemplating, if these evil Congressmen and women need to go to the Hell Planet. Oh, not ALL of them are bad, but when only eight members of Congress did not rubber stamp Israel’s war plans, that leaves nearly all, who most certainly face what they deserve.

Heaven is in control with total Divine Intervention. It is now time for the NESARA announcement, the cleaning up of your evil government and the distribution of funds to the entire world. The NESARA plan has gone ahead in spite of the opposition. With many, many countries fed up with the Zionists and the U.S. (Bush), this leads to more LIGHT shining from Earth Shan. The world is in turmoil with this latest fighting.

I have ordered total Divine Intervention. We have been asked by millions of people to intervene. Earth Shan, most of all, wants peace and to have her surface free of chemicals, bombing, and warfare. She has had enough.

So, my chelas, things ARE HAPPENING. There is “fire in the air” with the Lighted Realms. We have had enough, and NOW IS THE TIME to end this horrible suffering. Negotiations are past. There is no room to try and negotiate with snakes, and that is what you have for your government. They will not listen. It is time to evaporate all U.S. weapons on all the bases world-wide and in the U.S. It is time to draw a line in the sand with Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and the rest of the scum, who call themselves leaders.

This may not sound like the “Jesus” of the Bible who said to turn your cheek. No! I am a warrior, and I love this planet and her people, and I love you ones dearly for getting out information and Truth to people. You have helped awaken many, especially with the four articles, Facts are Facts, The Black Pope I and II, the Rosenthal Interview and the Protocols of Zion. It is time for all to wake up to the lies. You have hit many Christian households, who have seen this information, and for the first time, they are questioning Israel and the killing they are doing.

Do not lose hope. Do not despair over what you see. The time of the lying media is OVER. Truth has prevailed and has won.

I am ready for NESARA. The world is ready for NESARA! As Bellringer put it, and St. Germain has shouted: “Let’s Play Ball, Charlie Brown!”

This is Esu Immanuel “Jesus” Sananda of the One Light of Creator Source. I AM THAT I AM. We are One, my brother and sister. Carry on! SALU!