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December 4, 2019

          Our Fourwinds journey has been an adventure with many surprises and challenges, twists, turns and bumps in the road.  The journey began in March,1996, when the first Phoenix Journals we posted on the Internet were the ten journals banned by the U.S. Government in their 1990 court case against the Ekkers.  Needless to say, the Ekkers were totally angry with us for doing so.     

          Since then the Darkside has worked hard to stop our work of presenting Truth freely to the world.   Twice we suddenly lost our part-time webmaster.  Once we lost our entire data base, but some highly skilled     computer brains brought it all back from cyber space.  We are constantly on the edge financially,

          We have had family and friends turn against us.  We have had health problems meant to stop our work.  For example, in 2010 I had open heart surgery, and now have a heart pace-maker.  In 2015 Patrick had a blood clot in a vessel to the heart, with the placement of two stints.  In spite of everything we still pass for two people 20 years younger than our age.

          Early this summer the CIA hit Patrick with directed energy carrying anthrax, which infected a sore on his right cheek.  The anthrax was stopped by radionics, but there has been a constant attack of bacteria, viruses, fungi and chemicals since then. These, too, have been neutralized by radionics, but healing has been very slow.  Our naturopathic doctor is using the newest technology to aid healing and is very hopeful.

          My friends, evil never stops!  Please pray for healing for Patrick, as we pray for you!

                                                                      In Love and Light,

                                                                      Anne Bellringer