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Aug. 2, 2016

Through Anne Bellringer

I am Aton, God of Light, and I have again come forth to speak to all, who will listen to my words.  In my “lower form” I have come as Commander Gyorgos Ceres Hatonn. (Remember the “H” and the “N” are silent, so “Hatonn” is pronounced “ATON”.)  I have squeezed myself into 4th dimension to bring the Truth one last time through the Phoenix Journals.  They are not channeled messages, but given through radio transmission. 

At this time, chela, I have commanded a message to the world through you.  You have been avoiding my pleas to pen a message, but it is now time that I speak forth and do it through you, as you are my “message board”.  So shall I speak now.

As Mr. Putin has aptly spoken in his latest message, the world is in a turmoil, and the US cabal is preparing and anticipating a World War III, which would be catastrophic for the entire world.  All pleas and offerings from Russia to the US have been thrown back in their face.

Let me advise all you people.  The US Government is controlled by the Khazarian Mafia satanic worshippers, who are dedicated to destruction and evil.  You cannot negotiate with the Devil.  They are godless clones with no capacity for goodness and no understanding of truth.  They live by lies, deceit and most of all, negativity.  No matter what promises are made, no matter what documents are signed , these perpetual liars and thieves will never give up their evilness, come to the Light, nor negotiate with goodness.  They have no capability to do so.  In other words to continue to negotiate with the devil and expect a different answer than their deceit is called insanity.

You ask, “What do we do to get rid of this satanic government, the evil people?  We do not have the weaponry to defeat their massive store of military equipment of guns, and battle weapons. We have only minimum weaponry compared to Obama’s army of clones and drones and who knows what else?”

Oh, but you have missed the point.  You Lightworkers, listen up!  You are not the weak, namby, pamby sinners that you have been taught to be by the Darkside.  You have the great Creative Spark from Creator Source, the same power as myself, God Aton of Light!  Use your God power within with prayers and petitions and send these evil ones Love and Light, for they are nothing but clones, controlled by only a few elites.

Send the controllers the same. They do have or did have a soul,  are not here on Earth Shan for soul lessons, but are here to continue their control over the planet, as they have done in the past.  They have great karma for not adhering to the Truth.

You can win!  You can make use of your great creative power within to change the evil plans.  Call upon the Lighted Realms and your Guardian Angels for help.  Go forth as a mighty force for good with the sword of Truth.  Ask Archangel Michael and his warrior Angels for help, and with your mighty God Spirit within to win this battle and drive the satanic out.   One last thing to remember.  You are here for your soul lessons, and part of the learning is to remember that these clones are here for your lessons.  Earth Shan is the “graduate school” of Truth, so you need to get out of the “first grade mentality” and go forth as soldiers of Light.  Get the Truth out, send forth your great prayers, for you can win this battle.  You have all the help heaven allows.

As for you, chela, be not fearful, but be a warrior of Light.  My Divine Plan shall go forth.

Earth Shan is ready to graduate, so use the remaining 3D time to your soul advantage.