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~~~MESSAGE FROM HATONN~~~ DEC. 30, 2015 (Updated Dec. 31, 2015)

Anne Bellringer

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Jan. 4, 2016


Through Anne Bellringer

Dec. 30, 2015

Greetings to all.  I am Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn of the Lighted Realms.  I am known, in my higher dimensions as CREATOR GOD ATON,  (hATONn with the “h” and “n” silent) Creator of this Nebadon Universe.

I come tonight through Anne to talk to you, who will listen.  This means you souled beings.  In the Phoenix Journals I have stated that two-third of the people on Earth Shan are clones, replicas, who have no soul and are here for the lessons of you souled beings .  All of you are Ascended Masters, who decided to come to Shan for lessons, and since Shan is the “prison planet” for  Lucifer /Satan, the lessons are difficult and hard, just as you would be in a college of sorts.  Each of you knew this before you were born on Shan, as you picked your parents, your lessons to learn.  One solid agreement was that you were to come without memory. To wake up and know your Mission, you set “alarm clocks” along your pathway.   Learning your lessons and waking up provides great soul growth.

For example, the alarms rang and rang for Anne and Patrick Bellringer, who finally woke up after they lost their farm, all their material belongings, and were sent to the East Coast on a speaking tour concerning the corrupt Government. We provided certain people they would meet, and alarm clocks ringing on Patrick’s watch, in wall sockets, and empty suitcases, and vehicles driving THROUGH their car, and myriads of starships and Beam Ships.  We also provided overnight lodging in a motel that had been closed for 25 years.  That way the Darkside could not find them. You can imagine their excitement at seeing fleets of our ships, and reading the Contact Paper for the first time with my abrupt messages.  Finally, Anne said to a friend, who is this Hatonn?  Her friend answered, He is the Commander of  the Phoenix Starship.  Her answer was “WOW ! ”.

I have communicated many of the Journals to the world  via short wave radio by “squeezing” myself down to 4th dimension, so I could talk to my 3rd dimensional contact.  Since Lucifer /Satan has run your planet for so many years, he has fooled many by making people think of God sitting on a big throne in the sky somewhere, and does not communicate with lower 3rd dimensional ones, except by great commands from this make-believe throne “up there somewhere”.

Indeed, you are People of the Lie.  I am no further away from you than your thoughts, and I do talk to anyone, who in Truth asks for me to speak to them through their thoughts.  I, too, went through thousands of life-streams to learn my lessons, as are you souled beings on Earth Shan. 

You don’t know that?  This is the way it is!  All of you souled beings have had many lifestreams, but this lifestream on Planet Earth Shan is different.  This is the last civilization on Shan in 3rd dimension , as she is graduating into 5th dimension, where no evil can exist.

By waking up to the Truth great soul growth is made.  However, the difficulty lies in the fact that Satan and his minions have created a satanic environment where nearly everything you have learned is a LIE.  The Bible is a lie, your history, your science, your schooling, and all that you learned is permeated with lies, disinformation to fool you!  Your history has been re-written, and now, you live in an environment where everything is polluted:  air, water, soil, food, your TV news, and mostly your satanic government, your president, and Congress, who are all Satanists deliberately working for the Darkside.  Even Sananda’s past life on earth has been twisted, including his name called “Jesus”. 

I am here to tell you that you can find TRUTH.  Read the Phoenix Journals, as in them we have written the Truth for you one last time.  I can’t make you do anything, people, for you have a freewill to choose that which you do.  This is part of 3rd dimensional life.  We of the Lighted Hosts can HELP you, but we cannot and will not DO IT FOR YOU.

Remember this:  the  great Law of Returns is absolute.  Every action has a reaction.  Karma is a result of making negative actions or thoughts against someone, or sending negative energy against someone.  It only comes BACK to you.

So, people, WAKE UP!  Your government is not in your favor, but against you, to genocide most of the people on Earth Shan and to make slaves of those left.  There is no protection for you against their advanced technology to destroy you mind and soul EXCEPT through the protection the Lighted Hosts of Heaven.

If those, who are in charge of taking down your evil government, would ask for protection from the Hosts of God, it would be done.  However, many of the ones in charge of this are scared to death, for they have been warned they would die or their families tortured to death, and they would lose their pensions.

My advice to you:

1.    Read the Phoenix Journals, especially Journal 2,3,5,7,  27, and 47.  Journal 27 deals with the 18 Laws of God and Creation (not the 10 of your  “holy” Bible, which I call “Satan’s War Book”).

2.   Take care of yourself by living the Laws of God and Creation the best you can.

3.   Take care of your family.

4.   Help others where you can.

5.   Live a Life of LOVE for your fellowmen.

6.   Leave the rest to the Hosts of Heaven.  Ask your two Guardian Angels for help, for all you have to do is ASK for help.

Many of your are asking “What’s going to happen?  Are we in for a WWIII? 

Mother Earth is rocking and rolling with pain from all the wars, killing of her people and the mindset of the Cabal to take over the world.  Earthquakes and volcano eruptions are increasing, and Mother Earth is ready to “turn over” and wash the planet clean with salt water.  I am working with those of good intent to stop the Cabal and to “put a line in the sand” for them to stop their wars and obliterate any possibility of another world war.

There is much good technology waiting to help your planet, but I do not know the timing of her turning over on her axis and cleansing the evil from her by salt water and moving into her higher dimension.  Remember, Mother Earth is a sentient being with freewill and shall make that decision.  I do know that we are on Red Alert, and should it become too difficult for my Lightworkers, they will be beamed aboard the starships, just like the “too real” Starship movies.  When Earth Shan does tip, as she has many times in her past, all other souled people will leave by physical death and decide where they will go to continue their lessons. The clones and replicas will go “poof”.  You judge yourself, for God judges no one.

As I said, I do not know the timing, but I do know that the above will happen.  There may be time to implement some of the technologies to help Mother Earth. We shall see!

May you learn your lessons, for I love you much.

I AM Creator God Aton/Hatonn of the Lighted Realms and One with Creator Source.   Salu




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----- Original Message ----
From: DR
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2015 12:31 PM
Subject: Haton/Anton
Peace be with you all. Hanton says he is the creator of the universe Nebadon is he the creator of all universes or this one only? Hanton does not know of the exact timing of earths turning ? He is the creator of all and does not know. Earth has gone thru many changes over the years just as our body goes thru changes over the years. Earthquakes / hurricanes / volcanoes / warm / cold / this is nothing new. At one time the earth was a ball of fire. At one time the earth was frozen. What is the exact temperature supposed to be for earth? . Man has much to learn and is very gullible when it comes to religion. Search within and you will find all of your answers. Free will is just that free will God gave it to us and right or wrong decisions are on us.That we carry with us on this planet and forever into our next world God will never force himself on us. God expects us to question that is how we learn. When a child is first born and helpless he or she must be taken care of and taught. How would a child know what hot is until that child can touch and feel it and learn from it and so it goes on and on. Happy life trails to all. --DR




FROM: Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  DR
DATE:  Dec. 31 2015
Dear DR:
    Thank you for your response, but your ignorance is showing.  It is nice to know in your ramblings that you have learned some Truth.  Who is this Haton/Anton or Hanton of whom you speak?  Are you trying to be funny or just stupid?
    Obviously, you have failed to carefully read the Phoenix Journals and the Truth given to us one last time to set us straight by Creator God Aton of Light.
    Nice try!  Earth Shan has a freewill, and she alone decides when she shall tip or her axis.  If Creator God knew the timing, wherein is the freewill?
    Have and educational New Year!
                            In Love and Light,
                       Patrick H. Bellringer