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Through Anne Bellringer

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June 1, 2012

Anne:Good evening, Hatonn, this is Anne speaking to you.  I have come to the computer to ask a message from you, or, as you say, a conversation with God.  I have cleared my energy fields and am ready for you to speak to me at this time.

Hatonn:  Good evening, chela.  I have been waiting for another conversation with you.  I am Creator God Aton/Hatonn speaking to you.  I come with the authority of the Lighted Realms.  I am WHO I AM, and I am delighted to speak with you.  What are you wishes at this time?

Anne:  I would like you to brief Patrick and me about the world situation with more war in Iran, Syria, Korea and all the other Mid-eastern countries by our evil Satanic government.  Also, I would like you to comment on the magnetic pole shifting that has occurred, according to the news we received and that we posted.  Is the U.S. reclaimable at this time?  What about our military?  Are there any good people there to help corral our evil government clones from destroying the entire planet?

Hatonn:   I shall answer your questions.  What about the world situation in the Middle East and the wars going on and more planned?  The Darkside Cabal has not quit.  They are planning more war in spite of the fact that they were warned by Russia and China it would be disastrous for the U.S. 

Anne:  Why would they want more war when the odds are against them?

Hatonn:  They have more sophisticated weapons to use that have not been used before, and they are convinced that war is the answer to world control.  They want the oil, and care not for the people of the counties they invade.  You see, most of the military of the U.S. are clones, and clones obey their leaders, have no morals, no ethics, other than the praise they would get from their clone generals and other officers to carry out the murdering of innocent women, old men and children.   They think they have the advanced technology to carry out their evil war plans and rule the world.  

Your military is mostly clones.  Oh, there are good military, but they are the underlings, the “fodder”, if I may say.  Any plans they might have would be crushed, as these ones would either be shot or sent to a far-off underdeveloped country without any food, clothing, or the means to survive.

So, the answer is, war is planned, and very soon.

Anne:  That’s really disturbing.  Now, what about the magnetic pole moving?

Hatonn:  Mother Earth is continuing her slide into her flipping on her axis.  The magnetic pole has shifted drastically, but the controlled media you have has kept the real truth from the people.  Oh, they are afraid, and that is why they have plans to be in safety underground or in a ship, just like that of the movie “2012”.  The magnetic pole shift is going to happen more quickly than anyone can imagine, and with this would come the tipping of the axis.  That is why we are on Red Red Alert at this time, ready for evacuation of Sananda’s flock.

I have answered the question about your military.  There have been no arrests, and the good man, “Drake” has been silent.  The spy methods of your evil government have found him and he is done.  Your country is beyond reclamation at this point.  Had more awakened 20 years ago, things could have been different.  I stated such in the Journals years ago.

Anne:  Does that mean that the Lightworkers have failed?

Hatonn:  No, because the real reason for the Lightworkers was to do their mission, hold the Light, and they have done so, against all odds.  You see, the original agreement with this Third Grand Experiment was to hold the Light against the Darkness.  No outside entities would be allowed, but the Darkside broke their agreement and allowed the evil off-world 4D Dark Entities to come in and help them try to win the battle of Light and Dark. 

The Lightworkers have kept their agreement and have kept the Light against massive odds.  The Truth has been given to all people, and especially those in America.  Many have awakened and are aware of the evil government, but most of them are caught in the Lie of Religion and the “Rapture” of the Satanic Bible.

You have no idea of the evil energies of these Dark Ones.  They are Dark clones, ruled by the upper elite, who have chosen the Darkside. 

Anne:  Can’t we order the clones off the planet?  Gone?  Evaporated?

Hatonn:  You cannot order them off the planet, but you can order them out of your space, and to keep your Aura bright with the Light of the Lighted Realms.  You can have peace, comfort and safety even though the world around you swirls with evil.  They cannot harm you.  Otherwise, you would not be writing this message from  me, and you would not have the bit of heaven with your home that you have at the present time.  You and Patrick have held the Light, as has D, M, P, and other Lightworkers, whom you do not know, but who read Fourwinds daily.

The battle is not a battle to save your country, but a battle to save your soul, your mission, and to achieve the soul growth that you want in this most difficult schoolroom you have chosen.

The only thing that you ones can do is to keep the Truth out there with Fourwinds.  You are protected, as you have asked, and you need to post the Truth of your evil world, but more so the messages from the Journals and the Hello, Centrals!, which have helped millions of people the world over.  This is more important that taking a gun and going to the street to fight for freedom.

Anne:  Thank you for that.  Is Mother Earth ready to roll?

Hatonn:  Yes, the signs are there.  For you, each day is a mile long and time seems to stop when you are waiting for that “beam of Light” to take you to the ships.

You need not think about that, but be ready, be open, but keep on with your work as you have been told. 

We are keeping martial law from your nation, but the evil roars on all over the world.  Mother Earth is very tired of all the harm being done to her, and she tells us she is ready to birth.  That moment, chela, seems very close, but I do not have the exact moment.  It could be tonight, or tomorrow, but the month of June seems to be the tipping point. 

Do not worry about the beam of Light.  It shall come when you least expect it, but surely it shall come.

Carry on.

Anne:  One moment, Hatonn.  I have another question.  This one concerns the evil plans the U.S. government has for the people—internment camps, death, etc.

Hatonn:  That is what I said that there would be no Martial Law in the U.S., and those plans would go along with Martial Law.  You have asked that no Martial Law be allowed, and thus it shall be.

I love you ones with a great Love.  I AM WHO I AM.  I AM CREATOR GOD ATON/HATONN of the LIGHTED REALMS.  Salu to my brother and sister.