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Through Anne Bellringer

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Germain:  I am Violinio Germain of the Lighted Realms speaking to you, Anne and Patrick.  I have come at your request to speak to you at this time concerning the NESARA Mission and the situation of Mother Earth.  Even though I am only a thought away, and have answered your questions through your asking, I am delighted to speak to you in this manner. 

Anne, state your concerns and questions and listen carefully to my response.

Anne:  Thank you Germain.  Both Patrick and I have a question concerning the completion of the NESARA Mission. 

1.     Is the NESARA Mission still viable?


As you know, I am of the Higher Realms and I abide by the law of the Cosmos.  I cannot, and neither can any of the Ascended Masters and Angels of the Higher Realms do it for the people.  We work with you, and will help when asked to help by those, who are in charge of getting the NESARA Mission accomplished.  The ranks of the evil are many, and those of the military, who possess the power to stop Obama and get the job done, are compromised.  There are those in the military, who are willing to get the job done, but they are not the higher ranking people.  They obey the orders of their superiors or they lose their money, and could be dishonorably discharged.  The System has them by their neck.  They think not of the Forces of Light nor would they even think of asking for help.  “I can do it myself” is their attitude.

The few brave ones, who are stopping the trades time after time after time have been kept spinning around and around stopping the charades of the dark ones.  They are weary and tired, their families threatened, and have not the faith to realize their job could be made easier if they just asked for help from the Forces of Light.  They spend all their energy in defense and not offense.  They have one plan.  Get the Freedom packets out”.  Well, they are stopped at every turn because the Darkside has thousands of plans ahead of time.  They stop at nothing, not even death, whereas, those of the “WE” camp are just trying to put out the fires.

The dark ones thrive on negative energy, and by creating all the wars, etc., their energy is renewed.  Their numbers are great, compared to the numbers of ones of the Light.

Time marches on.  I cannot speak to any one, who will not listen.  Yes, I have heard your prayers and the prayers of the faithful, and I am doing all that I can, given the situation.  Man must choose, and those, who are monitoring the progress of the Mission and are responsible for the completion are kept busy, busy, busy, putting out the fires,and not creating a plan to get this done.

The PLAN would be to turn for HELP from the Forces of Light, realize we exist, believe we can help, and the job would be done in a flash.  There are miracles awaiting, if they would but ask.  That, my dear Anne and Patrick, is the answer.

You have been faithful in getting the Truth out to the world, and Sananda’s flock is growing.

We have now reached the tipping point for Mother Earth.  She has been faithful in caring for these wayward humans, and has done all she can to nurture them; however, in return she has received nothing but rape and pilling of her surface, which includes all land, water and air.  Her breath of life is fading.  Her oceans are garbage dumps, her air polluted, her surface dug and bombed and raped until she has been deprived of her life blood and all nutrients from her.  She is not waiting around for the “WE” to finally get it right. 

At this point, sad to say, the NESARA Mission is stalled.  The Dark Ones keep on with their endless games, more wars are made, more pollution, more radiation to the people, more nuclear plants being built, more fracking, more oil spill damage, and the list goes on and on.

The Dark ones are not allowed to destroy Earth Shan, as they have in the past with the planets of your solar system.  They are not allowed by Creator to depopulate your planet by killing all humanity and the plants and animals.

ENOUGH!  I have spoken to Earth Shan.  She has no alternative now, but to cleanse her surface of the garbage before she succumbs to the evil done to her.  This most beautiful orb in 3D has become the dumping ground for Satan’s evil minions, and that now has ended.  She is not waiting for NESARA to finally be completed.  She is ready to roll.

You ones?  Keep on with your work.  Know you are in our beam of Light at all times, and have no worries.  Thank you for all your faithfulness and work accomplished.  I have done all I can, and am not quitting, either, until Mother Earth tips.  I care for the “WE” that are trying their best, but they must ASK and believe the Forces of Light can do wonders.  The packets could even be delivered with those doing it cloaked in invisibility.  Just think of that; however, who of the “WE” would believe it?

Carry on.  I am with you ones, as always. 

Anne:  one more question.  Will the U.S. go down completely?  It seems that way with a spiraling inflation and the Fed not quitting.  What do you see?

Germain:  I see a nation at its knees.  Many are praying and hoping.  Your nation is beyond reclamation.  There are a few faithful ones.  Your nation will not go completely down, for Mother Earth comes to the “rescue” of the faithful.  When?  I do not have the date, but I know it is soon, very soon.


See you aboard ship, my brother and sister.


Violinio Germain of the 100th Dimension of the Realms of Light.


Reposted May 22, 2011