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Anne Bellringer

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   Greetings, chela.  It is I, Esu Immanuel Sananda speaking to you this Easter morning.  I come in the Radiance of the Realms of Light.  I have heard your call for a communication.  I am ready to hear you questions, Anne.

Anne:  Thank you, Sananda.  On March 3, I received a message from you that the time of major change was moved from the Fall Equinox to the Spring Equinox.  Thus, major changes were to have started in earnest around March 21.  You said the lessons were learned and the school is closed.  It was time to go home.

Sananda:  Yes, I said that the time of learning your lessons was over, and it is now time for the Lightworkers to come home.

Anne:  We have many Lightworkers, who follow Fourwinds, and they were delighted about the Message you had given to me. They are wondering why we passed the Spring Equinox without anything happening.  Would you please give us/me an update on the situation with Mother Earth, why the changes did not occur, as was stated in the message?

Sananda:  Thank you, Anne, for giving me the question.  I have been anticipating you wanting an answer, as some of the Fourwinds readers have asked you this question.  Why have not the changes occurred, as I had so stated in my message to you?

The lessons are done, chela, and it is time for the Lightworkers to come home, however, because the Dark Ones have continued unabated with their evil plans, the battle is continuing. 

Anne:  Why, then, can’t Mother Earth just turn over, or why can’t the Lightworkers be evacuated immediately?

Sananda:  That is not how Cosmic things work.  The battle with the Darkness and Light is continuing.   I know the lessons have been learned.  I know how exhausted the Lightworkers are, and how evil has further advanced with their take-over of Mother Earth.  I know the books have been shelved, the windows locked, and the doors secured in this schoolroom, however, I do not know the exact timing when Mother Earth decides it is time.

I do know that the earthquakes and volcanism have greatly increased upon your orb.  I do know that there are those, who are determined to get the NESARA Mission complete.  Mother Earth is waiting a bit longer, so this major event can conclude, of taking down the Darkside and telling them they have lost.

Everything is in a waiting mode.  The Lightworkers are ready, the ships are ready, and the timing and sequence is ready.    I am ready, as ready as I will ever be.  The evil Empire is ready to topple, and that, my chelas, is a major event in the Cosmic timing of things.  Those, who have come from the many Star Nations, are ready with anticipation of Mother Earth’s birthing.  They see the Darkside struggling to maintain their power.  The Evil Giant is toppling from power.

I stated such changes for the Spring Equinox, based upon the events and timing.  Even though we have passed the exact date of the Spring Equinox, nothing has changed.  We are all in a waiting and anticipatory mode.  Mother Earth is rocking on her axis, and the major event of Mother Earth tipping could be at any moment.

  What are the duties of the Lightworkers?  They are to maintain their “station” holding the Light, helping where they can, knowing they are totally protected from the evil ones, if they so ask and believe.  It is not a time of dropping your guard, of moaning that you are not lifted off of this evil place, but to carry on with wisdom, bravery, fortitude and generosity.  It is a time to hold the Sword of Light high for all to see and to stand with those Light Warriors of the Hosts of Heaven.  “Victory is ours”, cry those of the Light.   “Down with the evil One World Order.   It is time for the relief of those in suffering”

SHALL the NESARA Mission be completed?  It looks very favorable, even though it has been delayed time after time.  The Evil Ones cannot stop Goodness, and the Light wins

This is the most important moment in the history of Mother Earth.  One must not whine that “God is always a bit late”, but know that the Light is winning, and that the final moment before Mother Earth births into 5th Dimension is upon you.  If it didn’t happen exactly on the Spring Equinox, it is ready to happen anytime.  Be working at your Mission, until you are called HOME.  That is your job, and the timing of your exit from this orb shall come quickly, when you least expect it, but know the time and sequence is now.

I am SANANDA, a Warrior of Light from the Lighted Realms, and I am by your side as you battle the Darkness.  SALU to my brothers and sisters.

April 4, 2010