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Anne Bellringer

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 Reposted Nov. 7, 2009 by request


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Through Anne Bellringer

Greetings to you from the Lighted Realms. I am Violinio Germain, One with Creation/Creator Source. I am Master Teacher and Wayshower and have come to give you ones a message pertinent to these end times.

It is with great joy that I can say the Hosts of Heaven are upon your plane at this time. The Adversary and his minions have risen in power to the point of annihilation of not only your planet but her people, as well. Satan/Lucifer has not stopped in his conquest of Planet Earth. His minions, whom I will refer to, as those who follow his bidding, are far more advanced in evil than Satan himself. They are teaching Satan how to be evil!

Who are Satan’s minions? It is those, who have risen in power in your country and over the world. This comprises your government, its leaders, politicians and many others, who support your government. It comprises all leaders of the governments of the world, who support control, greed and power of all people, and the planet itself. They are very willful, and have no conscience of taking from the people to satisfy their lust for power. It is very similar to Satan/Lucifer wanting to be God.

It is that evil never stops wanting more and more and more, and these ones are never satisfied until the ultimate control of the entire universe is achieved.

Your planet is a freewill planet, and these minions, who follow Satan, have willfully given up their will to the will of Satan. So it is with every souled being on your planet. They have the freewill to either follow Darkness or Light. Many of your people have allowed themselves to be cloned. The cloning of many of your people occurred many years ago, so that clones begat clones. You have a planet filled with clones, all of whom are there for the lessons of you souled ones.

I could not agree more with Patrick’s latest “Hello, Central! What can We Do To Stop Obama and His Crooks?” Why do I say this? It is because the Hosts of Heaven guided the writing of this article to help many, who feel so helpless against the powers of Darkness.

Each of you souled ones have the Power of Creator within you, and you must use that power to overcome the wiles of the Dark ones, who come upon you with subtle suggestions, urging you to do just “one little thing”, until you are hooked into the evil snare and your God Spirit within dwindles to a bare little light. Satan is not after those, who already follow him. He is after those, who are of the Light, for he desires all to follow him, eventually ALL in the Universe.

You souled ones are here for your lessons, and the choices you make for the Light assure you of your graduation into 5th dimension, where no evil exists. All souled beings have the same lessons, and no one graduates until the lessons are learned.

Also, you must know that, as Patrick said in his “Hello, Central!”, the time for the intervention of the Hosts of Heaven is upon you. The Darkside has all but destroyed Mother Earth with the poisoning of her air, water and land, raping the minerals, and caring only to exploit and take her riches to make themselves kings. They have tried many means to depopulate this planet, but have not been successful. Now, their final plan is to commit world genocide with the forced H1N1 vaccination designed to kill billions of people. Those in the U.S, who would refuse, would be placed in a containment/concentration (death) camp. Their Satanic desire has driven them to the point of mass genocide of Mother Earth’s people, as well as the destruction of Mother Earth. Creator Source has said, NO, as this is forbidden by Cosmic Law. It is not up to Satan to determine, who shall live and who shall die. It is at this point that Divine Intervention happens. We are at that point, now!

I have worked diligently with those, who are to implement the NESARA Mission and bring the entire world to the gold standard system. However, the more the Darkside delays, the more Mother Earth will reach the point of dumping this whole mess. Right now, I am hoping that this Mission can be accomplished before Mother Earth makes her cleansing move into 5th Dimension. The Darkside has run out of options. They are screaming mad, doing everything to maintain control, but that shall soon end. They CANNOT WIN!

I am very hopeful we can accomplish the NESARA Mission very soon!

How much time we would have to clean up Mother Earth after the NESARA Mission is accomplished is unknown, as that decision is up to Mother Earth. She is ready to be birthed into 5th dimension. That is why Sananda waits aboard the Phoenix on Red Alert to take his people home.

Know that the Light always wins. What can you do? You of the Light must continue to hold the Light with your prayers and petitions. Keep your Light burning with your God Power and faith in knowing that the Light always wins. Follow what Patrick has said in his latest “Hello, Central!” His words are those of the Hosts of Heaven.

Thank you for your time. I am Violinio Germain, Teacher and Wayshower, and one with CREATION/CREATOR SOURCE.

Salu to all mine Lightworkers.