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Through Anne Bellringer

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My dear Bellringers: This is Creator God Aton speaking to you. I am of the Lighted Hosts of Heaven and One with Creator Source/Creation. I hear your voice calling to me for answers, for an update on the situation in your country and the continuing OWO pounding out their plans without stopping.

The Update from Casper tonight verified that they are unwilling to stop their plans, even if they have been ordered by the Global Family. They well know the deadline for the delivery of the bank packets to the recipients, and they are trying everything they know to break the codes and steal the money, so they think.

Remember what I said in Journal #50. Go get the Journal and read it again about the money being guarded. I want it printed here in this communication.

QUOTING FROM Phoenix Journal #50, p. 11-12:

In recent history, there have been numerous individuals who have sought unsuccessfully to un¬cover this vast wealth as you might guess. There have been the deceivers and this is WHY the adversary clings to and bombards the workers of Lighted Cause—to get on the “inside” and garner wealth without honor in Truth or production.

However, this is so well guarded that accidental discovery IS IMPOSSIBLE. The reason for this is obvious. Were this “wealth” and “knowledge” to fall into the wrong hands it could lit¬erally destroy the whole of mankind—and in addition, at least destroy the Divine Plan in inter¬ruption and flow. Contacts would be made in “strange” ways into the hearts and minds of ”guardians” and participants and what would be needed would be presented in most logical manner of presentation. All of these things are yet to be unfolded unto you. You who are coming into recognition of purpose will KNOW when it is time to KNOW. Until such timing is proper, ye will continue to do thine works as guided in integration with us of the Hosts sent forth for the sorting, testing and ultimate instructions, guidance and actual building of that which is necessary. Many fail the testing and sorting—MANY! In fact, until this day—almost ALL. Aren’t we lucky that I can say “almost” and not ALL?

Before this vast abundance can be presented for use, much must be taught and directed so that no errors in placement are allowed. Hearts and directions change when wealth is presented into any equation—this be for God’s evolvement—not for the “hell of it” for “man’s further foolishness”. So be it.

END of Quoting

Anne: How does this fit into what is happening now? The packets are back in the Pentagon where they are trying to access the funds.

Hatonn: ( I call myself Hatonn at this time, as that is how you know me ). This is the last ditch effort to get at the “money”. But there IS NO GOLD money for them, because even if they did access the accounts, there would be nothing there…the gold will NOT be released for the “hell of it”, for “Man’s further foolishness”. That means the OWO CANNOT access any money, for it is guarded by the Lighted Realms and given unto the hand of that person whom you know across the waters, who is working directly with the Lighted Hosts, and who WILL NOT PUSH THE BUTTON, until all is in place.

Anne: If the deadline is May 1, and Obama and the other puppets are told not to let go of the packets, we are told the US tips into the abyss….martial law, concentration camps, and the horrib.l..

Hatonn: STOP! Do you not have any faith to know that we are working behind the scenes with those in charge of getting your nation back? You are now under the Constitution again, and that is a major step. What the Darkside controllers are seeing is an end to their reign of terror on this planet. Oh, yes, your planet is about to turn over before she is completely dead, but that does not mean that some semblance of balance can not be brought to let the Dark Ones know their power and   control ARE OVER and they are bound for extinction. By that I mean extinction back to the POOL OF CREATION.

We have heard the petitions and prayers of the Lightworkers, who have stayed at their posts day and night, such as you ones. I know you ones feel, at times, like a “voice crying in the wilderness”, but many have heard. Did you not read the last paragraph of that which you brought forth from Journal 50: “THIS [wealth] BE FOR GOD’S EVOLVEMENT and not for man’s foolishness!”

Therefore, gird your loins! Use your Mighty I AM Presence to fight the DARKNESS so that all is completed BEFORE May 1. The Lightworkers have the POWER. PETITION and believe! Remember, the Light has power over the Darkness and Evil.

All your evil government, and those that follow the Zionist Bastards on your planet measure but a speck of dust on the scale of Justice.

Go, now, in peace, knowing that the NESARA Mission shall be accomplished at the designated hour as you have been told.

I AM CREATOR GOD ATON of the Lighed Hosts of Heaven, and One with Creator Source/Creation. SALU to mine faithful Lightworkers.

April 28, 2009

Repost, Jan. 17, 2011