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Anne Bellringer

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Monday, February 2, 2009, 8:24 p.m.

My dear Bellringers: This is Creator God Aton/Hatonn from the Realms of Light speaking to you at this time. I am ONE with CREATION/ CREATOR SOURCE. I have heard your thoughts this evening, Chela, about Obama and his responsibility that has been given to him by the Lighted Hosts. It is a responsibility that has been brought forth in Patrick’s “Open Letter to Casper” that has been posted on Fourwinds.

Yes, we of the Hosts did meet with Obama and his cabinet members. Each one heard from Global Family, Germain, Sananda, and myself, ATON/Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn. Yes, they saw me as I am. I am, indeed, 9 feet tall, a most impressive sight, I may say, to those of much smaller 3D stature.

Obama must do the right thing. He knows his responsibility to carry out these objectives, for if he does not, it is suicide for the U.S. We are trying to make sure that does not happen!

The three main objectives were listed by Patrick. They are:

1. Stop all war

2. Restore the environment

3. Bring abundance to their people.

These three steps have been clearly outlined to this new administration, all of course, but Hillary Clinton, who would not attend our meeting nor would even consider changing her evil pathway. So be it.

There have been “baby moves” by Obama to complete these three objectives. Remember, that he, not by his choice, chose all those One World Order (OWO) people to be part of his Cabinet. He is surrounded by those, who would continue the old plan which would be nothing more than a Clinton/Bush presidency, only worse than you had before. This is because the OWO is behind schedule, and they are pushing to complete their evil plan as quickly as possible.

It is true that these ones of his cabinet were at the meeting with Germain. They all “pledged” their utmost to carry out these plans, but the evil seeds that have been a part of them for so long “tramped” the good seeds to nothing. His cabinet members who pledged to bring goodness, have wavered and are listening to Satan’s pleadings and arguments to abandon this plan because they would receive only the death penalty and their power would be gone.

So, where is Obama at this present time? He is wavering, chelas. We cannot do it for him. The prayers and petitions of many would help, but most of those who voted for him think he is the “messiah” come to rescue them. Their prayers are of little value, because they are blinded and do not see the true picture of this dire situation.

Posting the letter from Global Family on the web this evening will be of help, and along with your prayers and petitions, and our prayers and petitions, he will, perhaps, do the right thing. He must stand up to those who oppose him. He must stand up with confidence to know that he is protected if he does so. If he wavers and concedes to the demands of those evil around him, then his life is worth nothing, and would have a dire effect on the people of the U.S. The plans for the U.S. are horrendous to say the least, but if things are done as we directed, goodness shall reign.

I am confident, chelas, that Obama will do the right thing. Casper’s Update this evening was on target, showing that so far, Obama has not proven himself to be a true patriot and return the U.S. to the Constitution. Miracles can happen, chela. Miracles can and will happen!

The other side of the “coin” is the fact that Mother Earth is very restless and her plates are grinding away, creating havoc beneath the surface. The volcano in Alaska is one indication, and if it erupts it will have a devastating effect on the entire Cascade range, to say nothing of the fault lines on the Pacific Rim of Fire that are located along the west coast. Need I mention the very volatile Yellowstone Caldera? Indeed, evacuation is a fact, not theory. We are on Red Alert.

May the NESARA Mission be accomplished. May those in 3D move this Mission forward to completion this week as planned. May the Darkside know they are defeated. This will bring some balance before Mother Earth cleanses all evil from her surface.

I remain your BROTHER  in the Light, Patrick and Anne. I am but a thought away.

I AM CREATOR GOD ATON OF LIGHT. I am the “Light at the end of the tunnel”!