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Anne Bellringer

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Good afternoon, Anne, this is Aton, God of Light speaking to you. I am also Hatonn, whom you know so well from the Phoenix Journals.  I am ONE with CREATION/ CREATOR SOURCE.

I see that you have concerns and questions to ask of me, as readers of Fourwinds have sent you and Patrick their questions and anxieties.  I shall answer you in clear terms.

You ones have been thinking that the NESARA Announcements and the delivery of the Packets of the Farm Claims and Prosperity Programs was absolutely to be completed BEFORE the U.S. Presidential elections. The completion of this Mission never was dependant upon November 4, 2008, although many thought that, if it was not completed by that date, it would never happen.

God’s Plan 2000 is going forth, despite the antics of the Dark Ones. Your election is a choice between two evils, both of whom are directed and controlled by those would-be-controllers, who keep their plan of the OWO alive and kicking.  Either evil choice for a president would be the capstone of death for your nation, for the evil plans that are already in motion would be carried forth by either of these two candidates.  There would be no change in the OWO’s plans.  In fact, their plans for the people of your nation are so hideous and evil, there is no plan so evil in the entire Cosmos!

However, do not fear nor tremble, for God’s Plan is coming forth. The Mission shall go forth. There is a plan to bring the Mission to a close this week. Goodness is tramping forth step by step and cannot be stopped. The evil ones know this, and that is why they are so desperately trying to complete their total evil takeover of your nation and planet.

As you have read in the Journals, the Lighted Hosts cannot do it for you, but the Mission is being carried forth with our help. That is a fact. We work with you and through you. Miracles are happening in every way, if you just have faith to believe we are among you ones.

Mother Earth is birthing into 5th Dimension and is not delaying in this process. She has been granted the right to move into her higher dimension for she has done her mission, and has passed all her tests. The Phoenix Journals are clear in that not everyone on earth shall graduate into 5th dimension with Mother Earth, UNLESS they have lived the Laws of God and Creation, passed all their lessons in soul growth and have earned the right to graduate. Those ones, who have not learned all their lessons shall choose another 3D planet on which to live to continue, right where they left off here. They cannot come back to Mother Earth, as she will be in 5th dimension.

Her movement into 5th dimension goes forth each day. This is the only equation that would interrupt the NESARA Mission, if she chooses to move into 5th dimension before the Mission is completed. The threats of continuous war using nuclear weapons is greater than it was back in the 1990’s. That is why we are still on Red, Red Alert waiting for that evacuation moment. That, too, is momentary.

As I said before, the NESARA Mission completion is also momentary.  I know you ones are petitioning for the NESARA Mission to be completed to bring closure to the evil plans and let them know in no uncertain terms that they have lost, lost their OWO and that the Light has triumphed.

Chelas, the Light triumphs either way. If the NESARA Mission is accomplished, the Light wins. If Mother Earth moves into her birthing right, the Light has won. The evil ones cannot survive in salt water. Know that I have warned the evil ones to stay away from mine Lightworkers.  As I stated in the Journals, “THERE SHALL BE NO MORE MARYTERS OF MY PEOPLE”. Ye ones are protected.

Carry on with your work to the end. That, chelas, is not far away! The end of the Age is here. Your work in this illusion has been glorious, and we salute you and all Lightworkers, who have stayed the course. You knew before you came here how TOUGH it would be, but you volunteered, awakened, completed your mission, and now it is time to come home. We await the glorious celebration aboard ship.

SALU to mine brother and sister.