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March 11, 2016 - (Re-post)

Aton: Greetings to you this evening. I AM THAT I AM. I AM Creator God Aton of the One Light of Creation/Creator Source. You may call me Hatonn, as that is how we have communicated these many years.

You have come at my request, chela, for a communication concerning the state of affairs in your world. Just as I have written bluntly of the Truth in the Phoenix Journals, so shall I tell you the Truth of the matter, so there is no misunderstanding of the events happening at this time.

Yes, indeed, there is God’s Plan, 2000. It is the bringing of the Light to this planet, which has been the dark spot in the Cosmos. It is the bringing of the Light one last time to awaken those in slumber, so that they may graduate into the Higher Realms and not have to repeat more 3D lifestreams to “get it right”. The most important thing on your planet is that it is a schoolroom for soul growth. All are Returned Masters, who came back this last lifestream with their own individual “contract” with me. All are here for great lessons in soul growth and to help Mother Earth, as she is to transcend into 5th Dimension. All knew before this lifestream began that it would be the toughest contract ever, for the memory of who you are is veiled. You are without memory of your past lifestreams and who you really are. You have set “alarm clocks” along the way to awaken you to Truth.

Not all have awakened. Not all have come back to the Light, for the “alarms” were disregarded by many. Notice I said “many”, but not all!

Those ones, who have awakened to the Truth are mine Lightworkers, and you cannot imagine the goodness that has come through these ones. I know you Lightworkers are weary and tired, and many are discouraged with the events happening around you. The evil “soap opera” continues unabated, as you read the horrendous happenings of the suffering, wars and disregard for human life by those would-be-controllers of your planet. You grieve at the killing of your planet.

We of the Lighted Realms have not left you or abandoned you Lightworkers! We have helped in every way possible, and we have heard the prayers and cries of the suffering ones. You must know that the Lighted Realms cannot “do it for you”, but we can assist, and although you do not see what is happening, you must know that there are many souls, who have awakened to Truth.

The evil ones have their freewill, too, and they have refused to come back to the Light, as was agreed in their contract. They have stalled and kept on with their evil plans. Their containment is close, but they still continue with their wars, evil and killing.

The time of sorting the wheat from the chaff is nearly complete. It shall be that Sananda is ready to gather his flock back “home”. He knows every Lightworker, everyone, who has followed the Laws of God and Creation, and the time for the gathering is near at hand.

The gathering of Sananda’s “flock” is determined, also, by your own planet. The most beautiful planet in the Cosmos, has been plundered and raped until the pollution has nearly suffocated her. She has asked for her graduation into 5th Dimension, where no evil shall dwell upon her surface. This was granted to her on the occasion of the Harmonic Convergence August 17, 1987. Creator gave 25 years for her people to “wake up” and help with her restoration, the end date being 2012, but the evil ones have prevented balance from happening. With the speeding up of time due to the Photon Belt, the 25 years have passed, and you are in “overtime”. The process of cleansing has been bombarded with more evil upon her surface, air, and oceans. She is at the point of dying, and to preserve her life, she must rid herself of the negativity.

I say to you that what we have talked about in the Journals over and over again is true. The end of this civilization is at hand! We have millions of starships surrounding your planet. If the changes occurring on Mother Earth become too violent and catastrophic, we offer safety aboard our starships. You shall be given a choice of staying on your planet or to board our ships.

There has been a lot of effort to oust your evil controllers, including your most evil government, banking system, politicians and the like, and it has been a slow process. There are advancements made, a few steps forward, and then some steps backward. The evil reign continues with lies and deceit. Can this be accomplished? I do not know, if there is a lot of time left, as Mother Earth is continuing her cleansing, and it’s only going to increase in intensity.

Your seismograph readings are controlled, and there are many quakes and volcanoes erupting, many of which the public is not aware. The oceans of your planet contain around 30,000 active volcanoes alone, and Mother Earth’s tectonic plates are grinding constantly.

When Mother Earth begins her cleansing in earnest is up to her. She is rocking and rolling back and forth, and with continued wobbling on her axis, she could tip over anytime. It is that close.

Anne: Hatonn, please tell me what is happening with NESARA and the Prosperity Programs.

Hatonn: Things are progressing slowly. The whole world is waiting for the U.S. to “get the job done” and agree to let the Global Banking System go forth. The bankers are resisting greatly, to say nothing of your Administration. Their stalling, delay and opposition is causing great stress upon Mother Earth. The process may go forth this week, but the opposition is still planning major interruptions.

As I have stated before, Mother Earth is NOT WAITNG around for this whole process to take place. She has told me that she cannot wait any longer, for her life is in great danger. Her cleansing is starting in earnest, so you must abide by her wishes, as you live on her surface. This is TRUTH!

My word to all of you is that you are to keep holding the Light. Be expectant of changes, help where you can, tell others the Truth, but do not worry nor fret, as you ones are in our beam and protected. Keep working at what you are doing and keep your petitions and positive energy for yourself, your brothers and sisters, and for Mother Earth.

We of the Lighted Realms surround all of you with our protection and love.

I AM THAT I AM. I am Creator God Aton of the One Light of Creation. Adoni.