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Message From Creator God Aton/Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Through Anne Bellringer

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m humbled that you have called for a communication. Please give us the message you wish us to hear.

Hatonn: I have a short message to give to the Lightworkers, who are mine Ground Crew. I say to all of you, do not give up, nor think that all is lost to the Darkside. God’s Plan 2000 is in full swing, and the final hours of the Darkside are at hand. The battle has been long and arduous with many hardships, rocks in the pathway, and twists and turns that were not expected; however, know that Creator God always wins!

There have been promises broken, written contracts abolished, plots and terrorist attacks attempted, even to the destruction of Mother Earth by the Dark Ones. There has been no stone left unturned by the Darkside in their attempt to control this planet, or else destroy her, as they have done to other planets in your solar system and beyond. As you know, Earth Shan has been the jail planet for Satan and his minions, and they have done their job well in controlling this planet since the beginning of this civilization. There have been endless wars and destruction of millions upon millions of people, as these Dark Ones have come back lifestream after lifestream to continue their goal of world control.

I have written in the Phoenix Journals how these tricks have been played upon mankind, who has been “as blind as a bat”; however, during these last very few years since 1989 when the first Journal was penned, there have been many, who have awakened to the Lie, and are seeing for the first time the tricks of the Darkside. Many are still in “kindergarten”, but there are warrior Lightworkers, who have tried very hard to awaken others to the Lie under which people have been living.

I can say that your U.S. Cabal is the culmination of the worst of the Darkside since this planet was formed. The Atlantis civilization was evil, but the U.S. Cabal and all its allies have far surpassed even what Satan could imagine. This is why the battle for Goodness has taken longer than expected, as Earth Shan is a freewill planet.

Many times the Darkones have been asked to come to the Light, but they have refused. Now Goodness has come full swing and the Darkside is not demanding, but begging. There are meetings at the present time of “educating” these Darkones of your evil government, that they are through with their world domination and that the One World Order, which they have worked to gain for the past millennia, is DEAD. The “octopus” with all its tentacles is finished.

There has been very little, if any, word of Truth coming from your controlled, lying media, but they are running scared and are keeping on with the OWO agenda no matter what. The Truth is seeping out and the dam of lies is about to be destroyed, for evil cannot keep on much longer.

I want to give you a word of hope, not despair, a breath of fresh air to know that all is now in proper sequence and timing for the completion of the NESARA Mission. I do not give dates, but goodness is upon you.

Shall there be time to clean up the mess humankind has made upon this once glorious orb? I do not have an answer, only that Mother Earth has her freewill and she is progressing toward her birthing. I have no date for Lift-Off, but know that we are still on Red Alert and monitoring Mother Earth quite closely. You are to keep keeping on, as if you had much time, as no one should sit back and say, “Oh, Mother Earth is going into 5th Dimension, and I have nothing about which to worry.”

I commend the Lightworkers for staying strong. Keep working at your contract until the very end. Do not give up hope, but know that the Darkside has been defeated, although you do not see much evidence. Petition for Mother Earth, for all Lightworkers and stay strong. Victory is here! The Light has won!

I thank all of you Lightworkers, who have kept the faith. After all, you came here for soul growth, and you have accomplished the impossible.

I AM THAT I AM. I Am Creator God Aton/Hatonn of the One Light of Creation. Salu to all mine Lightworkers!