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Anne Bellringer

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, 9-21-22


 In the process of evil eviction

From our farm family home,

We lived in various places,

And were forced just to roam.


Our furniture was all scattered

To family and friends alike,

We ended up with almost nothing,

But we know that was alright.


We stayed with friends in Mankato

And made trips to east coast states,

Lived with our daughter in Minnesota,

The state of many lakes.


We moved to South Dakota

To my mother’s family house,

But family members didn’t like us,

To them we were like a louse.


We sold the rest of our belongings,

Family members still didn’t agree,

They thought that we were evil—

We still just were not free.


We were forced from my mother’s house

In the blackness of the night,

With snow and blowing wind,

And wind chill that was a fright.


We drove to Rapid City

To find a place to live.

The Lighted Realms found our home,

Saying it was their time to give.


So we lived in our LYHOTP,

East of the great Black Hills,

The view of all the starships

Gave us many thrills.


“Gather up some pallets, brother,

You know that they are free,

You can make all sorts of things,

Just listen and you will see!”


So we packed in many pallets,

And chopped some up for wood,

And saved the best wood pieces,

With THEIR help, we knew we could.


So  we had some furniture

That was beautiful to see,

And yes, except for time and screws,

Patrick built them—all for free.


 I got up in the morning,

And sat at my pallet desk,

On my nice big pallet chair,

Oh, I shall tell you all the rest.


My pallet dresser was there,

And my pallet bookshelf/stand,

I think the way he made them

Was fitting and just grand.


I loved the pallet dresser

He made for all his clothes,

And then his matching desk and chair,

Our furniture—it just grows.


The flowers in the living room

Were gorgeous just to see,

They rested upon pallet stands—

Yes, all made fit to a “t”!


The pallet lamps rested on pallet stands,

The books on a pallet shelf,

The bench and T.V. stand—

Indeed—we surely had “wealth”!


I can’t forget the other rooms

With furniture galore,

I must describe it all to you,

Indeed—we just weren’t “poor”!


The gorgeous chair and dresser

That adorned the red room of Star,

Were unique and nicely decorated,

They surpassed bought furniture by far!


Flint’s computer rested on a pallet stand,

The waste-can made of pallets, too.

His books were on a pallet shelf,

They made the room look new.


The bedrooms downstairs,

That belonged to J. and C.

Were filled with pallet furniture,

Art work beautiful to see.


With closets, shelves and dressers,

Made from beautiful pallet wood,

Matched the stands, chairs and HEAVEY foot stool,

Made by Patrick—we all knew he could


I can’t forget the flower boxes

That Patrick made in summer days,

Many flowers bloomed in the sun,

Pallets used in many ways.


Now Patrick did joyously work

In warm and cozy air,

He built a pallet shed—

It really was quite rare.


We loved our big LYHOTP,

The Lighted Brothers had it named,

It was “ Lighted Yellow House On The Prairie”,

And in Heavenly Realms has fame.


We viewed the wondrous starships,

That twinkled in the sky,

And waited the day of Lift-Off,

We knew it wasn’t a LIE.


We followed all the directions

Of the Lighted Realms each day,

And knew that they were with us

For protection and here to stay.


So thank you to our Brothers and Sisters,

And all the Heavenly Host,

We are grateful for all their help,

And our pallet house the most!



We moved from the LYHOTP

Some 15 years now past,

We still have most our pallet furniture

Patrick made it all to last.


The pictures you see on the web

Of flowers upon the stands,

Show what pallet wood can do,

From the work of Patrick’s hands. 


(ADDITION, Jan. 12, 2016)


Althought we've moved from there to here,

Our house is fill with very good cheer.

Our furniture is made with his excellent hand,

As there is no doubt--it's very  grand.



Patrick is now in the LIghted Realms,

But his work is still here to see

It adorns the place  where I live

And brings much joy and love to me.