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Anne Bellringer

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int. When I penned the Phoenix Journals through radio transmission to Dharma, I spoke at length about Earth Shan and her birthing into a new dimension. What I was emphatic about was the fact that Mother Earth is going into a higher dimension, as she was granted her freewill choice. Four billion years of suffering through the ravages of the unenlightened have been a great travail for her, and she asked to go into a higher dimension. This she has earned, and it has been granted as such by Creation/Creator Source. This is a fact. There have been many civilizations on your orb, all of which were started over by a tipping of the axis and a sweeping away of the dark ones and the lifting off of the enlightened to safety, to again return on her surface and start all over again.

Again, the enlightened ones, as well as any others, are welcome to step into our beam of light to be lifted to safety during Earth Shan’s axis shift and her birthing to a new dimension. This is stated over and over in the Phoenix Journals.

This last Grand Experiment #3 ended on August 17, 1987, and at that time Shan was given the approval of Creation to proceed to her new birthing. This is a fact. The humans that have resided on Mother Earth were to have lived in peace and harmony and would Ascend with her. That was the Plan; however, the humans on your planet have not lived in harmony and peace, but indeed, have had innumerable wars, conflicts, which have dragged on into your present day. It has culminated with the most fierce of all weapons that could not only destroy Earth Shan, but rip the fabric of the Cosmos. The use of these horrible weapons against other humans (and Earth) has been denied, however, Mother Earth is proceeding with her cleansing of the evil and dark energies that have accumulated on her by the Dark Ones. Also, you know, that by denying anything as such, and hiding your head in the sand does not excuse you from not being a part of this horrendous plan to end life on Earth. Nay, indeed, complacency is guilt.

The Journals were written to awaken mankind to the LIE perpetrated upon them by the darkside, to tell them Mother Earth is about to tip on her axis, and to prepare themselves to accept the Truth and to find their next placement. If one awakens during this last 3D lifestream, much soul growth is obtained, and on the other hand if one is still asleep, even though they came as returned Masters and have not awakened, they must experience again a handicap of 350,000 years of lifestreams on another 3D planet.

I did say in the Journals that the Earth changes to her higher birthing could be as smooth as glass, however, that is not the case at this time. The rocking and rolling of Mother Earth is increasing daily, and still the masses of humanity are kept in ignorance and silence about such happenings.

Yes, mankind needs to wake up. The Phoenix Journals were not written for the main reason of cleaning up Mother Earth. They were written to awaken people to the Truth and to see to their own soul growth and where their next placement may be. The Truth has gone out to the four winds of the world, and there is no excuse for not knowing the Truth. Mother Earth is continuing on her destiny, as it is her freewill to cleanse herself, so that she does not die.

The NESARA plan can help rid her of negative energy, but it is not the full answer to a completely healed planet. The waters must cover the land to cleanse it of the poisons and chemicals that have accrued. Scientifically, this process is done in about 3,000 years of your time. Nothing is magic. It is an orderly, scientific Universe governed by Cosmic Laws that are unchangeable.

Carry on with your work. I love you ones with a great love. I AM THAT I AM. I AM Creator God Aton/Hatonn of the One Light of Creation/Creator Source. Salu to all mine faithful ones!