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From Violinio Germain to the Bellringers, August 27, 2006

Anne Bellringer

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me in the eyes of 3D people, and sets me above you ones. There are no “labels” in the Higher Realms.

We are all brothers and sisters, Anne and Patrick. Remember, what Creator God Aton/Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn said many times in the Journals, that all are Returned Masters in this present lifestream, and there are many of these Returned Masters, who have awakened. I am humbled to think that I can help in any way with anyone, who asks for my help. I am a formidable foe, when it comes to stopping those blocking the Truth, that needs to be known to Earth Shan’s people at this time.

Fourwinds has carried the banner of Truth forward, and many times there have been ones, who have called you ones liars. The Truth is stranger than fiction. Many ones, even those, who have awakened, will “fall over” when the whole Truth is revealed about your government, your planet and your entire Earth history.

Patrick, you are a messenger of Truth. Many times you have written an Update on the status of NESARA, and indeed, it is like a chess-game. When the Truth is written for what is happening at a given time, and it doesn’t turn out that way, it means that the opponent made a move and changed the situation. We have been playing “chess” with NESARA since its inception many years ago, with the beginning of meetings by Roy Swansinger. At that time you ones did not know of any “name” attached to these meetings. You only knew that he was speaking the Truth of your government and what has happened for millennia to fool you ones.

I remember a meeting that you were at, Anne and Patrick, back in 1994. Anne, you were speaking to the people and showing with the over-head projector documents, pictures, and evidence of the corruptness of your government. You had said, and I quote: “The evil of our government that you see and hear at this time is like seeing an iceberg. Seven-tenths of an iceberg is hidden beneath the water. Thus, what we see of our government is only three-tenths of what is really happening beneath the surface.”

Patrick has put out information that is Truth. Both Esu Immanuel Sananda and Creator God/Aton/Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, as well as myself, have approved of the information going out on Fourwinds. Those, who attack you, attack the messenger rather than the message itself. It is not your fault, if the moves of the “game” have changed, and indeed, they have. When the whole truth is known about the moves of the Darkside and the counter-moves of the Light, they will understand the complexity of the situation.

I know that you and Patrick know much more has happened behind the scenes since the last Update of NESARA, but were told by Hatonn not to put it out to the public now. Let it suffice to be known that the game is nearly over. When the NESARA announcement is to be, is not known at this time, but it could be ANYTIME!

The scenario of the recalcitrant bankers and your evil administration this past week would fill a book. Their devious plans and schemes, that have been carried out, would astound even the most informed Lightworker.

Remember back in 1994, when you conversed with Hatonn, and he said to you that the biggest problem in your government is, “they don’t know who is the enemy within their own ranks”. You had said, Patrick, that the evil ones in the CIA or the FBI or the FDA should just simply be removed. Hatonn told you that it was so difficult, because a person could say he was for good, but was a double or triple agent.

I am happy to note that those, who are of the Darkside have revealed themselves. Many have left the planet, but there are still some, who have defied coming back to the Light, even this last week. Their choice of choosing the Darkside forever, makes their choice to leave Earth Shan. This they have done. They are where they have asked to be. At this time I will not go into detail where these Dark Ones have gone. You can only guess that they are either: 1) on another 3D planet starting over, losing 350,000 years of soul growth as Hatonn stated in the Phoenix Journals; 2) on the Hell Planet for eons of time; or 3) asked to be uncreated after they saw the billions of years of karma they must fight through to come back even to where they were at this time.

People are wondering about the Merkle letter and the bank packets and, and, and. I tell all of you to be patient, for the battle is nearly over. The plays in the “Chess Game” have speeded up exponentially. I see an end to the Game with the score in our favor by the end of August. Indeed, we have won!

I now address the Fourwinds shut-down. There are those extremely talented and highly trained hackers of the U.S. Government, who are sending via an India Terminal, millions upon millions of “hits” per minute to Fourwinds. When your huge server tells you that you are taking up 47% of their entire usage, you know that you have been hit hard. Your webmaster is well trained in dealing with this, and we are assisting in the solving of this problem.

The Lighted Realms, your Guides and Guards and Angels are watching the entire situation. It is like what your webmaster said to you tonight. “When there are millions upon millions of hits per minute being aimed at this one site, Fourwinds, I find it very strange, indeed. They have untold numbers of hackers with very sophisticated equipment and detailed knowledge of what they are doing.”

Well, we tell your webmaster that Fourwinds stands as a Lighthouse to Truth and has put out many articles and information from many websites around the world. You have broadened the network of people, not only accessing your website, but the websites that you list in your articles. This creates untold millions of people that are seeing the Truth for the first time.

I add here that you are to keep up the good work. Let the slings and arrows slide from your “feathers”, you ones of the Bird Tribe. Nothing can daunt or stop you, as you continue your petition for protection from the Lighted Realms.

I am Violinio Germain of the One Light of Creator Source. Take heart, for all is coming into balance and harmony. Hurray for the Light! I blaze my Violet Flame of the 100th dimension into the Darkness! SALU to my Brother and Sister. AHO!