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Thoughts to Ponder for August 14, 2019

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"In a free society, only actions are crimes. In a slave society, thoughts and words are crimes." -- Michael Rivero


It does not matter who is president. It is the system that is broken. A car with a frozen steering wheel cares little about who is driving. It is continuing in the same direction irrespective. My only goal is to wake up the passengers.

They are taking us for fools. Or frightened sheep - afraid to speak out or take action in the face of a frightening truth. Are we that far gone? If so, my life's work has amounted to nothing.

It's not "The People" against the "Government". The Government is composed of people. Too many people. We have a sickness. A cancerous growth. That cancerous growth is "Unbridled Power". Some in our Government have been consumed by it. It must be removed.

Jon McAfee