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10 Short Thoughts

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10 Short Thoughts

By Hano

May 14th 2019


Resentment is the slow burning flame that can consume heart, mind and soul and if not quenched by the water of Love ignite the all-consuming inferno of Hatred. ~ Hano


Wisdom is not given, it is earned, and experience is the bestower. ~ Hano

True ignorance and false ignorance

True ignorance is just a lack of truthful knowledge. False ignorance is the availability of truthful knowledge but the choice to ignore it. ~ Hano

Insignificant Signifances

Don't ignore the insignificant because many small insignificances can become some big significances. ~ Hano

Those who can do, teach

"Those who can't do, teach" - False. Those who cannot do cannot teach. Teaching requires experience and experience is only acquired by doing. Only those who can do, can teach. ~ Hano

Beggars can be choosers

"Beggars can't be choosers" - False. Beggars are choosers. Free will endows that choice. ~ Hano


Respect is not a right. It is a gift given based on merit and trust. Those who harm and betray do not deserve respect because they do not give it. The only respect that should be inherent and automatic should be respect for life and spirit. All else is earned. ~ Hano

Intelligence and Stupidity

Intelligence is not related to stupidity. Stupidity is a lack of insight, reason and wisdom while intelligence is a measure of ability, rationalization and analytical skills. One can be intelligent yet still be stupid when one lacks the proper skill to add insight, reason and wisdom to ability ,rationalization and analysis to determine effects of actions and decisions. A book and education can make a man more, or less, intelligent while the education of experience and it's subsequent wisdom can only make him less stupid. ~ Hano


A Civilization is a peaceful society of high spiritual, ethical, moral, intellectual and technological development. Earth in 2019 has no civilization. It is nowhere to be found. It is a brutish animalistic existance of strife and competition for resources, power and sex. It is no different than the beasts of the field. In the future times of this world ,under the administration of the Divine, civilization will not be rebuilt. It will be built. ~ Hano


Education is not what a book teaches you. It is not what your parents, school teachers or professors taught. Education is what life has taught and what you have done with it. Everything else is just information. What kind of education do you have? ~ Hano

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