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Thoughts to Ponder for February 17, 2012

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"It is difficult indeed to remember when the government has not lied to us." ~Anthony Marcolongo
Governments are comprised of humans who lie, cheat, steel, murder and rape, which isn't to say that all humans are that way inherently, but can be encouraged to be, given the necessary incentives and rewards. When people say the word government -- "using that word to call attention to some nebulous creature, some object of reference for discussion" -- they almost never make the nexus between whatever muddled idea or notion they may have about it, and its composite makeup, that being of other human beings doing what they do in government jobs. 
No government could exist without human beings to carry out the orders and directives of those running it -- therefore, when the word government is used, it is imperative for the criminals running it -- that the public never give too much thought about the who, the why, and the cut of its cloth -- which at the moment, seems to be the case. ---Anthony Marcolongo
"An economic system can remain viable only so long as society has mechanisms to counter abuses of either state or market power and the erosion of the natural, social, and moral capital that such abuses commonly exacerbate." -- David Korten, economist and internationalist