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Sanat Kumara's I AM Spacetime Generator Of Dimensions [GOD]

Channeled by John Armitage

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I am Vywamus. Who am I, who is Vywamus? I will give you a very short family history. Most beings present will have heard of Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara is the brother of Sananda. Sanat Kumara is your planetary Logos. He is very much concerned with the Ascension of your planet. There is erroneous information circulating upon your planet that states that Sanat Kumara comes from Venus. Of course in your English language these two statements have different meanings. Sanat Kumara does not come from Venus, although he came from there to this planet Earth. How did he get here? Do any of you remember that in 1987 there was this event known as the Harmonic Convergence? Now many of you will understand now that nobody knew at that time what the Harmonic Convergence was. Many people were first with information that at this time this event which had become known on the planet as the Harmonic Convergence would take place; but if you questioned anyone about what it was, they replied that they didn't know. People went in groups to many temples and holy places. They gathered in homes, houses, halls, and they meditated and allowed the energies to converge harmonically. This convergence of energy opened up a vortex through which Sanat Kumara grounded his energy into Mother Earth.

Not only did he ground his energy into Mother Earth through this vortex, he also surrounded the whole planet with his etheric body. All of you upon this planet are surrounded by his etheric body. I, Vywamus, am the I Am Presence or Higher Aspect of Sanat Kumara. I come to talk to you mainly about this Mahatma; the Mahatma energy and the Mahatma word.

Many of you would recognise this word from the name of that great Ascended Master who was known as Mahatma Gandhi. You beings in the Western world became very familiar with this word Mahatma through his activities. This word Mahatma in the Eastern world merely means "Great Soul" or "Great Father." It was decided, after lengthy deliberation, that we would use this name Mahatma for this new energy coming to planet Earth around or just before the period of the Harmonic Convergence.

Know that the name of something is no different from the thing. This is why, when you go along your spiritual path and you take your spiritual initiations, you should also adopt a new name. For every initiation that you successfully go through, your consciousness will change, your vibration will change, so therefore the name that you had previous to that is no longer relevant. You could also say it is like a vibrational remedy. Some of you would say, "What are vibrational remedies?" They are remedies to do with flowers, crystals, semi-precious and precious crystals, (you might know them as gem stones), and classical homeopathy. If you require a remedy, then all you need is the vibration of the remedy. That's what these remedies are, vibrational remedies, and you only require the name. Therefore if you want to treat yourself in a symptomatic manner, and you need to treat, say this elbow, then the remedy you need to treat it with can be written upon the elbow, and then just patted. The vibration of the name is no different from the vibration of the substance itself. Do all ones here understand what is being stated?

So we identify this Mahatma energy, this energy which is silver and gold in nature with some hint of violet amongst it. This energy is the energy of the I Am Presence of Mother/Father God. Many humans would say, "Well, if God is everywhere, and God is, what's new about this Mahatma energy?" The answer is that the emotional bodies of human beings have never been so well developed as they are right now. In earlier Atlantian times, this channel and others brought down the energy of Mahatma to this planet Earth. But the energy could not be grounded because most ones did not have very much in the way of emotions. The energy was withdrawn, it could not be grounded, so we waited for aeons. The Source, Mother/Father God made a decision in these years which you would know as '85, '86, '87, that the time was right for the next grounding of the personal aspect of Mother/Father God, the I Am Presence.

The I Am Presence of Mother/Father God is Love, that is the essence of the Source - Love. There is no judgement from the Source. Those of you who have been told that God will judge you have been misinformed and controlled by such information. God does not judge anything or anybody, because the Source knows that all exists within Him/Her. This energy is available for you now! It is available for you to work with and become of a silver and gold nature. It will activate your cellular structure with the energy of Light. This Ascension process which many human beings have undertaken to go through, is not a process of the acceleration of the molecular structure, or even the sub-atomic structure of the body physical until it becomes Light, because if you undertake this method of becoming Light, you will disappear in a puff of smoke. You will spontaneously combust. This is what spontaneous combustion is. Ascension is not spontaneous combustion. Ascension is achieved by increasing the amount of Light and the amount of Love that your cellular structure can hold. This Light and this Love is flowing from the Source. Many of you will have heard this word used on so many occasions in spiritual exchanges, spiritual meetings and talks. This word "enlightenment." This word is mis-used. Spell it, or use the letters in a different way. En-Lighten-ment. This Ascension process which has been spoken about is absolutely nothing new. Western religions haven't spoken much about it, but Eastern religions have spoken a lot about enlightenment, and most beings didn't understand what the word meant. Many humans would say, "Well, I will follow the Buddhist tradition and I'll become enlightened, and then I'll know everything."

On one level of course this is true, because if you take your ascension you have the capability of linking to all that is. I would ask you as well to think about the ascension process. Many ones are hooked on "ascension to the fifth dimension." It has a nice rhyme in the English language. "Ascension to the fifth dimension is where it's at now." I would say to you, don't aim for the fifth dimension. Why not aim for the fiftieth dimension? The fifth dimension is a small step forward, a small but significant step forward. I am not saying that it is not worth taking. I say again that it is a significant step forward. But even from the fifth dimension it is possible to become involved in the energies of separateness, the energies of judgement. Many ones would think that in the fifth dimension all is Love and all is Light; but know that nothing will never, ever become all Light, because, my friends, there has to be a balance in everything, and the Light exists to balance the darkness, and the darkness exists to balance the Light. The only problem area is the shadows. Where the Light shines bright and direct, there are no shadows, so there is no problem. This is why I think my colleague Ashtar had said to you, "Don't fear the controllers and the dark brothers. Through your Love they will become Light."

This energy of Mahatma will flow into and activate your cellular structure. It will not only activate your cellular structure, but it will also activate these things which are known as star tetrahedron fields; these counter-rotating and static fields around your physical bodies. It will activate the sacred geometry in the crystalline structure, both liquid and solid. It will transform your blood chemistry so that your blood, which is liquid crystal, becomes spiritualised Light encoded with the key codes of the Keys of Enoch, encoded with the fire letters from the five sacred languages, encoded with sacred geometry, so that you will become very quickly a totally connected and spitirualised being. Spiritualise your blood chemistry first, activate your DNA, and gently, with love and compassion, realise your birthright. Your birthright is wholeness, and wholeness is Love. So, use this energy of Mahatma. Invite the energy of Mahatma to flow through your hearts. Invite the energy of Mahatma to flow through your I Am Presence, through your higher chakra system and into your physical body in accordance with the will of your I Am Presence. Brothers and sisters of Great Britain, I say to you that this energy has never, ever been misused at any time in or upon your world. Therefore you have no resistance in your cellular structure to it, and there is no fear attached to it. All the other energies that you have available to work with have at some time been misused, been contorted, been twisted and used for control. But because this energy, Mahatma, is new to your planet, it has never been manipulated or controlled. It is the energy of the I Am Presence of the Source, so therefore it cannot be manipulated. This makes it easy and simple for you to just allow this energy to flow through your molecular structure. Invite the energy in by affirmation.

Affirmations are powerful, affirmations are relevant, and as my colleague, Ashtar, said, "What you think is what you get!" Many ones are thinking affirmations continuously. They are thinking destructive affirmations. They are making affirmations that bring fear and the energy of confusion into their lifestreams, when they could be constructively spending their time making affirmations that bring positive energies, or energies which can be constructively used for the healing of the Earth and her inhabitants. Make affirmations along the lines of "I affirm I allow the Mahatma to flow through me and ground into Mother Earth, in accordance with the will of my I Am Presence."

Maybe some ones do not know what their I Am Presence is. Put simply, it is a unit of energy, a part of the Source Him/Herself. It is individual. There is no such thing as young I Am Presences or old I Am Presences. They just are. Some humans may judge and say, "This is a young soul, this is an old soul." There is no such thing. All were created at the same time, at the same outpouring from the source, at the same moment of this round of creation. So your I Am Presence is you, your Higher Self. Don't confuse this with your soul. Many would think that the soul is the Higher Self. This is not correct, it is erroneous thinking and disinformation. The soul is something very different. Each I Am Presence has the capability of expanding itself into twelve souls. It makes some human beings feel somewhat shaky, because they thought that they were individual, "the only one." On an I Am Presence level you are individual, you are "the only one," but the I Am Presence has the capability of expressing itself through twelve souls, and these twelve souls also have the capability of each creating another twelve souls, or soul extensions. So there could be 144 of you! Isn't it wonderful where this number 144 comes from, and its relationships? This of course is the soul group, and it is not necessary that all 144 of you are manifest in the third dimension. Some of the soul group may be manifest in other dimensional realities, other planets, or other parallel universes. But there is one thing to know, and as human beings this is a very useful tip; because you are experiencing the densest form of matter, it is often the nature of the others in your soul group to keep downloading their karma and issues for you to work out in the third dimension!

There are two ways of looking at this. You may, through misguided loyalty, think that as long as you are helping your soul group you are happy, and affirm that you are ready for more crap on your head. But, there is no need to take more crap upon your head. This is the good news of the day! What you need to do is to make an affirmation to say that you are not willing to receive anything else on your head, and from now on it is inappropriate that you receive anymore karmic influence or discordant energies and issues that need working with, from any other of your soul group. Because you are in the third dimension, if you achieve your ascension, you will find that all your soul group have the chance to come home with you. So if you look at it from that perspective, it is a very reasonable thing to expect you not to take anymore downloaded karma or emotional trauma and issues. Focus in the Light, focus in the Love, achieve your ascension and take the family home!!! So this explains to you a little bit about the I Am Presence.

Now I will explain how the power of affirmation works. I see humans constantly making the "I Am" affirmation, and then putting words behind it which are not really in accordance with the will of Mother/Father God, the Source; not really in accordance with your own divine will, and not really the energy that you need to flow through your life. Many Light workers complain continuously, "I work in Love, I work in Light, but I am broke." (Keep making that affirmation if you need to be broke.) It is preferable to set into motion in your minds some programme which first of all alerts you to the way that you think, and every time that you say these words, "I Am", make sure that the programme ensures that you follow "I Am" with some positive statement. If you continuously follow "I Am" with these un-positive statements, then they will bring energy that is not required into your life stream. There is no point in complaining to God and the Ascended Masters that you are not manifesting the reality that you require.

Follow the words "I Am" with truth, beauty, love, harmony, abundance, fearlessness, courage, and never use affirmations like, "I Am broke, I Am tired."

You see, the universe is a very abundant place. It is abundant in all energies of love, vitality, balance, health, money and food. The universe has created all this so that it may be at the service of its inhabitants. When you make the statement, "I Am sick," then the universe says, "That person has just affirmed that they need to be sick, so we will send the energy of sickness." When you say, "I Am tired," the universe replies, "Tired being down there - disconnect!" When you say, "I Am feeling a slight disconnection from the energies," then the universe says, "Being there feeling slightly disconnected - increase connection!" You get more energy. Instead of saying, "I Am broke," you should say, "I Am abundant," and the universe says, "Abundant being there - keep piling it in." This is how affirmations work to create your own reality.

When we spoke about creating and co-creating your own reality, you thought that we were being airy-fairy, that we were trying to raise you up to the level of understanding that you are gods before you are ready to get there. Now we bring it down to another level and we bring it into third dimensional reality. I am sure that all beings present in this room are ready for abundance, love, truth, beauty and harmony to flow through their lifestreams. Affirm that all these things are flowing through your lifesteams with the Mahatma, and you will have absolutely no problems in life. Manifest whatever you need. Create whatever you want. Again, I will just say to you that you are already creating the reality within which you are living. As my colleague Germain would say; (some know him as St Germain, but he has decided to drop the "Saint," because nobody listens to saints); there is no difference between a rut and a grave, except a rut has an entrance and an exit. If you are in the rut, find the exit and get out of it! Create your own reality, and again the message is the same as the one that you have heard time after time. Have you integrated it yet? Hearing it is very different from taking it on board and inviting it into your life and allowing, just allowing. You see, when you feel the need to control, then you stop things from happening. When you try and control, it means that the magic cannot work. Life is magic, creation is magic, and you, my friends, are the cosmic alchemists of this planet.

I am Vywamus.

I bless you, I leave you with my words.

I leave you with my love.

We will just take a few moments now to open up our hearts.

Allow this energy of Mahatma to flow.

You can use the affirmation:

"I Am the Mahatma"

Channelled by John Armitage in London on 21 September 1996.

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