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Sananda: Weekly Message, July 17, 2003

Through Nancy Tate

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ft behind so long ago. Or was it just an instant?

This home will ring true to you, and yet you will find some changes. You will find that there are more options there. You will find that you dont have to leave earth to live there. You will find that all those who are living on the other side of the veil are right in plain sight of you, for you will have taken away the veil. You will remember who they are, and you will remember who you are.

I tell you this, as others have been telling you, because I wish to convey a message about that place you call home. I wish to bring to you a preview of what it will be like in your daily lives. I wonder if you know.

The little boy crossed the road and came to a puddle on the side near the ditch. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a plum that was ripe and juicy. With this plum, he brought forth a knife and plunged it into the ripe fruit. Red, refreshing juice oozed forth and spilled upon his sleeve as he raised the plum to his lips. Hm-m-m, he hummed. Yum-yum. He then pulled another plum from his pocket, and placed it in the puddle. Some of the juice had spilled into the clear water, and it gathered itself to the plum as it floated in the puddle. Then a leaf sprouted from the stem on the plum, then another. Within seconds there was a new plum rising out of the water and sprouting another set of leaves. The boy watched and giggled in glee, as his eyes widened. He then spun round and danced about the new plum tree. I can do it he cried, I can do it, just like He said so. I thought it into being!

The boy then gathered up his plums and looked at the leaves that lay on the ground. He watched them as they powdered into fine green dust and mixed with the water. Then he giggled as the puddle turned a bright green, then the green turned to a gold sheen, and at last the water was clear and glistening, brand new and clean enough to drink. Its magic! the boy exclaimed. I can do anything I set my mind to, and that is lots of good stuff.

The boy ran to his Mom and excitedly announced, I did it! It was just as Jesus said! The water became clear after I told it to. It gave me new plums from the juice of the one I ate. It is a magic world, and it is ours for the making!

His Mom smiled down on his joy, and she knew the wonder in his heart, for it was there in hers as well. She knew that the world would always be a WONDERful place, and that everything would hold a treasure of promise for the future and the present and the past. No more walking alone and in linear time. No more watching your back as if something were to alarm you. That was all over, and the transformation is so sweet.

This, my friends is the world of your future. This is the world that is even now taking shape in the potential that is holding an energy for you. This is the world that you can begin to create right now, right this minute. It is your world, and you are the creators of the magic. The miracles are lining up, awaiting the day of calling. This is the time of forgiveness of debts, for there are no debts, as there is no need to forgive.

When you tuck your children in to bed at night and whisper of the days to come, tell them of the wonder of the ages. Tell them that they are the bringers of the new dawn. Tell them that the world is theirs and they can mold it into any bright promise that they desire. Tell them that you can live in a world of beauty and love, and that they have the ability to create that right now. Then tell them that youll listen anytime they want to tell you of their truth. They have much to share with you, and the sharing is so sweet. Tell them that you know who they are, and that you know that they do too. And tell them that Jesus told you so.

Thank you dear sweet Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate

From the silence of your soul comes the voice of freedom.