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Sanat Kumara: Becoming A Golden Being For A Golden Age

JoAnne Scalise

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have communicated and connected as individual photons of light, always part of the same wave. We sometimes travel alone to the farthest voids in order to bring Light, and as waves do, we join and merge throughout the myriad Expressions of Time.

And now we meet again on this powerful undulation to create our Kingdom of Light. This Kingdom is of Luminescent substance to be shared by all who seek this Kingdom, and commit to it. Let us explore this realm, just as we create it. How does one approach, and then live, in this kingdom? Why is this destination so important, this Creation of the Seventh Golden Age?

These are questions emanating from the group consciousness of those committed to this destination, and committed to this life as well as those sensing they must be moving, toward where, they do not know. Know that all questions shall be answered, for in the answering lies the Illumination. The faith and commitment is substantial, and sufficient at this time, to embark on this journey. The Magical Timeline of Earth development and growth into Light is at the heightened frequency to allow this transmutation. While this is a chosen destiny and destination, present moment awareness holds the power that shapes the Dance of group Reality. As one's awareness is developed, it becomes a Tool of the Light, A Bridge of crystalline golden substance through which the Perfected destination may be known.

Bridging consciousness with reality is a sublime choice of Leaders of Spirit, and opens one to the Ancient Future proposition of the Golden Present. An assistive communication tool is already present in the human structure. A fine golden filament of Light, a vestige of a powerful tool developed in previous Golden Ages, now lies sleeping in the human cranium. This filament bridges the pineal gland with the pituitary, and forms a triangle at the base of the skull with an etheric golden quartz. A constant flow of information for perfecting the internal and external consciousness is conducted through this filament. When fully developed, its energy flows unimpeded through the third eye and the throat center in the light dynamics of the Golden Number brought forth by many wise entities throughout the earth experience. So this energy is brought into the entity at the crystalline structure at the base of the skull, communicates with both the pineal and pituitary glands, and its vibration increased as it is transmitted and focused through the centers of the Creative Word. This allows the Perfected Internal Light to equilibrate externally. Thus the individual contributes to the Whole of the Body of Source. In this Body lies the Golden Age, the City of Light promised to all who choose this Illumination of Experience. This Illumination is spiritual but also manifests in the physical. As this filament increases its conductivity and its capacity for Light, it becomes brilliant, almost phosphorescent. Light truly manifests into form, for if the internal structures of the Illuminated entity's brain could be observed in a darkened room, the white-golden glow of this filament is visible. Know that your Light is visible to those working with you from these realms as we create this new Perfected merging.

The choosing of life in Shamballa sparks the interdimensional doorways that lie within the human form, and allow Communion with the Consciousness of the Universe. In the connection, the melding of present awareness with the Unified Consciousness, one experiences Divine Bliss and the absolute comprehension of "As Above, So Below". For the Golden Human, the corollary to this is "As Without, So Within". The Heaven within manifests as Shamballa, the seventh Dimension golden age that flows as Currency of Spirit and Light Manifest.

The Human body is mutable, and rides in individuated and group consciousness. These Shamballa Temples can achieve multidimensional reality, and so many exist in the fourth through the seventh dimension as easily as they exist in the third. And in these Light evolutions, the Temple Perfects. This steady inflow of Light substance creates an upwardly spiraling vortex, which as it spins, vibrates as higher and higher Light and thus higher frequencies. The Door to Shamballa is opened by the intensity of the Light so Source may be lived as Unity in and of Consciousness. Through this elevation, transmutation of polarity occurs. Precious Harmony emerges again. The goal of most energy is harmony, the equilibration of flow, of balancing polarities, of power through Light. Note that there IS great power in harmony, a concept that may be unconsidered to this point. The energies merge while remaining individuated, and the currents swell without opposing forces, until All Is One.

There are tools available throughout the dimensions that will assist the dedicated seeker of Shamballa. One tool offered by the EarthPlane crystal kingdom are the quartz crystals referred to as Golden Healers, particularly those brought forth from the large waterways, including the ancient oceans. These crystals hold blueprints of this golden age energy. The piezoelectric charge held by individual crystals is communicated across the Earth, on the surface and in the Treasures contained within. Becoming aware and focused toward this energy field permits the entrainment of the personal energy fields and contributes to the Unified Field of consciousness. Through this communication, one may receive an interdimensional crystal attuned to the path of the individual entity. In the harmonized energy state, one may ask and receive. Shamballa is found in the singular spark, the individual temple, and throughout dimensions. In order to hold this perfected energy state and level of consciousness, the Master must accept Perfection in Self,with Source, and Recognize with absolute clarity that this is already so.

The energy states and lessons of the tribes of humanity have provided much growth through the energetic conflicts that have been played out over time. In the Now comes the recognition of Other as Self.

This acceptance and recognition adds to higher vibration of the individual photons contributing to Universal Light. The Golden Ages are created from this high frequency Light Substance. The contribution of the One Dedicated Master to this Creation is essential. Shamballa does not rise from this mist without this belief and purity of Self. Its Light is as brilliant as the HeartLight of Source and the individual Creator. In this Golden Age, Creation and Creator can never be separated. From this illumination rises the City of Gold, our Kingdom of Light.

The 11:11 Doorway is of significance to the realization of this Kingdom of Light. All of the information available on the vibration of Master Numbers,and the Temple Towers holds the foundation for this Doorway. From this point of Illumination, an energetic expansion of the presently known is offered. The Knowledge that is Light Itself presents to assist this Opening.

First, the individual entity must recognize the microcosmic mirroring of the Universal macrocosm. As one is a photon, a particle of Light, a SourceSpark, so is one an entire Universe. The levels one searches to attain are already manifest within the Self. Again, as the individual perfects this Light and attains consciousness of these expanded levels, so is the Temple realized and recreated. In this recreation lies manifestation. Harmonic Power is the vibratory ignition point for development of the Golden Human. As individual cells act in concert to allow an organism life, so is this Power of the One. The learning necessary by the individual contributes to the overcoming of the human perceived dichotomy of the Individuated One. This means that spiritual growth and learning of the one always continues, and contributes to the harmony of Oneness. Thus 11:11. This number sequence resonates throughout time, space, and other dimensions as the symbolic conscious joining, of the merge of Unified Consciousness. All are affected by the one,and the One is affected by all. The manifestation of thought is virtual in the high Shamballa state, as purity of intent holds no density or polarized thoughtforms or energy that would interrupt this flow. One's virtual body-this is beyond the physical, mental, emotional bodies-is truly composed of Light, and this Light is manifest throughout dimensions, so it exists in perfected third, fourth, and other dimensional realities. There is no disappearance of the physical in Shamballa, for while human language and experience does not presently hold the verbal transmission for the Shamballa experience, the Language of Light is encoded in the human DNA, and is being energized to a higher degree at this time. This will assist in the acceptance of Truth without a physical experience. As the acceptance grows,this faith is rewarded through the expansion of truth and knowledge. The Language of Light is presented through various means to the Earth Master,and will be offered in the best form for the best reception by the particular entity. For the Universe is intensely aware of each photon, each Temple, and committed to the ever expanding Unified Field.

In music, the harmonics of D, G, B, A hold clues to this language. The angelic healing communication of toning, the sound expressed through the voice, offers expressive harmony and energy movement. Only the vibration of the sound is necessary, and even the THINKING of the sound is powerful in this opening. Group sound provides harmony to the Music of the Spheres, the sound of Creation, the Angelic Choirs. This movement of music includes all in the wave of Source. Traditional music talent is not necessary to join in these festivities, the rhythm is already encoded in your virtual, or Light Body. And thus is the joining of air and earth.

Light streams visible and invisible to the human eye offer vibratory enhancements to this doorway. Becoming conscious of the Great Central Spiritual Sun while receiving physical solar transmissions is a powerful contributor to this Unified Light. One need not expose the physical body to the sunlight, but natural sunlight, even that through the window contributes to the physical body beyond the production of vitamin D. This production holds a powerful catalyst for holding and radiating Light. The cholecalciferol underlying the skin structures is a repository for the precursor of vitamin D; its spiritual function is that of enhancing the capacity of the lines of Light creating a gridwork throughout the Temple. The Light received by the retina and transmitted instantaneously to the brain inspirits powerful electrical waves that affect the water of the body, enhancing the light quotient. Thus water and fire are one.

Increasing the individual harmonics through Sound and Light causes the velocity to accelerate, until there is no separation of Sound and Light. This is the experience of totality, of Oneness. This oneness is of the individuated cell or photon, and of the temple or Universe. The gifting of Shamballa lies in this Oneness, and the celebration of bliss that is manifest through this stillness of acceleration. Again the disparate is unified and Two Become One.

Purposeful use of conscious awareness contributes greatly to the function of the tools present in the human toolkit, and enhances the speed at which miracles become manifest. The miracle of Shamballa is available to all who seek. You have chosen this path as an Ascended One, choosing to incarnate to bring forth these energies and new Illumination to the Knowledge of the One. You have chosen to act as the Shamballa Doorway by perfecting your performance as Light and Harmony, and overcoming the duality of third dimensional beingness. Polarity is a reality and a step on the higher reality of the Unified Field. There can be no discord in this Unified Field; there can be only the Highest Harmonics and the Highest of All Expressions. As you read these words, sense the vibratory acceleration now affecting the quantum fields of your physical body. Feel the potential changes in your virtual electrofields. It is through the Power of Yes, the Power of Harmonics, the immersion in the Truth that these vibrations begin and work through the subatomic spaces, the DNA, through the cellular structures, and resonate throughout the physical field back into the openings of consciousness, and the Power of the One. The Shamballa temple emerges from the mists, resonating in the perfection of Truth. This temple is you, this temple is the Source of all Energy, it is within your physical structure and beyond human comprehension. Receive the transmissions of this perfected state; accept them into the etheric golden healer crystal that connects with the pineal and pituitary glands. These transmissions enhance the flowing of the Fountain of Youth, the Waters of Shamballa. As these flows grow, the beliefs of time and space are transcended, vision of the third, fourth and fifth eyes are perfected, and the physical retina acts as a transducer in bringing conscious thought into manifestation. Energy fields of the infinite individual fields connect and raise the vibratory excellence to now unknown levels. Such now is the Perfection of the One. Divine energies of the Masculine and Feminine are synergized into Holy Perfection. In the knowing, one is complete. In the search for Shamballa, the individual is found. Identity is never lost; ego is no longer necessary. The value of the One emanates through all. The EverPresent Now is manifested in Shamballa, the Secret of Self is found therein.

The incredible undertaking of the building and manifestation of Shamballa is offered and accepted by the Architects of the Golden Age. In this architecture lies the opening into Source. This opening welcomes all; a conscious acceptance is necessary for the blueprints to crystallize, the foundation to be placed as the City of Light is built. Think upon this creation as the Real Estate of Spirit. Contemplate each of these words in the Light they are offered and step into the gateway they open. It is understood that seemingly opposing words have been grouped together throughout this encounter; one is encouraged to recognize the purpose in which this information is offered. Through the recreation of opposition and polarity, the energy fields transmute into the Unified Field. Through the center of many is the merge of the One. As one may begin to understand the grand potentiality of this venture, human comprehension expands to include the Divine. The spark returns ever brighter to its Source, as an inhabitant of the Temple and the Temple incarnate. So earth and heaven meet in these midplanes, and Shamballa lives on this sphere, brought into manifested reality.

The 11:11 doorway has opened to the golden being. The Golden Age awaits in present existence; the Many manifesting as the Golden One. The Light is brilliant here, and you are welcomed to your Celestial home. You recognize yourself here, you know you have never left.

You are no longer separate from Perfection, from others, from Self. You have accepted and stepped into the Wholeness of Light that you are.

You are Paradise Manifest.

And It Is So.

I AM Sanat Kumara Brought forth with JoAnne Scalise

In the Name of One ~ Sandy ~~