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5/23/98    SANAT KUMARA


Good afternoon, my scribe.  It is I, Sanat Kumara, come in the Light frequency of the Silver Ray of Creation.  You know me well.  Many there in the physical, especially among your Native American peoples, associate me with the label "Grandfather".  Again, as stated many times prior, a label is for you in the physical, so that you can have a mental association with which to relate.  You will, one day, begin to recognize ones more by their unique energy pattern than anything else.

I am asked to speak at this time about your position as a planet and a species in relationship to your universal brothers.  Your planet Earth-Shan is but one of billions of inhabited planets with sentient life.  Your species has grown to a point of spiritual and intellectual (a subset of the spiritual aspect) competence wherein you will be in need of conscious awareness of your place in the universe and the responsibility of maintaining and holding that place.

This is to say that your world is fast approaching a point of conscious awakening to a greater reality and a greater Truth.  Your elder brothers from elsewhere in the cosmos have come to assist you both in your growth as a species, and as co-creators within the laws of Creator Source.

This is a most unique time in your planet's evolvement in which to be experiencing!  There will be MASSIVE change as ones will be caused to confront the inner lies and misperceptions that they have held onto for so long.

There will be, at first, great confusion for the masses.  They will, for the most part, be caught off-guard and thus be psychologically unprepared for the implications associated with this awakening.

This is where you who are of Ground Crew will be called upon to assist those who will be desperately seeking to understand.  You will have to deal with great emotional anxiety.  This anxiety will have an enormous impact on ALL levels of your planetary experience.

Eventually, as the masses come to accept the greater reality of their true place in the universe, the confusion will give way to a greater peace than your world has ever known.  As your species is ready, your world will be gradually brought "up to speed" with respect to other universal intergalactic societies.  This will be a very deliberate and calculated rate which is determined by the ability of your species to adapt and comprehend the true functioning and universal laws that govern space beyond the limits of your solar system.

This is as much a matter of UN-learning many present lies as it is a matter of learning new truths.  I speak here not only of scientific progress, for great beings in all areas of understanding have frequently been gifted (sent) to your planet--only to be "removed" by those who would maintain control over you through deception.

Your learned brothers from elsewhere are well equipped to handle the planetary transformation and integration which is rapidly picking up speed.  They will be giving much more guidance on how best to overcome the many fears and superstitious beliefs that the masses now hold onto as truth, which must be confronted and cleansed.

Fundamentally this situation is no different than when you ones volunteer to participate in, say, a Peace Corps mission to assist a primitive, usually isolated, group of people in some remote corner of your own planet.  Many fears and superstitions must be confronted and replaced with truth--whether about basic health and body hygiene or how your airplane and radio work.

You of Ground Crew will need these very lessons offered here in CONTACT so that ones will recognize that this awakening has been coming for some time, and that there is truly nothing to fear and only greater understanding and growth to be gained.

These will be challenging times for you ones to face!  You will witness many stories that will try to convince you-the-people that the "alien invaders" mean to do you harm.  These stories will only serve to expose the true criminals for who they are.  Mainstream religious leaders and politicians will be the greatest offenders and will effort greatly to hold onto their control over you-the-masses.

As the time of truth (in terms of sequential events) draws ever nearer, there will be greater and greater efforts made to persuade the masses that these so-called "invaders" mean to destroy you-the-people of the Earth.  Some of the events planned by your elite controllers will appear so real in presentation, due to their technological sophistication (by public knowledge standards), that many will fall victim to the lies engineered by such vivid stagings.

There are likely to be MILLIONS of people sacrificed by your "united one-world government" in order to convince those remaining that the deception is the truth.  There will be a call to defend your planet from these "evil invaders".

At the same time, however, there will be overwhelming evidence which will show that these higher evolved beings mean you NO HARM.  For instance, ones will be rescued from annihilation (as disasters from both natural and man-made sources become more violent and widespread) and ones will testify to the facts of what happened.

Also, ones among your "elite" scientific communities will finally step forward and testify to the fact that great assistance has been given by your elder brothers from elsewhere in the cosmos, over the past 50+ years in shutting down secret experiments that, due to ignorance, got out of control and would have otherwise destroyed your planet.

Moreover, the electronic "mind-numbing" devices will be deactivated and ones will begin to come out of the "fog" of mental manipulation.  From this will come a clearer ability to perceive the reality of your situation.

There will be great speakers and community leaders stepping forward to speak out and quell the fears of the masses.  There will be great need for ones to vent their confusions and confront the fact that they had bought into great lies without much (if any) questioning.  Ones will be seeking to understand what is really real and what is truly their place in the "grander" scheme of life.  The barbaric, fear-based religions will fall, as ones realize that they have been manipulated and "sold" lies in order to insure their obedience.

Truth will be known in all aspects of social, scientific, and spiritual arenas of concern.  The Truth will be your path to liberation--both as an individual and as a planetary society.

You will find that your elder brothers believe very much in the existence of God and, furthermore, that they FULLY integrate spiritual ethics into ALL of their scientific and social research and subsequent developments.  This results in a much more perfectly balanced and responsible societal structure than you on Earth presently experience or can even imagine.

Your world will eventually realize that these more advanced ones have eradicated the primal ego concerns to hoard knowledge (power, control, etc.) and have thus achieved true abundance and absolute knowledge.  The Law of Giving is a way of life for these ones.  Sharing their gifts only helps them to explore and experience more of the infinite variations of Life, and thus more fully appreciate the perfection of both Creator and The Creation.

These are truly wondrous times in which to be alive!  But perhaps, more importantly, these are wondrous times in which to survive.

We of the Hosts have been sent to help prepare you ones who will hear the call so that you can best prepare selves both mentally and physically for the chaos that is coming.  This is to say that, for instance, if you are still living in areas we have warned are quite unsafe, and you insist upon your way, we shall honor your choice.

But, be aware that if you transition out of the physical, you will have to watch as a spectator instead of as a player.  We only can offer our advice and reasoning; you must choose to accept or reject, as you will.

Our hope is that you will learn to trust your own Inner Guidance, and thus create the conditions for your own survival and subsequent growth.  We are here to assist you in maximizing your growth potential.  You can help us to help YOU by efforting to recognize your own Inner Connection and Potential.  This has been THE important theme of so many of our lessons so far, as presented in these pages of CONTACT over the past several years.

You live in perhaps the most unique time that your planet will ever experience--COMING OUT OF IGNORANCE (DARKNESS) AND INTO KNOWLEDGE (LIGHT).  Would it not be wise to take full advantage of this exquisite learning environment?!

I am Sanat Kumara, an elder (more learned) aspect of Creator's infinite potential.  I am what you are and will become.  I am your future and I have walked the path that you are now on.  Go within and find these finer aspects of YOUR being, and you will recognize the Truth I speak.

In the Light of Creator Source, ADONAI.



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, May 26, 1998, Volume 21, Number 1, Pages 18-19.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.