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February 16, 2015

1/18/96   SANAT KUMARA

Good morning, my friend.  It is I, Sanat Kumara.  You know me as "Grandfather"; others may recognize me as Tonkashila.  I come now to you as the representative of the Silver Ray of Creator Source.  Many associate me with your Sun and resonate with my life-giving Light.  Please do NOT get overly fixated upon the label, for if you do, you will surely miss the message.

The label is to identify you ones who need such in order to not be overwhelmed with who or what we, from the Higher Realms, really are.  We are Co-Creators who have walked the paths that you are on and have learned our lessons.  We are what you are--thought projections of Creator.  We are Light.  We are One in that we are all connected to Source and we project outward in many dimensions simultaneously from this One Light.

You and I are Creator experiencing and growing.  We all have a common purpose--it is to go forth and experience and GROW.  We only differ in the approach to this basic directive which is enclosed into the "genetic" makeup of our Souls.

If one creates a wheel, then would it not be better to go forth and create a use for the wheel than to have everyone going through the process of creating a wheel?  See the elegance and wisdom of that which is before you, and use the tools that you are given in order to move an idea forward.

We of the Lighted Brotherhood do not have need for ones to reinvent the wheel over and over again.  Stop asking for the secrets of Tesla.  Take that which you know and use the gifts that you have to create a new and better "Soul-ution" to the challenges that you are currently being faced with.  In doing so, you will realize the joy that you have been looking for, yet missing, all these years.

Creating is JOY manifesting!

For example, look to a small child and give them finger paints or colored pencils, and you will see them play with them for hours.  Yes, eventually they will get bored with them for they will have experimented and realized the limitations of their current abilities.

For another example, consider the simple act of giving.  When you give to another spontaneously, do you not, in effect, create surprise and pleasure within the recipient?  How does this make you feel?  Even if you give to a complete stranger who you may never see again, you will feel at some level the emotional acknowledgement of the appreciation which that one feels within when they realize the value of the object or kind act.

Look for opportunities to express in a creative manner and you will be well on your way to creating the joy you desire.

If you feel that your life is full of misery and grief, then I would suggest you take a long, hard look at what it is that you are doing.  This is not as easy a task as it first may seem, for it will not be plain to see the overall impact of your actions as a whole.

Many perceive that they are helping others "ALL" of the time.  Yet, these ones may not realize that they have to let others grow and experience for themselves.  This is quite common of over protective parents who are actually stifling the creativity of their children, all the while thinking that they are doing the "best thing" for the child.  This, in turn, will cause the children to rebel and distance themselves from those who are actually suppressing their ability to fulfill their innate inner directive--to experience and grow.

The hardest thing for a person to do is to allow another, whether it be friend or relative, to experience for themselves the "pitfalls" of life.  Ones will yell at, beat, and mentally abuse the ones they love in order to reinforce their love and to "protect" these ones from going out and fulfilling their inner desire to experience and GROW.

Look at your actions.  Are you trying to control another by making them conform to your way of doing things, or are you allowing the uniqueness of the individual to grow in its own way?  What right do you have to interfere with another?  We are, here, talking of adults, and NOT small children who are not well adjusted to their body or the environment in which they are experiencing.

Allow even the small children to express their creativity.  For instance, if you are going to rearrange the furniture in the child's room, maybe you can give them a choice as to where they might like to put their bed.  This will help them to feel a sense of worth and pride in having helped to create the change in the appearance of the room.  Even a two-year-old child will find this fun!  You will also be helping the child to learn that he/she can think for themselves--and CREATE.

Look for opportunities to give others the chance to create.  Stop trying to control everything and everyone, for in doing so you will have usurped the opportunity of another to experience and grow.  You may feel uncomfortable doing this at first, but the repercussions of not doing this will be quite a bit more uncomfortable to you in the long run.

Look at where you are this day and at how you feel.  Take PERSONAL responsibility for your condition and look at those things that you are preoccupied with or otherwise worried about.  What hold have they on you?


Do you worry about whether or not your teenage child is having sex?  Did you ever stop to wonder if the teenager is worried whether or not he or she is having sex?  Be assured that they probably are, especially growing up in this "modern" society.  Now, ask yourself:  "Why don't I have better communication with this child?"

Have you pushed this person away from you through your attempts to protect them?  Do you always find faults in their young, "inexperienced" logic?  Can you make suggestions without insisting that they do a thing YOUR way?  You should offer to them guidance and give them your reasons for offering same.  But above all--allow them to experience and grow!

If you are concerned about whether or not your child is doing drugs or having sex, then talk to them and explain to them your feelings on these matters and acknowledge to them that they will have to eventually be responsible for their actions and choices.

No parent wishes to bury a child, but who are you really burying?  You are burying the body, not the person.  The soul, who was wearing the body, shall eventually realize that their actions were destructive and that they cannot blame another for their choices.

Understand that you can only offer assistance and, if it is refused, then you will have to release this God-Fragment of Light to its own destiny of choice.

See where you might have made mistakes; find forgiveness within for self, and then release the past, lest it consume you in the present.  YOU HAVE ALL MADE SUCH MISTAKES!

Many have learned these lessons late in life and wish that they could go back and do it over.  You cannot go back, and if you did, you would make the same mistake again, for in going back you only would have that which you had then.  You need these experiences; be thankful that you have grown to the point of NOW being able to spot your errors.  Allow others to have the same opportunities to grow as well.

When you are able to help another in this manner, you will find that friends and family members will actually come TO you, seeking advice, for you are unassuming and they will see that you DO know what you are talking about.  But, allow them to come into this realization for themselves.  In this way you will have gained the respect you deserve and you will be heard instead of being ignored.  Do not be the one who must always interject an overbearing opinion.

Allow for others to solve their own problems in their own way--and they will probably include you in the problem solving, if and when they feel it is appropriate.

Inasmuch as you clean the garbage out of YOUR life, you will help others to do the same.  In the process of creating new answers to YOUR problems, you will begin, again, to feel the joy you long for within.

Many can remember back to a point in their life where they did not have much to really worry about, to a time when everything seemed new and interesting.  Your life could be this way again IF you were to but realize that you do not need to place the restrictions and burdens upon yourself that you currently do.

Again:  "What is so important that you must continue to beat yourself up, over and over again, day after day?"

When you can honestly realize that the answer to this question is "NOTHING!", then you will have learned the first step to overcoming all that may be bothering and annoying you.

You will now have to evaluate, for yourself, what it is that you are doing, and realize that there is probably a better (new to you or untried) manner in which to handle the "problem" that you are faced with.

Let us take, for example, that you are in a relationship with another and you are constantly yelling at one another in your attempts to be understood.  You may wish to experiment with different manners of getting your point across.  Perhaps a quiet whisper or even, perhaps, giving in for a change, to the suggestions of the one who is probably "only trying to help".

Put aside your ego long enough to realize when you are being stubborn just because you hate it when others are right.  Are the things that you argue over really very important in the overall scope of the experiencing down there?

Do your argue over who should do the "menial" chores?  Can you not share the chores and be grateful that you have someone to share with and talk to, instead?  Work with one another and you will be surprised at what two (or more) Aspects of Creator's Light can come up with when focused on the same problem.

If your old routines are leaving you unfulfilled inside, can you not break free from the programming of the routine enough to create a better way--perhaps a "routine" of evolving?


All things are in a constant state of change!  When you hold onto the past or freeze a moment in the present (which is actually, again, holding onto the past), you are resisting the prime directive within.  You are then, in effect, causing unnecessary pressures in your life by resisting the natural flow of experiencing.  Like a boulder stuck in the midst of a flowing stream, you create back-pressures and "ripples" in the otherwise natural flow of Experience.  It is most difficult to not want to go back and make a different choice and see where that one leads you.

You are where you are because you need the challenge of the new experience.  With each new challenge, you are presented with an opportunity to create a soul-ution that has never been tried before.  You may not always be successful in each attempt, but you will eventually be quite successful at experiencing and growing, and this will gradually lead you to the answers you seek and the joy you desire.  Be forever persistent and you will NOT know failure!

I am Sanat Kumara, your Elder Brother, offering assistance to those who may desire same.  I come in the Light of the One Light, Creator Source.  May your life NEVER be without a good challenge, lest you stop growing completely!



Source:  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, January 21, 1997, Volume 15, Number 11, Pages 29-30.

Transcribed into HTML format by R. Montana.