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Sanat Kumara: The Venus Connection Parts 1 & 2

Parts 1 & 2

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Sanat Kumara: The Venus Connection

So dear ones, the gift being given to you all at this point in the planets evolution is the gift of working with sound and celestial harmony. This is the energy of Sanat Kumara. You would not be familiar with the energy of consciousness within this grouping and yet the energy, the consciousness that is termed Sanat, of the Kumara's, is the consciousness that is the true guardian of the planet in the story of creation, of which there are many. There was a point in your linear history, that the fallen angels working with the consciousness of the Kumara energy from the Venetian (Venus) sector, agreed as part of the Divine Ones plan of perfection, to step down their vibrational frequency and take embodiment within the genetic lineage of human kind on planet earth.

For part of the experiment dear ones, in this plan of creation, was that the angels, the Gods of light having incarnated as the sons and daughters of God, would bring to the evolving human kind, through the natural process of evolution, as a genetic form, the gift of free will and consciousness and Divine intelligence, to utilise free will in creation and manifestation within a dense physical structure. This planet at that time was simply rock. It held the plant system, the mineral kingdom and an evolving species you call human, and yet in order to carry the higher consciousness of the Angelic realms, genetic restructuring occurred.

We speak this evening of such things for we wish for the understanding of the paradigm of Oneness. There was a time through the evolution on your planet where oneness reigned supreme, a meeting of the higher and the lower worlds dear ones,an understanding of the power of vibration of speech, of words, that every time a language was uttered, it re-aligned the energy matrixes within the physical forms of the bodies, housing this consciousness. The ancient languages were harmonising the grids within a body, and the grids within the planet, and thus all co-existed in unison, in perfect alignment to a beat of oneness. It was a magic time dear ones, and yet what had been pre-agreed was that beings through the continuing cycle of life and death upon the plane, and learning, would bring the planetary species, after eons of reigning freely with their own will, into conscious choice of alignment with Divine will, the prophesised Golden Age and the consciousness of the Kumara's, volunteered to embody like spirit, the vehicle of terror, projecting and bringing the ray of unconditional love from the home planet of Venus.

The consciousness of Sanat Kumara is like the consciousness of your Divine self as it moves within the vehicle of your physical form, except the consciousness labelled Kumara is the consciousness that moves within the vehicle of the whole planet. So we are speaking to you from Mother Earth heartbeat, from the Gaian vibration, for that is the body that I am, and the energy vortexes are the chakra points, and we wish to share of the importance of language for the time of the ancients, the language spoken was precise and it kept in alignment the grid line, the horizontal, the vertical grid lines with each individuals physical form, they were power languages of sonic waves that when enunciated, kept patterns of alignment, and doors open to the star gates, to the higher dimensions, to the connections with your kin, your brothers and sisters of the various galactic systems throughout the universes. For there was a time when all walked freely upon this plane.

The Gods, the Star Warriors, the lesser Gods in your understanding, as you interpreted the history into written form for recording purposes. The interpretations of the symbology were limited by the consciousness of the viewer at the time, and yet we digress, for we wish to share that it is a time for the anchoring of purity of language once more, and that as you speak to each other within the language of positive paradigms, empowered by the vibration of unconditional love, As you share with each other of your vision, your vision for the paradise, the heaven upon earth, you will send out sonic waves of great healing magnitude that will not just realign the energy grids within your own etheric and physical forms but will actually heal the grid lines within the planetary system and aid in the anchoring of the new millennium.

We wish dear ones to take this understanding to the highest paradigm, to understand that in this quadrant of the universe, the highest vibrational beat is that which you know of as thirty three. What is meant by this on one level is that there thirty three beats and fragmentation's of the oneness reality. The highest reality you may tune too is the very back drop, the quantum field, the fabric of space and time known as the Divine plan, that every time you envisage and empower that vision with emotion, you as creative beings upon the surface of Terra, are literally creating parallel realities, what you may term your alternate personal realities, that everything being overlaid is overlaid within the structure of oneness.

So there are beings upon the planet surface working in a more discordant manner. For the reality they have created through their thought form, is the reality of perhaps lack, or discord, or fear, as they witness and participate in the game and the play of life that is occurring upon the surface of Terra. It is as if dear ones, the energy, the form of your beloved planet is a stage. Where a play is taking effect and the consciousness of the Kumara energy is a vibration of great love that loves this species unconditionally as it flexes its co-creative powers, as it plays the dramas on this play of life, and then creates and writes new scripts, for you may create any script, for that is the power that you are and have been exploring as co-creators of reality.

We ask that if you wish for true magic, synchronicity, and all the things that are so often discussed in this gathering, that you set your intention to experience the highest paradigm available to you as an evolving species upon the planet surface. For your physical reality may be heaven on earth, and the highest paradigm that is available for this planetary system is oneness and heaven on earth.

Whatever is in your minds eye and vision as heaven you can co-create consciously. Create consciously in your personal experience and you will find that as you set your agenda to the beat of oneness, you magnetise others into your field, do you not? In this magnetising you grow as a solid ball of energy, that engulfs the whole planet to a new vibration, to the perfected vibration of the human species. All vibrations are part of the oneness, all language is an experience and experiment within the oneness, and when you share from the heart, soul to soul, unconditionally loving the uniqueness of each other, you are anchoring further the vibration of unconditional love and oneness within the patterning of your planet, within the cellular memory of my body.

Yet dear ones, to share words like 'my body', is limiting, for on another level there are many energies focused upon and within the dimensions that overlay your planet, this planet, the body that my consciousness is anchored into for you as an evolving species, have sent out the call from within your heart to know unconditional love and freedom, to know unification and so much more, to be all that you intuitively know that you may be at this time, and in response to that dear ones, the call has drawn forth into the energy fields of Terra, many great beings of light and love that mirror and anchor the vibration of your hearts desire.

You are existing as living fields of energy within one large morphenogenic field of energy that is pure consciousness, and when the consciousness of a planetary system moves on, the planet dies. There was a time in the evolution of the humanoid species, where the planet Mars held great life form on all dimensions, and it had a glue of consciousness that held all the living fields in resonance with each other according to their destined learning, their preset learning, and when that cycle was complete the next planetary system to be activated was your earth. And within the completion of this cycle when the Kumara energy withdraws back into the Venetian centre, it will be the planet Venus where your attention will lie, where all incarnating evolving souls will go through a process of learning and yet we are talking a time span of millions of years, for it has been millions of years that the consciousness of the Kumaran energies of the fallen angels have been present, moving through cycle after cycle upon this earth plane, so we are introducing to your grouping a little of the background history of the energy fields resonant in your planes, and that the more work and focus and intention you set on tuning your own individual energy fields, the more that energy shift radiates out into the body of the planet, for you and I dear ones are on a journey together, this is the ship, your planet earth, and I am its captain, and you are the passengers, and we make a journey together. We make the journey into whichever reality you wish to create, and yet all occurs in the backdrop of oneness of the Mother/Father Gods Divine plan.

So we may set sail into the experience of oneness. We may set our course to Divine perfection and what you will find revealing itself to you, is a holographic bubble of a golden planet, for every planet lays down in its journey through sequential time rounds of experience, cycles of experience, within this sector there have been seven earths. What you are doing when you shift your vibration, is you shift the mass consciousness of which you are part and of which all who tune to the next beat are part, into another planet, a similitude of planet earth overlaying this reality. It is as if you are viewing an overexposed film dear ones where you see double. If you were to shift your perception you would see seven planet earths, finely overlaid, and you are enjoying the journey through cycles of embodiment and shifts of your own energy field into a more refined Terra. That is the journey until the round has been complete and when this round has been complete you will move into choice, in service to the Oneness, perhaps incarnating into the next round within the Venetian sector, for every one of you as individual points of consciousness, bring a gift and a key note, as you have come to understand through previous sharings in this group.

This new millennium signals the completion of an old earth moving into a pattern of wholeness, a new earth. It is a new holographic bubble for your beings to connect into, that will bring a personal reality of that which you seek within your heart, where your heart is motivated for the good of the whole, and all present desire that gift. So perhaps we have shared a little understanding of the holographic nature. The imagery, that thought form creates, for all upon this planet is quite illusionary and yet because your perception is focused to a particular beat, it appears to be solid, and it appears to be real and yet it is neither. It is as illusionary as film upon a screen, as transitory in the larger scope of time, of the bigger picture for the energy that originally embodied and awoke the planet earth to its highest potential has been present for eighteen million years.

You have been evolving as a species within the energy field of Terra for eighteen million years and yet your modern history has not even begun to understand the layering and the depths of resonance and experience held in the sonic waves that move through this planetary system. When you look for proof in physical reality all you will find is physical remains, but the cellular memory, the conscious-ness of the planet, offers great enlightenment to those who may tune to its beat.

Did you not feel an energy moving through your body with the meditation and the sound patterning that went before this sharing? Those sound patterning were unlocking the cellular memories held within your energy fields, within your being, from time shared, experiences gained in other dimensions of time upon Terra.

Similarly all the knowledge and gifts that your science men and archaeologists seek, the buried treasures within the planet, as proof of civilisation so ancient it would boggle their conscious mind. This proof comes in encoded memories within the cells of the living planet.

Bands of consciousness that will reveal their secrets to those tuned to its beat. It is simple understanding is it not? So many present are now finding that you are attracting to your energy field languages that you do not understand in your meditation in your dream time. The ancient hieroglyphs, the ancient pictograms, and the use of the languages dear ones in the ancient of days - in early civilisation, set up a resonance within your fields as we have shared, to allow you to see into other realms as well as here, and feel the beat of other bands of consciousness.

You have been operating for eons of time at less capacity than you are able, for the density of mass consciousness that has shrouded the jewels within the field of Terra, has perhaps limited your intuitive capacity to understand the beat of oneness, dampened your ability to access cellular memory in bands of consciousness, and yet dear ones that is what is being activated within you at this present time. You are tuning and absorbing, working intuitively and with your heart and with your higher mind. You are feeling more expansive, for the energy bands of darkness, of ignorance, are shifting as you complete the cycle of the old earth and move into the new and the newness brings limitless experience of the true nature of your Divine self.

It is a set course, it is a cycle that will not be stopped, and yet you as creative beings, have the choice every moment of your existence as to what paradigm, what reality you wish to experience, that is all. Many present are choosing the reality of Divine perfection and oneness, for this reality is the backdrop of all others and weaves its way connecting all other paradigms and realities, and that is what is occurring dear ones when you consciously align your will with Divine will, you cease the creation of parallel realities and all the parallel realities you have created through rampant thought forms previously, are woven back into one band of oneness.

So you heal your own being, and you heal the consciousness, the rifts, within the planetary system and you literally drag this planet into its next holographic representation that then becomes your reality. So dear ones the message from the energy of your earth, the vehicle that sustains and supports you on one level, is that the work that you as the lightworkers have been focusing upon, is creating great shifts and great healings, that you stand on the edge of a new dawning of a new time of a new planet. It is not that you are transforming the old, for it is a holographic bubble, you are literally moving your consciousness as human expression into a new virgin planet that is overlaid holographically like film within the current version. Does this make sense? It is like a moving screen, it is like dear one, instead of projecting your thought form at a drive-in screen, you simply move that projection, that imagery, onto another drive-in screen, that is all.

Consciousness is moving, consciousness is expanding and as you align to the very fabric of creation, you will find that your reality reflects the perfection of all creation. It truly is the stepping up or stepping down of vibration. You truly have the ability to tune into any movie, to play your movie on any screen, and thus it is why many beings now are experiencing this heaven upon your planetary system, for they are tuning to a different more expansive reality pattern of oneness within which every other reality has been created. There are beings with questions.

Q: Sanat Kumara I would love to know if I had a galactic activation with Orion and now the last few weeks I've been told negative things about Orion. Can you explain to me about Orion and if that activation was good for me?

Sanat Kumara: What is happening dear one is the anchoring of oneness in your day to day reality is it not? Is that not the seeking of your hearts desire? Yes. The activation that occurred was the hooking in of an energy band like a star gate, the opening of a star gate. There are many energies present within the planetary system at this point. From the Orion energy, the Andromeda energy, Sirian, Pleiadian etc. and what is occurring is because you have volunteered to balance the Orion energies upon this plane into oneness you are literally absorbing into your being negative expressions of such that you then have the power to re-write, to delete, to interpret for the good of the whole, does this make sense? It is like you are a magnetic field through this activation that is automatically drawing to you the dross of conceptual understanding of the Orion expression that has been upon the physical plane through the thought forms of those carrying that energy, and you are have the gift to transmute these energies into the pattern of oneness. Does this make sense?

It is as if you are doing a collection and re-alignment job, a house cleaning job. It is as if you see yourself as drawing information, blessing it with your magic wand like Tinkerbell, and releasing it back in balance and harmony within the pattern of oneness. For the work being done by many, is the healing of the fragmentation, and your planet is filled with fragmentation, the energy field of the consciousness of the Kumara holds fragmented energies from many star systems that make up what you term your planet.

It is a cosmopolitan melting pot, you are aware of the genetic experimentation that has gone on, the fight for supremacy and ruling of planet earth as a planet of free will by other forces. There has been on many left ?? various energy balances and rebalances and overlaying from the many sectors with personal and global agendas. Hence you have aspects of the Oneness anchoring in duality the positive, the negative and so forth from various systems. Part of your work dear one is to realign and re-weave them back to oneness. Focusing on the gifts that every system has bought to planet earth at this time.

The Orion energy has been known as an energy of discord and war. The antitheses is peace, so to bring this information into your own energy fields and bless it, transmuting it into an energy of peace you can do such, can you not? Does this make sense dear one? Information has power, according to your interpretation, that is all. As you gather, each and every one of you, information, it is your creative abilities as masters of creation to give it power through your perception and interpretation. Thus is why you may have the overlaying of many planets within one system within the holographic understanding. For every being interprets information according to the vastness of their consciousness, how expanded they as individual beings are or are not. How aware each individual being is of who they really are. There is another with a question.

Q: Some time ago Alton channelled through a change in the colours of chakra' s and at the Inner Door workshop a month or so ago, a woman said she'd been getting some information not to work with the lower chakra's, work from the heart chakra up. Can you give me any tie in with that, anything appropriate?

Sanat Kumara: It is a smorgasbord of information is it not? And part of the learning for every individual is to use their discernment, so when information comes to you, not only do you have the ability to interpret and perceive it in a manner that allows you to be fully in your power, for it is a game of mastery, but also to reject information if it does not make sense to you, not as right or not as wrong. For some beings it is important for their own personal journey, to open up the star gates, the seals to other information from a higher chakra level so to speak, for these chakras are simply doorways or energy centres into other dimensions. The lower chakras anchor you to the heart and soul of beloved Terra, they keep you here grounded, for the fulfilment of your journey and your agreed contractual time with the Divine One so to speak.

Many are now feeling to work in complete balance with all energy centres to even merge each energy centre consciously into one cylinder of light so they may be the purest channel or facilitator of the purest frequencies, to move into the very core of this planetary system. Colouring your chakras is intuitive dear ones, for every colour brings a vibration and a note, for colour has sound and sound refracts to colour in another frequency band. If you feel to overlay your lower chakras with the colour of the heart chakra for healing, then you will do so. For your heart will align with such information and you will intuitively feel it to be beneficial for your being. There is much information coming through many beings at this time, and understand the laws that govern energy and fields of electromagnetic energy of which you are a part.

As you tune to the guidance from within and bring through information, firstly it is for personal healing information required often for that individual bringing through thus, secondly when that individual is simply facilitating information for the group around that information, is pertinent to those dining at that table. It is a smorgasbord and not everyone has chicken soup, not everyone has soufflé and yet if you require soufflé in your diet you will find yourself at a table where soufflé is served, does this make sense dear ones?

Use your discernment with all information and if you are in the energy fields of a grouping where information is being shared, then listen with an open heart and mind and discern if it has value for you. You would not be present in that field of energy if there was not something for you to absorb into yourself. But you as the master determine what you wish to absorb into yourself or how you may wish to interpret the information being shared among you. Stay in your power. Interpret reality in a manner that allows you to be powerful limitless beings, for you are dear ones.

All that reside within the energy fields of the beloved Terra, that are held in the bosom of the consciousness of Maybe, are Divine sparks of creative energy made in the image of the Mother/Father God, with the power of the Mother/Father God, for you are Gods, you are Divine sparks, you are all that you wish to be. So absorb, be open and create the image that you wish to reflect into the mass consciousness so that oneness may reign.

Q: Are we actually working with the fallen angels? Because when I first saw the emblem of them I didn't think of it negatively, I thought it was a most beautiful thing.

Sanat Kumara: The fallen angels dear ones, it may be interpreted to be the saviours of human kind. For what occurred on one level in the creation of your humanity to have the intelligence and free will occurred as a direct result of the angels falling into matter. The fall was not the fall from grace as you interpret, in that they were naughty. What actually occurred was that they gave up their role, to be part of the angelic forces to step down their vibration, to add their gifts and talents into the evolving species of human kind through the planes and levels of density, and they brought through this sacrificial act, the gift of free will, so that humanity could evolve to a point where they chose once more, to embrace consciously with love the knowingness, of oneness, after having exhausted their co-creative abilities in this plane of limitation. That is all.

It is dear one open to interpretation, and it is interesting when one follows the interpretation and perception of your religious structures, where they deem the fall of the angels as negative. Where they see it as a war in the heavens and descension and rebellion, and on one level that is a reality, and yet it is simply part of the backdrop of the whole reality of oneness, where all was created by the one. The darkness and the light. Do you understand?

Response: Can we actually be changing a perception at the present time.

Sanat Kumara: It is just moving into another expression, that is all. As you change, as you become conscious of all that you are, as you become conscious of your ability to create any reality according to how you perceive it with higher or lower mind, then you are actually moving your own individual energy fields into a higher pattern, and all who decide to share this vision and this focus with you, will join you, you will literally gravitate out of the field of you, of those working with a different vibration, a vibration of separation. So you will have co-existing simultaneously overlaying of the one vibration of one planet. fragmented into purer finer frequencies to create the oneness. Does this make sense?

Response: Does that mean that we are actually taking the positive or the Divine aspects of our existence linked together and transmute the negative aspect of our self.

Sanat Kumara: That is part of the service, for as your lights are shining, it inspires other beings to switch on the lights within as well.

Response: How does that actually change our ?? I've been reading a lot about the ?? Rosicrucians ?? and so forth and I felt that's not too enlightened.

Sanat Kumara: It depends on your focus dear one, whether you focus within the paradigm of linear time or simultaneous time. When you come into the oneness, you literally relay the future patterning within linear time, for you no longer create schisms or parallel realities as you align with Divine will, and yet in a linear fashion the past is the past, for it is viewed as events in time that have gone before and yet from simultaneous time it can be affected by the now choice as well. It is a complicated discussion of parallel realities, yet be aware that creation of parallel realities cease for each individual when they align within the bigger plan of the Divine blueprint, for your free will becomes Divine will and there is no separation as you cease to be interested in separate reality creation and you literally join Gods orchestra so to speak. Have we answered your question?

Response: I know what you're getting at, so I suppose I'm asking the question why do we seek this knowledge now, when we know that when we become totally conscious at some point in time we will know.

Sanat Kumara: The knowledge you are seeking is just remembrance of what you already know. That is all. It is because you know you know, that you seek to bring it into conscious awareness, so that you can move it from an intellectual conceptual understanding into cellular memory, where you live and demonstrate what you know so that your reality moves from being a being in limited physical form and into the multidimensional expression that you are in truth. It is freedom dear ones. See what is occurring within your planetary system at this time, within the cycle that is predestined is that there is a ray of energy that is the seventh ray. This seventh ray is the ray of spiritual freedom that is being laid down upon the seventh holographic bubble called planet Earth. Every holographic bubble of planet Earth that was pre-set like an image, waiting for the players to play upon, like a movie set waiting for the actors to enter into. As every holographic image of this round in your planets evolution was laid down, it was held in its form, its vibration, by a ray of sound and colour, so every planetary system as a pure virginal canvas had a background colour, a background intention, and a background key note.

At this point you are in the seventh Golden Age, you are entering into the seventh globe, the seventh Golden Age, the transitioning ray is the violet ray of spiritual freedom, to bring you into the white light that fragmented backwards has created all the rays that went before, does this make sense? So what is occurring is an energy influx, like a spotlight of violet light upon this planet that is activating within the hearts and minds and consciousness of all who exist within this planet, a desire for true freedom, freedom of knowledge, of the totality of their being, and thus you seek the answers and thus you ask the questions, for it is in the asking that you understand the answers maybe presented to you from within your own selves. It is interesting for you are oneness, you exist within all space and time.

There is no separation between the energy of your Sananda or the consciousness of the Sanat Kumara that embodies this planetary system hooking you to the next paradigm of the Venetian sector. We are all in all existing in all, and completely connected. It is just the beings individual perception that perceives separation, that is all.

Q: What is the perfected beat for our human species?

Sanat Kumara: The perfected beat for your human species moving into this new bubble is "a". The note of "a", it is the key note. Play with your musical scale dear one, there are musicians around. Your tuning forks can be hit to resound a note of "a". Play with sound, more over dear one for you personally, you are still integrating various key notes within your being, bringing energy fields into alignment for their own unique expression. We suggest that you open your mouth widely and resound a note, various notes, until you hit a key that sounds perfect within your middle ear. You will know it when you hit it, it is called a pure note, it is your key note, and what many of you are doing, is in the use of sonic waves, you are actually acting to shift the mass energy into the key note of "a" by resounding a slightly different note, does that make sense?

Like this one is transmuting thought forms from the Orion sector into a beat of oneness via her interpretation of this information, so trust the intuition within dear one and play with sound and feel how this sound moves through your own individual energy fields and re-aligns you, you will know it by its purity when you hear it as you hit it, do you understand?

Response: Yes thank you. The other question, I was wondering - tape becomes inaudible...

Sanat Kumara: If you feel that that is a possibility in your reality creation, then you are opening the door for this to occur. If you simply set the pattern that all is perfection, that you can play this game to perfection, to achieve whatever is required, in alignment for the highest paradigm to be laid in you interchange of energy with all beings whether it be personal, or your work time or whatever, then that is what must come to pass, for that is your intention as a master of reality creation. How many of you wish to keep the doorways to alternative realities of lesser expression open? If you do not, then close them. Do not allow the thought form to even enter into your mind, for thus you are creating a space of possibility. Has this made sense?

Response: yes I think so..

Sanat Kumara: Listen to your heart. Dear one, whatever comes into your mind is for you to pay attention to, and then to use your discernment to accept or reject that thought form according to what reality you are consciously wishing to create, for everything is changing in direct relationship to your thinking abilities, how much of your focus comes from higher mind, universal mind, in alignment with a paradigm of the good of the whole, and how much of your thinking is pre-occupied with lower self and survival issues because dear ones, what has been transpiring upon the planetary surface for so long has been the issue of survival in physical reality. There is much chaos. When beings open to the higher mind, to the knowing, the trusting that they are Divine sparks that will bring the Golden Age and the new beat of oneness that is truly sought in all your journeys. Just create, limitlessly, with trust, in knowing that you know the perfected beat for you, that beat that is part of the orchestra of whole expression upon this plane. There is another with a question.

Q: I've just finished a book recently by Godfre Ray King and St Germain, part of that book where St. Germain said there will be a time on earth where there won't be any more animals. Could you qualify if that's only carnivorous animals being extinct or all animals? Is this the reality of Godfre Ray King and his perception and can I create another reality in my view, Golden world or is the blueprint already anchored?

Sanat Kumara: We will not discuss timing, but we will discuss possibility. In the possibility, understand that a city is to be evacuated consciously by its beings to move into a new city that is bigger brighter and better for that group of conscious beings. Understand that there may be a life wave within the city called the animal beat, they are already a group consciousness, they are already unified, they are already connected with each other. They are refined, they are not in separation mode as perhaps the individuals in the city. If the new city has a beat of unity, of shared consciousness, of beings working for the good of the whole, then the first to be attracted into the new city is the life wave already displaying such attributes as is the animal kingdom, do you understand?

So it is being, and will be absorbed into the new beat, before the human life wave, that is all. For the human life wave have ego, separation, individuality and you have agreed, every one of you present, to stay within the human life wave, to act as tuning instruments regardless of your own understanding and your own expanded capabilities. You are anchoring an energy matrix which is a net which will scoop all the life wave up into the new globe, the new reality, being overlaid, revealed, for it has always been here, and the animal life will simply get there first, for they already have the group energy of group consciousness running, has this made sense? It is not because we are rejecting them from the planetary service or you are killing them off dear one, it is just simply a passage of time of those who are most tuned - hear the call first, that is all.

For everything is governed by resonance, where like attracts like, and if the new planet is oneness and unification, it will call first the life waves that display such. Do you like that answer? Does that sit better within your reality creation? Yes. It is a nice interpretation is it not? Yes. Of a passage of life waves that you will reconnect, when you as a group on mass join them. Better than slaughter and extinction - yes!

Q: I have two questions please. I had an experience earlier today which has shown me that I still might be unconsciously feeling like I don't deserve to receive abundance, could you please give me specific programming to heal this?

Sanat Kumara: For you dear one, you may wish to program, as this one has guided to some before, that you ask that any discordant energies within your fields, that are stopping you from attracting and holding complete abundance on all levels of your life, in physical reality, that any discordant energy patterns by realigned to the beat of complete abundance and oneness, so that you may maintain and attract such, that is all. Ask that the realignment be done in a manner that brings you true joy etc. as you are aware to program. Ask that any clearing be done joyously, so that it may attract and stay within your energy fields as you truly deserve, as the child of Divine expression that you are, as the master of limitless being that you are.

Response: Thank you. The other question is, I have my mother staying with me at the moment, I've been told before that the relationship you have with your physical mother and father is the relationship you have with your masculine and feminine aspect of God. Is this true? How does it feel within your heart? Well I feel like it's right but I'm wondering - umm I've been told not to work on my emotional body before, and to stop working on my emotional body, I'm just wondering if I'm travelling down that path again by looking at my relationship with my family.

Sanat Kumara: There is much information here is there not? (Yes). And you may interpret it many different ways may you not? How can you interpret that information in a manner that brings you into complete power and limitless being? (That's what I'm not sure of. At times I experience a lot of frustration). Let us play a game. Let's assume that you do have the masculine and feminine energies within that make up the total of an androgynously tuned and balance being.

That if you fragment the oneness you come into masculine/feminine black/white etc. Let us then assume that within that, both are whole and complete and that both are grounded in an energy of unconditional love which is the glue that binds all forms of expression together. Do you like it so far? It is interesting. Let's assume then that the Divine One within, in its masculine and feminine form is absolute perfection. Can you assume thus? Then if you wish to take it into another bridge of logic that says, but my mother and the relationship I have with her is a reflection of the relationship I have with the Oneness of the female within, or the male within, if it be the father, and things are not so nice there, so therefore I must be out of alignment with the male and female within.

Are you not then buying into a perception that will allow you to feel emotions of disharmony and discord with the Divine One within. Then perhaps you may wish to let go of that interpretation for it does not empower you. Do you understand? Yes, I do. It is simply interpretation, knowledge and information abounds dear ones upon this plane, does it not? Interpret all in a manner that allows you to be in power and in the oneness. The fact that you are enjoying the energy of your earth mother now, is simply giving you another opportunity to experience a relationship of oneness, of love, of joy, of soul to soul, of Divine sparks of consciousness, which you are beyond the game of earth mother, earth daughter. It is simply a little test. You may interpret everything that transpires between you in any manner. Interpret it in a manner that allows the love to flow, the honouring to be present, the enjoyment of both to be fully manifest.

But dear one it takes two. In the creation of reality, you may play a ball, in a game of tennis. You are playing one end, mother the other. In the vastness of who you are, you may shoot for the highest paradigm, but if she is vibrating at a different beat she may not run forth and hit that paradigm back and so the game does not connect. Because she is vibrating at a different level of understanding then you would play another game that she is capable of, that is all. So do not judge your interplay in terms of success or failure... (tape ends)

'No power on earth is able to diminish the light in a person's heart. It is untouchable to everything external. Think! The covering which you carry, the matter that holds your true life imprisoned is nothing more than the crystallisation of the divine spirit, which gives you the life you carry within you of which you are a part. With the condensation into matter the memory of all the beauty of all the light realms gets lost and mankind believes that this life, which is perceived with the outer senses, to be the real life. They must free themselves from these material bonds. It is therefore your task to illuminate the physical and inner bodies ... to purify the tiny particles, the atoms and the circling electrons and especially the spaces in which the darkness has settled. All this melts away, and the radiant beauty of your original garment emerges once again!' Claire, the Elohim of Purity

Sanat Kumara At the International Gathering of Masters, Taupo, New Zealand Beloved ones of light, the sons and daughters of energy of that which I am, it is with great honour that we connect consciously with that which you are. Open your hearts dear ones and feel the energy and the love that you have created. For you have just celebrated in the light of the God that you are. You have embraced the Divine One within. I am you, and you are one. And we are one with the Universal Mind that created all. And we beat in our souls with the essence of the divine love of the heart of the creative force that created all. Listen to your heartbeat, for it is the heart that connects you to the essence of that which I am. And what I am is the consciousness of God. What you are is the expression of God, and you are housed within the energy fields of the consciousness of the Kumaras.

There was a time in the evolution of this out-breath cycle, where from Venus came a beam of love. For as this planetary system had been birthed with rocks and molten lava, the physical vibration had been laid down; and yet it needed the heart, it needed the energy of love, to spark it into life. And that was the journey of the Kumaras and many present here.

For you came on angel wings ... If you wish to imagine that descending from Venus through the time-space continuum was the most gigantic angelic creature - its wing span so vast that it carried individual specks of consciousness within its vehicle of light, the Merkabah of God. And you have travelled within this Merkabah. This Merkabah was the consciousness of the Kumaras; and the consciousness of that was purely love in essence - an energy beam of love and light, that when merged with the physical form of this planetary system gave it light, gave it love, gave it your home. And you have come from many galaxies ... you the divine sparks, the angels, the creative fire, the Elohim. For all is within and all is without; for all is the oneness.

You have journeyed far. Many present bring a gift from the Pleiadian system. Many present bring a gift from the Arcturian system. As you began your journey as divine sparks from the Source, your journey and evolution as the messengers of The One, in the time of expansion, you stepped down your vibrations - exploring, enjoying, loving, being. And you found yourself repeatedly in various systems. Every system gave a gift, and when you had experienced the delights, the completeness, the totality of each system, you would take the form to light - you would ascend.

Dear ones, you have ascended from every system you have embodied. You are the chosen ones, as all in embodiment are chosen. You are the galactic crew. You are the Divine Ones. You are whatever you give yourself permission to be. Walk consciously with the vibration of love. See your Mother/Father as the vibration of love. Feel the heartbeat of the Divine One as you breathe. For now you are in physical embodiment here at this point in linear time on planet Earth, and there is a program or beat laid down by the Divine that is to be activated by the energy of love. And you have agreed to be here as part of this time frame, to lead the way, to shine your light, to work consciously, connected to that which I am, that which you are. For we made an agreement; and our agreement with the Divine was to embody as consciousness, the planetary system of Earth. And so we work connected by beams of pure light. We connect as planetary system to the sun, to Lord Helios, the Solar Logos. And we connect within all the universes and all the planetary systems, for every star and every planet has a consciousness unique unto its own.

And every star and every planet resounds a note like part of God's divine orchestra. And your planet has a note to sing, a vibration to release throughout the cosmos. And when those sound waves connect with the waves emanating from the heartbeats of other life forms, in other planetary systems, you will know within your soul such divine music as never heard before. And did you not feel that divine heartbeat as you sang in unison 'hallelujah'? (previously the gathering had been singing 'hallelujah'). Did you not feel the tears of joy flowing from your physical form? Did your hearts not ring and resound with the knowingness? For that dear ones is the universal greeting and the sound of the heartbeat of God. And when you are tuned and connected consciously with all the other life forms and expressions across the universes of time, you will greet in the name of the God, in the name of the Father. You will sing to one another a note from the heart of hallelujah. Sing hallelujah to each other for the hallelujah is a recognition of the angel within you. And we are the divine consciousness made manifest in physical form, and you are the eyes and the ears of the consciousness that is embodied in the planet.

It is my consciousness dear ones that you are sharing, for mine is the angel, the Elohim and the All That Is. And that is what you are - you are the All That Is. You are whatever you wish to be dear ones. Find your wings, feel them expand as you breathe, feel that with every breath you are bringing the pranic forces, the energies of the Creative One into your cells. Rebirth yourselves in your breathing, for as you breathe it is not just air. As you breathe you are breathing in the love and light of the creative forces, the essence of every atom, of every cell of that which you are. This has been the most wondrous celebration for you have joined while in physical reality, you have brought the energy of the angelics, you have brought the energies of the kingdom of God to overlay through every cell in this gathering, through every beat, note and vibration. The energy here pulsates dear ones, can you not feel it? Breathe ... Let's be silent ... Breathe for a moment and feel the divine essence in your breath (silence). Let us chant 'I am the Ascended Being' (the group chants). Feel it in your heart as you say these words ... ' I am the Ascended Being' . Breathe and expand ... 'I am the Ascended Being'. How do you feel? Feel as though your heart is now connected to the source of all creation.

Imagine the Mother/Father before you in the centre of this gathering. As you breathe, you breathe a ray of the purest energy into your whole being. As you breathe, feel that it is opening, transmuting and transforming you. Feel as though the last veils of separation now fall from your being. Feel as you breathe that you are awakening the God within. Feel as though as you breathe you are drawing from the core of the planet, the consciousness of that which I am. Feel as though when you breathe that you are becoming the hands, the tentacles, the expression, that purely facilitates the divine celestial harmonies, the beat, the rhythm of the Mother/Father.

Offer your heart, mind and body to serve the Creative One; to play your part in God's plan. Offer to fully embody the angel within in every cell in your conscious mind. For the angel brings the emotion of joy; and is it not joy that you respond to dear ones? Release the angel from within, and you will know pure ecstasy. Give yourself permission to be limitless, to be all that was intended for you to be dear ones. Walk as one field of energy connected with each other, for while you are upon the surface of this planet in physical form, your energy fields, your Merkabahs interlock with the Merkabah of the consciousness of the Kumaras. This Merkabah of this consciousness expands, extends, is always vibrating in harmony with that of all planets within this system, is vibrating perfectly, harmoniously with the heartbeat of all creation.

Dear ones, do not forget again. Choose to no longer put on the mantle of the limited self when you leave this gathering. Instead we offer the invitation to extend to this gathering the hallelujah, the joy, the pure divine connectedness that you have with each other here. To take the essence of that, to carry that out into the world, to go back from whence you have come, your country, your communities, and to offer this gift to all present to consciously connect with once more. So dear ones, these sharings are divine. Our message is the invitation to pick up the mantle of the Divine Self. To call forth from within the full expression of all that you are. For the I AM Presence, the Divine, is the I AM that I AM. It is the I AM of the Mother/Father. There is no separation, there is only oneness. And if this oneness is your desire, then oneness will be the gift that you receive. We see the Divine in the hearts of all. It is with love and honour that we bless that which you are.

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