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Sanat Kumara: Oath

From: Akasha Mystery School

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Oath. With the information of the Resurrection Day, the Oath and the call that was given to be filled with the Ascended Masters Consciousness, I feel we have been gifted great assistance for our preparation towards Resurrection Day and the beginning of our nine year cycle, which leads us up to 2012. I have also transcribed the call and information regarding the Ascended Masters Consciousness which I will send along for you shortly.

Mighty Sanat Kumara shifted from delivering a message, to delivering the Oath. Whether the Mighty Sanat Kumara was going to bring forth this Oath, Akasha and Asun did not know. We were told it was not decided until Akasha had measured our feeling side of life to see whether it was going to be given. It was given and as Beloved Asun said, 'Halleluiah to it'.

~ In your outer life decide what you do not want in your life or who you do not want in your life or what types of individuals you do not want in your life. I have looked for a human expression and I think this one will serve the purpose in which in the privacy of your own time, as you understand what you don't want in your life that yet might be knocking at your door, to say to those things, Get out of here. There is no place left for you. I have offered every place, time and space as I understand it and I have offered everything inside and around me to be filled, seized and to be taken control of by the Sacred Fire Love to Life from my own God being and from the Ascended Host...therefore limitation, confusion, tiredness, that which blinds me, that which seems to create obstacles in my life, that which seems to create uncertainty or any challenge or loneliness on the path to life, I speak to you. Get out of my life. I will not give you any more of my attention. I have taken my stand for eternity in the Light and I Am my own Master Sacred Fire Hearts Flame to Life and I command you get out of here. Get out of my life and be consumed in the Ascended Masters Sacred Fire Hearts Flame and their Miracle Mantle of Loves Mastery.


Some of you are going through the last battle of the little self with the big self...the little 'i' with the grand 'I'. How about an exchange program? As you turn your attention to your Presence with your arms raised and say, now My Presence let us have an exchange program. I send up to you that little rascal that little 'i' that seems to get me into trouble more often than I wish. That seems to delay my passage into the true Creator being that is my right to life. I offer this little self up to you and exchange it for more of the Great I Am that I Am and I hold this body open. I hold my mind open. I hold my feeling side of life open to receive now the Great I Am that you are into this outer life experience.

I tender to you Mighty and Glory of my Life. I offer up to you all the end of fear, the end of doubt and the end of disbelief. I Am by the very nature that my Heavenly Mother and Father have created, a being of God, Light, Love and Creation. I get to state clearly what is in my life and what has no room to be in my life any longer. I release into your own Hearts Flame Sacred Fire Love to Life and all it's control in, through and around me what has no right to be in my life any longer.

Goodbye fear. Goodbye confusion. Goodbye uncertainty. I arise upon the wings of my Violet Soul. I Am the great raising and resurrection of my life. With great ease and grace, I Am raised and risen. No longer millions upon light years. No longer concepts of distance but rather right now in this moment, I arise my right arm and I reach into that mighty treasure house of the God that I Am that is presently living in great realms of light and I draw back that treasury of light. I draw back that treasury of love. I draw back that treasury of Sacred Fire Love that knows no boundary, into my outer self and I send it forth out into my world with the command that it take its permanent toll and take up its place in my outer life until my Ascension.

From this day forth, I Am Come. I Am Come into this world. I Am Come to love this world free of all chaos, disintegration, all hatred and selfishness and the tragedy of all appearances of lack. For me I Am the Presence that reaches up into my own divine treasure chest and releases down into my hands and use that Cosmic Love and Life's energy that instantly loves to fulfill my dreams, my goals, my projects, my desires. I do not wait for a response, I reach up and I draw back the Cosmic Love Supreme that instantly manifests all that I desire in my outer life.

Time, Space...I have toiled with you for centuries. Long have you been my enemy. But ye are nothing but a configuration created by beings of light long ago. And I release you time. I release you space, of the spoils of human creation and I command you to co-operate and to be the fulfillment of the Sacred Fire Loves Mastery that loves to manifest my dreams. That loves to manifest my experiences and all that I dare to dream for myself.

Long have the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood loved and loved and loved the Earth. And I shall not tolerate that there shall not be those amongst unascended human kind that will not join them in their love to life. I command my life be the Sacred Fire Love to all life in the outer world. I command it. Not only in moments of being filled with the Ascended Masters Consciousness but every moment that is equal to that which is sublime, do I draw down into my Earthly experiences. I shall crown, I shall anoint my Earthly experiences...even those that seem so mundane...I shall anoint them. I shall bathe them. I shall hold the energy of my world and release into that energy great waves of my own Hearts Flame Sacred Fire Loves Mastery to Life. I shall release into my life Sanat Kumara's love that he offers, that my world shall become a Miracle Mantle of the Sacred Fires Love to Life that I shall use this miracle mantle. It shall go with me out into the world. I Am risen. I draw upon the great Cosmic Powers of Life and wherever I command, Peace Be Still, the human is silenced and the Divine Flame of Life is released to reveal its authority of health, of supply, of companionship or whatever manifestation I desire to come forth.

Mighty Presence of Life, I have yielded to great beliefs that have spoiled my journey through life of the necessity of long standing durations of time and space. Today is my hour of redemption. Today is my hour of reconciliation, as I draw that Sacred Fire Love of my own God I Am and the Ascended Host and command that the whole sequence of time and space that fills the Earth atmosphere and the atmosphere of my own outer life be loved free of all human creation, causes, thought and feeling and the whole sequencing, the whole networking of the time and space of this world now is filled with my Sacred Fire Love of my own Hearts Flame command to life.

Duality cease to be, I Am the Flame of Life. I wait not for one moment longer. I Am the Flame of Life. Time, space ye are my friend. Ye are given as the great sequence of life. You are given as the great configuration I can lay out upon the map of life what is my ascent into my glory and royal rightful place to life. And in my ascent to life, I Am the sweet fragrance as I walk upon this Earth. As I love, as I make love. As I create and I join the fine creations of others, I shall carry my Sacred Hearts Flame Miracle Mantle Love to Life that does not allow any human creation but allows only the light of my God being to produce perfect manifestation.

Feelings, oh great feelings. Great Goddess of Life. How I have slept, how I have compelled a nightmare within thy great stream. I release you might feeling of life. Great Goddess thou hath served me as my feeling side of life. I give you all the Sacred Fire Love of my own Hearts Flame and I command you my own feeling side of released this moment. Be released this moment into the Sacred Fires of Eternity and return to thy Great Goddess that you are. And on Earth be thy divine reflection of my Holy Mother that art in Heaven in the Central Sun.

My I have allowed a shadow to be upon you and yet this shadow no longer needs to be. For I call into you, my mind, my own Hearts Flame of my Sacred Fire Loves Mastery to Life. And I seize you and I cleanse you. Where never a shadow can appear again to life that you my mind, the gift that my Heavenly Father in life's great Heaven has given me. That you may be that place that I Am the I Am I Am, the consciousness that is now free.

Goddess and God I am born I Am. I am born the individualization and my flame is free to take its liberty through choice and the desire of life to go forth. Now there is my physical countenance and I say to you oh physical body, to you long have I lamented the use of physical bodies. Long have I felt entrapment in physical bodies. Long have I held consciousness and desire to be free from physical form. Long have I assailed you and assaulted you with a desire not even to experience myself within you. Mighty physical body of life. Thou great elements of which ye are composed of, I give you my Hearts Flame of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness. Wash now clean all that has not been Loves Eternal Presence. Wash now clean all the forgetfulness and duality. Wash thyself...come my physical body. Come daily to my own Hearts Flame Eternal Well of Life and wash yourself of all duality and prepare yourself to be my temple.

The temple of the most High Living God. The I Am That I Am. I Am ready to enter and to live fully in my outer life from the throne room of my God being. Forever connected to my Ascended self and to the Great Central Sun the source of Heaven and Harmony. Never to be separate in consciousness again. Returned to my Holy House, the future that place of glory that is the great portrait of life that waits for the I Am That I Am to come forth and dance through life. Within me the great orchestra, within me the great colors of life. Within me the sacred sounds, sacred chimes and sacred light of lights. I Am ready as the true Creator being. I Am my own Sacred Fire Hearts Flame command to life and I Am ready to cast upon the elements of this world a portrait of the Sacred Fires Love to Life that loves to materialize perfection and beauty, that loves to experience heights of ecstasy, joy and happiness that heretofore I have not even experienced in the first two Golden Ages when life was so good on Earth.

Thus is my commitment to Life. Thus I Am renewed. Thus thru the Cosmic Light and the Sacred Fire the Powers of Redemption are upon me and as I Am redeemed I come into this world now to give the Light. To give the Sacred Fire and to redeem this world and as the Masters have sought to love this world free, I will go forth in all natural expression. I will go forth and I will love and I will love and I will love, knowing I Am the Mighty Flame of Life that is greater than all the appearances of this world. I will go forth and I shall not stand down. I Am such a blazing Presence of Liberty, of Justice to Life and it is the Flame I Am that will love life free.

Life, oh world, long you have stood to be the portrait of the individualized flames of life that take on physical life in this world. I Am returned to my divine home. I look no further. I beg not for life, I Am that Life and I give myself the gift, that gift of allowance, willingness and permission to set aside through Cosmic Dispensation time and space as I have known it and I open the Flame of my own Sacred Heart center to birth within me whole new ideas and experiences of time and space. I go forth. I Am Pan. I Am the giver of life. I Am the artist, I Am the dancer of life, I Am the mind of God, I Am the great orchestration of life's eternal embrace. I Am the Flame of Liberty. I Am the great Cosmic Beings of Light who have taken Sacred Office to the great qualities of life and I Am those qualities expressing through me more and more each day.

Such is my Oath. Such is my way of life and I Am free and I give my own Hearts Flame of Freedom to all life. For I Am and I always have been a Miracle Mantle of my own Hearts Flame Sacred Fire to life and upon that mantle is the Sacred Fire Mantle of Sanat Kumara that is offered to me and I Am ready to go forth and to embrace the second birth. The true rebirth, the true redemption of my life and I Am in that place of great earnestness to experience life's beauty. To experience life that is not compromised with the duality of this world. Let the journey begin. I Am Come Home.

Oh Eternity thou has created a vase for me. Thou has waited and waited and waited and in the privacy of my own humble heart, do I prostrate myself before thee, God I Am of my being. Giver of all life that you have given me thy Flame of Cosmic Direction and I shall never lay that flame aside again. I shall give my life direction, I Am ready.

~And each of you my Dear Hearts are ready for what life can do for you.

May the gift that I have shared with you...may it find resonance within your hearts. Dear Heart may you raise into the Glory of the Being of Light that you are.

~ Sanat Kumara ~

Akasha Mystery School