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Today’s message is about the turning of Mother Earth. She has been holding off time after time. The Lightworkers are wondering why she hasn’t turned over, as she promised to do so several times.  Allays, she was adamant about turning on her axis but reneged at the last minute.

I have talked to the moon several times.  Finally, I decided to give her a vision of what she would look like when she graduated to 5th dimension,  She was amazed, as her future showed a growling earth like a sun.  She saw gorgeous trees. mountains and all kinds of flowers, trees and shrubs.  The mountains were tremendously tall and a  sight to see.  Those that peopled her were taking great care of all animals and everything created.  There was no evil war of killing but everyone lived in Love and Harmony.

After that vision, at the requests\ of my Lightworkers, I gave her a vision of her future if she did not turn on her axis.  A horrible smell like a sewer wafted through the polluted atmosphere that almost took her breath away.  In addition, that Mother Earth saw the degradation and utmost evil she never imagined.  Earth looked bedraggled, worn out and utterly at death’s door.

I said “Is this what you want to be in the near future?  Is this your demanding goal?”

By this time, Earth was crying and said.  ”Oh, no!  Am I at that doorway?”  I replied, “I am sorry to tell you that you are at the very edge of that vision.  You are to make a choice of which vision you want.  Every time you make a date to turn over and renege at doing what you promised, = you have been going toward that scenario.

I do think my analogy got through to Mother Earth. She saw with certainty that if she did not turn to shine like a sun, her future would be most evil and run by Satan’s minions.

Mother Earth cried out in agony and said, “I have set a date and by the will of God Aton, who created me, I shall go forth  and shine like a sun”.

I replied. “All upon your surface now are taken care of by the Lighted Realms. Not even a blade of grass has been left behind.  You have your freewill to choose either way.  Remember every time you have not done what you promised, y ou slide further “down the rabbit hole.  I am delighted that you are turning to the Light.  Bless you Dear Mother Earth!”other Earth’s agony and fear  immediately dissipated.

May all of you, who read this message, please say a prayer for Mother Earth, that she make the right choice of graduating to a higher dimension and will not be afraid of doing so,

My blessings to all!








Greetings, my little dove, Druthea.  I AM Sananda. Many of you may know me by the labels of Jesus Christ. Esu, Issa, Im­manuel, The Pale Prophet, etc. These labels are mostly of hu­man input for ones desiring to "define" mine-self, who came as a man upon your place over some 2000 years past in your count­ing

I was actually born and given the label, Immanuel, also spelled Jmmanuel and Emmanuel. The term means, "God with us". My inherited name, given of Our Father, God/Aton is SANANDA, meaning "One With God". The one you call in your so-called Holy Bible, Paul the Apostle, who was actually Saul of Tarsus, changed my name to Jesus Christ, which means "The Anointed". This one was not of my disciples. He was most confused and completely misunderstood mine teachings of God and Creation. And so because of his confusion, he has passed along mis-teachings in what many of you precious ones believe to be MY name, (Jesus Christ) which was NEVER my name in reality.

I AM now come, along with many of Our Father's Hosts, to set the record straight. You may continue to believe the lies of your adversary, also called "Satan", if you so choose, for Our Father Creator, whom I call Aton, meaning "The One Light", gave you each of His children FREE WILL, to choose for yourself

I have not returned in physical compression TO YOUR PLACE at this time. I know not the time of my return. Only our One Creator Aton knows. I AM Spiritual Guardian along with my brother, Archangel Michael, of developing earth-human species. You, dear ones, are not our only "charge". We have many other planets and the humans thereon within our charge of re­sponsibility

The degree of God-knowing accomplished upon your plane will determine the level of my accomplishment as well, for this is mine final "testing" upon these dimensions. You are my little brothers and I desire to bring you into God's Mansions, that you may experience the Glory of LIFE beyond the often painful and confusing limitations granted by earth physical incarnations.

Today, our subject is Human Opinion versus God-Knowing. You see, precious ones, "opinions" are simply conclusions drawn by you ones through your physical sensing experience. You ones form opinions most often from the EFFECTS you ex­perience or observe. An opinion is not drawn from KNOWL­EDGE. Let us see what your dictionary says:

Opinion; 1. A conclusion or judgment held with confidence, but falling short of positive knowledge. 2. An expert judgment given formally.

So you see, chelas (students of life), everyone can have a dif­fering opinion about let's say, what happened at MINE cruci­fixion and why, but the reality is that very, very few of you who were there remember. You all can have an opinion about--Ha­tonn and what you believe his intentions to be, but you cannot KNOW until the fruits of his work become obvious. And even THEN, many will deny THE TRUTH for sake of PRIDEFUL opinion.

You all form opinions about one another constantly in your in­ter-relationships. In every circumstance you experience" you form an opinion. That is, until you desire TO KNOW God within you. Then your human opinions will fall aside along with human ego limitations, to make room for GOD-KNOWL­EDGE to unfol

Also realize, chelas, most human judgments are reached by hanging tightly onto opinions you've formed, without forming the desire TO KNOW. Often it takes work to discover The Truth about any circumstance, and many generations ha formed opinions from one generation to the next within the family structure.

IF you were born, for example, in a Southern Baptist household and were constantly indoctrinated as to HOW you should think and believe, you will most likely have had difficulty questioning the belief structure, especially when your questions were not ap­preciated nor accepted by your elders.

Many of you ones have escaped the chains of a "belief" struc­ture which was imposed upon you to find Self and God within you. Also many ones or you even went to an extreme of rebel­lion and became "so called" Atheists, having become completely disheartened by the "faith" of your parents.

I repeat what I told you ones when I was human those many years past, “I and My Father are One.  Know Our Father within you for there lies the Kingdom of Heaven." You will experience in your ignorance and continue to form your human opinions and judgments until the DESIRE is great within you to KNOW The Truth and Father Within. Then you will not longer ask, in ignorance and superstition, what God can give you and what God can DO for you, but instead you will say to Our Father, "Please show me Father, what I must do to sustain in only YOUR service that I may be an honorable reflection of YOU in every thought, word and deed. Not MY will Father, only let THINE will be done."

In this way you will give back unto God so that He can regive unto you. You then, precious ones, are well on your road to re­sponsible co-creation with God-Knowing.









LOVE: This I define as absolute, unconditional God-love, equal giving and regiving. For hu-man (higher universal man) it is the required component of co-creation with GOD. Love one another as God Loves you all. This has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the "sexual" act. When you manifest God-love giv­ing and regiving you WILL create balanced transactions.

KNOWLEDGE: This I define as GOD-Knowledge and a sub­heading called, Human Circumstance Knowledge. GOD-Knowledge: Desire is the key. Desire to KNOW and SERVE God who dwells WITHIN you. Learn to listen to His whispers and shouts. Your success can be measured according to the level and intensity of your desire. "The call compels the an­swer," so KNOW your desires. They are felt as SOUL aware­ness. You ones may refer to it as, "My Heart says this ..." or my "Intuition is telling me that...", or "My conscience tells me this is wrong".  TUNE IN.  SEEK TO KNOW THE WHY-CAUSE. Then you must wait upon God to reveal it to you. It is best not to have PRE-conceptions about where and how the an­swers will come. KNOW THEY WILL COME AND BE READY TO RECEIVE THEM.

Human Circumstance Knowledge: There is much information you must have in order to conduct and plan your service to God and Country. For example, you must KNOW who your adver­saries are and what they plan and plot in order to control, en­slave and destroy you. Besides this source (THE PHOENIX JOURNALS and EXPRESS), you can find truth from a FEW other brave souls whom we have mentioned in earlier works. We bring truth which you can validate if you so choose. Each of you will need to become investigators on your own in your areas of interest to verify that which we give. Some info will be difficult, but not impossible to verify. Always you must mea­sure information you receive within the presence of God's Light so that you will KNOW instantly what the appropriate next step must be, if for example there is the probability of an earthquake near your home, you must make necessary decisions of prepara­tions as you are guided to do so within.

RESPECT:  I will explain what I explicitly mean by this term. To have high regard for and appreciation of worth.  And also to honor each being, creature and creation as the equal fragment or portion of God's divided thinking, which has been created from the still Light of His Knowing. To create UNITY, you individ­uals must respect and honor your differences, as long as they (your differences) do not defy the Laws of God and Creation. Does this mean you will always agree or do things in the same way or see things from the same point of perception?  Certainly not. .. (until of course, you attain spiritual perfection and become One With God in your KNOWING). Remember this:  Your deepest and most profound spiritual challenges come from your inter-actions with your fellow brethren on physical earth incar­nations.

TOLERANCE:  As with RESPECT, you must exercise TOL­ERANCE when you encounter differences in regard to how an­other thinks, perceives, looks, responds and behaves. That is, as long as their behavior does not defy God's Laws or infringe upon your freedom of development of your co-creative poten­tial, In no manner do I use this term to imply BLIND TOL­ERANCE to allow all to DO and SAY whatever they choose and call it "freedom of expression" or as so often referred to "rights" which blatantly disregard the Laws of God. Also, never must you sanction behavior which is evil when you KNOW it to be evil. Never either must you turn your buck on your adversary! Face evil within God's presence and evil will cower and fall away ... unless you turn the other cheek and allow evil to intimidate you! It will, if YOU allow it!

Can you force another to NOT defy God's laws? No. You can, however, encourage them to not do something and explain WHY you do not sanction their choice or behavior. Ultimately they will DO what they will do, and unless they attempt to do something against you or your family, you cannot use force to stop them, for example, from having an abortion (which is mur­der).

CHARITY: What I mean by charily is sharing brotherly LOVE. Giving and sharing Good Will with your brethren.  Generosity given to the deserving by allowing God within to measure/judge how and to whom He will regive.  Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat the sick and poor and spiritually ignorant people with dignity, generosity, pa­tience and compassion that they may feel worthy and are given an example of how to, perhaps, create the desire to move their awareness beyond their suffering and neediness. Always be generous with The Light which YOU carry to assist another. You see, my precious chelas, generosity often really has little to do with money or physical "things", although sharing with oth­ers and giving food and other items when needed is most com­mendable when it is truly done for LOVE and not obligation, social recognition or expectation.

All you need ever do is ask Our father who dwells within you:  "What is the Highest and best response to this situation?" or "Please show me the right and balanced response to this cir­cumstance. Not my will, Father, let thine will be done." In this way can you raise your spiritual character to the heights of some 8000 years past when in Egypt, for a time, the Egyptians lived with the Highest Moral Character of your recent civilization, and put their fellow men and women before self, with the desire to love and be loved in all their interchanges. My beloved brother, Walter Russell, wrote of this way of life, as has Germain in the recent PLEIADES CONNECTIONS series.  We call it RYTHMIC BALANCED INTERCHANGE. So be it.

I will close this document. Thank you Druthea, for your ser­vice. You have done well this day. Be at peace, chela, for I am always with thee. I AM SANANDA, One With God. Walk gently with one another in Peace and Love. Salu.







The term "Israel" is used frequently and erroneously in your "so called" Holy Bible. Why do I say this?  Because in your Bible, it refers to a specific race or "so called" race of people.  They call themselves "Jews". This term was created by your adver­sary in the 1700's. There actually exist two very different groupings under this title.  They are Hebrew Judeans and Khazar Zionists. Most Hebrew Judeans believe in and worship God. Most Khazar Zionists are satanic atheists as is often demonstrated by their amoral and evil actions and behaviors. This subject of the Khazars, Commander Hatonn has outlined most comprehensively in several of the PHOENIX JOURNALS, so I will not comment further, except to say this: God would never CHOOSE an entire race or human-developed religion above another. For EACH individual's soul-growth is judged based upon THE WORKS he or she accomplishes--balanced or unbalanced.

The term "israel" spelled with the "i" in lowercase is the correct term meaning "God's chosen".  It does not signify a place of tyranny and corruption taken BY FORCE from another group of people which is now called “Israel”, located in your Middle East.

The REPUBLIC of the United States of America represents the true "israel" because of the document which was created to have a government run FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. NO other country on your globe was given the opportunity for divine freedom and the pursuit of happiness such as was outlined in your Constitution and Bill of Rights. Your country is a nation created UNDER GOD, with many cultures, races and religions experiencing and 'sharing these God-given opportunities to­gether.

You were also given RESPONSIBILITY for maintaining the checks and balances of your sovereignty. It was NEVER designed to be TAKEN FOR GRANTED.  Your forefathers knew the nature of their adversary who would enslave them. They WARNED "you, the people" endlessly about the threats which were and would be made to the freedoms and instructions for government operation and state sovereignty which they outlaid. HAVE YOU LISTENED? It is apparent that MOST of you have not even had an inkling of the evil tyranny perpetrated against you by your would-be enslavers. The question remains:  WILL YOU LISTEN NOW AND TAKE THE NECESSARY ACTION IN BEHALF OF YOURSELVES AND YOUR COUNTRY?