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How Big is God?

Through Lee Carroll

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derstand in English (believe it or not) when it appears in the form of the written word. The message often seems to read in partial sentences and isn't as smooth as you're used to seeing within a normal Kryon channelling. But clearly (within the channelling), Kryon told Lee to transcribe it anyway.

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. If you want to see the original (and appreciate the difference), it will soon be available on DVD as it happened live in Salzburg. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So en! joy the enhanced message given on that October day in Austria.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Indeed, the sanctuary has heated up this day [speaking of the crowd of over 1,400 present]. Spirit speaks in many ways, and the Human Beings in the chairs have heard who I am [from the greetings]. But have they truly heard who they are? Have they heard the expression that they are indeed angels? You see, it doesn't matter who channels to you - the truth remains the truth. And you will hear it in many ways and from many entities. Some of them will amuse you, and some of them will touch your heart. Some will do both! But all of them will tell you about the Human who has angelic power and has come to change the earth.

Spirit wishes to give you the various kinds of energies that represent the truth. And so what I've asked my partner to do this evening is to make certain this message is transcribed. Although that would seem normal, it isn't normally done when the message is being translated into another language. There's already a language barrier represented by the two sides of the veil. Then when it's translated again (this time into German), the meaning has the potential of being diluted. But not tonight... not tonight. The reason? Because the energy is ripe here for understanding. The message that is going to be given is going to be understood by many. This is a grand place filled with many ears of many angels... Human angels. There's an energy created that makes it easier for all.

Since this message is going to be transcribed, that means that there are going to be many readers in the future. And so I'll do something that I've done many times, but not here [Austria]. It's a challenge given to you: How much in the now can you be? Listen to these words. They're being spoken in your now. The recording is then transcribed, and the words are generated. A reader then reads the very words that you're hearing at this moment. Now, it's going to take months to accomplish this.

However, in interdimensional time, the readers are here now. I'll prove it: Reader, are you with me? [Smile] I can "see" your eyes on the page! Reader, to you, this live conference was in the past. But for both of you, reader and listener, we see you together right now. That's what makes this energy here so large and so complete.

So here is the challenge to you in the auditorium: Feel this place along with the readership. Take the energy of this city, the history of this city, and envelop the reader who is not here. Give the reader an energy that he may not have had without your help right now. How is that for spanning space and time? Perhaps the listeners will also be the readers later? Then when your eyes meet this page, how will it feel to be in two places at the same time? [Smile] Do you think this is confusing? Just wait until the message tonight, for I'm going to give you one that we're going to call "Beyond the Veil." It's an interdimensional message, and like so many of the things we've been trying to explain, it may be complex. So I'm going to use a number of metaphors to help us.

I'm going to talk about the veil, and I'm going to have to disguise this information within a metaphor, for the only way that you can understand these kinds of things is to bring it to a level that is 4D, encapsulated in a metaphor. Then we're going to do the impossible: We're going to try to give you a feeling of how big God is. When we do that, then we're going to describe the veil and some of the ways it appears to you.

Come with me for a moment in a visualization. Readers, there's beautiful music being played at the moment [speaking of the performance of Robert Coxon, who's composing behind Lee's channelling]. I want you to also "hear it" clearly as we describe the bigness of God.


I want you to imagine the Atlantic Ocean. It's huge! Yet this ocean has a oneness about it. This entire ocean is pulled as one object by the moon. Seemingly as one entity, it bulges gently and causes tides and waters to be pushed and pulled on beaches thousands of miles apart. If you study the tides and the currents, you might wonder how there could be a system where the ocean seems to respond as though it were one consciousness. It seems to coordinate itself in many ways, yet it's made of trillions of parts called water molecules.

Now here's the metaphor: The ocean is made of water, which is the water molecule you know as H2O. So I want you to visualize in your mind how many molecules there are in the ocean! I'll give you a moment to count them.

[Pause and smile]

You can't do it, can you? It's an unbelievably large number, understandable only by math. It's too big to imagine, so notations in mathematics would be given that only the mathematicians can truly grasp. It would be a number that would be so large that it would be out of your view as a Human.

Now, imagine (in this metaphor) that each one of those molecules is an angel. In addition (just to make this more complex), somehow these trillions and trillions of molecules know one another! They all know each other at a quantum level... it's a system where what happens to one of them happens to them all - at the same time. Somehow they're all connected. One knows the other no matter how many thousands of miles apart they are within the ocean. Can you imagine such a connection?

Consider the ocean in this metaphor for a moment, to be what you think of as God. God is not one thing, but a combination of trillions of parts of angelic consciousness (the ocean). Contemplate just how big this would be to a molecule! Now take a small glass of water, fill it almost to the top with a little of this enormous ocean, then let it bob around in a gentle way on the ocean's surface. For this metaphor, the glass of water is planet Earth.

Now I want you to notice something: The glass is filled with water from the ocean. Are you starting to understand? Whatever the ocean means to you, it's also in the glass. In fact, if you were in the glass, and you were a molecule of H2O, you wouldn't be able to see through the glass clearly. In fact, you wouldn't even know that the ocean existed. Yet you'd be pushed and pulled and bobbed around just as though you were part of the ocean.

Without the knowledge of this vast ocean, you wouldn't truly know who you were. You wouldn't even know you were an H2O molecule. When you looked around spiritually, you might say, "Well, it looks like the wall of our water glass is the limit. We're contained by the glass and we can't see anything beyond it. We can't see outside! In addition, there's no evidence that there's anyone beyond the glass. So we'll turn inward and examine only ourselves." This is the earth.

But if the glass contains ocean water, this means that the glass actually contains angels [according to the metaphor]! But in this case, they're angels that don't seem to know that they're angels. There seems to be total isolation, and disconnected from everything except what's going on in the glass of water. The water in the glass can't even see how big the ocean is... if they even believe there is one. Oh, they can look at the stars and appreciate the Universe, but they can't see through the glass to really see how big God is.

Yet there's something interesting going on here. There's a mass intuition. At the center of every molecule, somehow they know that there's something bigger than themselves. It's intuitive, and all throughout the glass it's felt. Here is a fact of your humanness: Eighty-five percent of humanity believes in the afterlife. Hundreds of religions, developed independently at many times and places in history, all have something in common: They believe that when you leave Earth, you go somewhere else!

Now, 85 percent would be an amazing number if you were doing a political poll! It's more than a majority - it's a mandate of consciousness. And so at the cellular level, the Human Being knows that there's something beyond the glass. Even though there's no entity that can prove it, the belief continues through the ages and into the future, and men and women continue to die in battle defending their belief that beyond the glass is their own God.

Recently discovered, very old tribes in New Guinea reveal something interesting: They've been left to develop by themselves for hundreds of years, and the Western world only just found them. Yet without any outside influence whatsoever, it seems that these tribes all believe in the afterlife! Now, you see, that's Human intuition. Many would say it's just wishful thinking... something developed to make life more than it is and a Band-Aid to help deal with death. But that is often a psychological statement that steers clear of the obvious spiritual nature that all Humans have. Psychologists would much rather explain the Human condition as being from within the Human experience, without any acknowledgment of interdimensional forces or energies that might suggest an unseen God. But you see, this afterlife belief is actually intuitive cellular-level information.

Eighty-five percent of the people on the earth can't all have the same thought and have it be a coincidence, or just wishful thinking. At some level, you not only know about the ocean on the other side of the glass, but you also know about the family who's there... trillions and trillions of them. If you could only know more! That's the spiritual quest that often drives Human cultures and even wars, where one side believes that their God is better than the other. Therefore, they kill each other to rid the planet of "wrong thinking." Odd, isn't it, how the unseen actually postures governments, shapes countries, and creates wars? That's a lot of effort and energy spent on "wishful thinking."

We stop and apologize for having to use metaphors so often, but we must give you this information in this fashion to even get to the next step of the teaching. And so I'm going to stop for a moment and ask you this question: Do you see how amazing this system is?

How big is God?

Big enough to have created multiple Universes - trillions and trillions of angelic entities, stretching farther than you can imagine - levels of dimensionality that you cannot conceive of. Bigger than big!

Yet small enough to love you and live in your heart.

Perception of God

What is the perception, therefore, of God? Looking at it from the outside of the glass, it's actually quite amusing for us [Kryon]. Let me tell you what happens: The molecules in the glass [Human-angels] start to look around and wonder about everything. As discussed, they believe in the afterlife. Therefore, they feel there must be a God somewhere. Then they decide from the depths of their wisdom that God must be a giant molecule! Why? Because it's the only thing they can see. They have only one model - themselves. Then they say that there's proof of this, since scripture says so. In just one example, there's holy scripture that says that you're "made in the image of God." Now, if you're a molecule, God must therefore be a giant molecule, too, since, if you believe scripture, you look just like God.

How can I tell you this, dear one? This is the premise we've taught from the beginning that's so difficult for you to grasp. You have it reversed! Your logic is reversed. You don't understand this because you can't broach the glass. "Made in His image" means that every single molecule in the glass is part of the ocean! You have it backwards, you see. God's "image" is the mastery of the Universe. It's the divinity of the angelic realm, and it is indeed your image. The "image" is inside you.

It's interesting that Humans can only imagine the highest thing in their own reality. And so those in the glass, for thousands of years, have decided that God is a molecule. Pictures of God are Human-like, and all the angels are, too. Every time an angel appears on Earth, those who create the history of the event have to put skin and wings on them, pretend they're of singular nature, and give them one name. This is very funny! For angels are interdimensional, without wings or Human form, and they always have a "group" attribute. That's because they represent the consciousness of the whole ocean. But in order for Humans to grasp their visit, they're brought to the Human form and level.

You see how limited that is? Think of it... if that glass contained only anteaters, they would have chosen to say that God must be a large anteater! Then they'd go on to say, "When I get to heaven, there will be lots of ants!" Amusing, isn't it? But that's not very different from what most Humans do. You've been told that when you go to heaven, there will be streets of gold - mansions for each one of you. Some cultures believe that you'll be met by 72 virgins [just the men qualify for this, of course]. Do you see what I'm saying? You can only go to the limit of the wall of the glass based on your spiritual thinking and your own reality. Your idea of what God must be and what heaven must be is contained in, and limited to, your own Human experience.

The truth? There are no streets or mansions (or Human virgins) when you get to the other side of the glass. What there is, is a splendorous reality that you instantly remember. There is expansion, and you become the part of God that you always were, and all is known. You go home! In this metaphor, the wall of the glass is the veil. You can't see through it, and you never actually see the ocean [God]. So everything you conceive of isn't much bigger than the glass, and that's what you decide to worship. You worship what you can't see, thinking that whatever that force is on the other side of the glass, it has to be wiser and bigger than you. What you don't understand is the actual test you're in that creates this.

Can angels, sequestered in the glass, eventually discover the truth about who they are? Will they ever acknowledge that they're part of the ocean? Or will they eventually kill each other trying to reach the streets of gold or the 72 virgins? This is what the Kryon work is about. We're here because there's an awakening... a great shift... and humanity is beginning to see through the glass. Let me make a statement. There's nothing to worship; there's everything to discover. It's time you thought interdimensionally.

But let's stop for a moment. Look at the system and all that it represents. God is huge - immense. The ocean stretches for trillions of light years, through quantum Universes and multiverses, yet the angels all know each other. How can this be? It's the staple of an interdimensional existence... that everything is connected, yet seemingly separate and removed by distance. Spread through the Universe is a hugeness you cannot imagine, but since the angels are all connected in real time, every single one of them knows your name! You see?

How big is God?

Big enough to have created the Universe... yet small enough to know your name - small enough to be here today - small enough to be next to you as you read these words.

Communication Through the Veil

So how does that affect prayer and meditation? Let me talk about this again. There's something magical that you ought to know about this metaphoric ocean. Many of you spend your lives trying to see through the glass. You're spiritual, and this is your quest. Perhaps the energies we bring will help you with that. We hope so, for this is the purpose of our existence and of all our teaching. Here is something you might not have thought of: The angels in the interdimensional ocean aren't stopped by the glass. They're free to come and go all they want! So you are the only one who has chosen to be restricted in duality.

The ocean passes through the glass all the time, and this means that the angels in this vast ocean are with you now. This means that they were with you when the problems developed that perhaps led you to this auditorium or page. As we've mentioned before, Humans sit down in prayer and present a list of what's wrong to God. They'll say, "Well, dear God, there's this and then there's this and then there's this." They seldom understand that God is with them all the time. So again, we give you the challenge: The next time you pray, say nothing! Be still and know that you are God! Listen for solutions, for they're being sung to you in a language that you're just beginning to understand.

Visualize taking the hand of the Higher-Self, who is literally standing at the top of the metaphoric water glass with one foot in the ocean. This is your personal connection, and God knows all about you. You never have to give a list or say anything at all. If you had a brother or a sister who was connected to you by biology, would you explain to them what happened during the day? No, because they were there, remember? It's the same with your divine communications.

The entire ocean knows all about the glass and you. The entire ocean knows why the glass exists, even if you don't. Believe it or not, the entire ocean is part of the shifting that the glass is doing [speaking of the vibrational changes of the earth].

Beyond The Veil

So now we get to the teaching of how this veil works with you. The veil is what keeps you from seeing the metaphoric ocean of divinity that surrounds you, but which is invisible and even controversial and much misunderstood. Let me answer a much-asked question: It's about death. "Kryon, is it possible to talk to a dead person?" The answer I'm going to give you also requires a favor of you: Please do not take Kryon out of context within this answer. Include the entire answer if you quote it.

"Kryon, can we talk to dead people?" The answer is no, absolutely not. Never. No way. It's impossible. The reason? There's no such thing as a dead person!

Can you understand this? Angels, listen: When those around you whom you've loved and lost seem to die and leave the earth, all they do is go to the other side of the glass. So ask this question instead: "Can I talk to those whom I've loved and lost on this planet?" And the answer is yes!

When they become interdimensional, it's puzzling for you. You expect to carry on a four-dimensional conversation with an entity who's passed on, and who's become even more angelic than you are as you sit here. They no longer feature linear communication, and they're no longer singular, as you are. So the only real communication you can have puzzles you, for it's interdimensional, and its lack of linearity makes it tough for you to understand..

All right, let's invite some puzzles right now. I want you to feel the person you're thinking about, because they're actually here. They have total permission to come and go through the glass. They're listening to this music [of the seminar], and they're hearing these words. They're sitting next to you, and they'd love to have you reach through the glass. Some of you can actually feel them! You're part of a shift that's taking place on this planet, where awareness is increasing, and this is creating a new interdimensional potential for each Human Being. So I invite some of you to even smell them! Remember their specific odors? They can generate this for you as proof they're here.

There's far more going on than you think. Kryon is still here and will be with you until the time you shift your energy. It's part of a complex family lineage that we carry together. As master Kirael said earlier, "I didn't make this up" [speaking of the channelling of Kahu Fred Sterling]. Go ahead and feel them now if you wish, for they're here! Then honor the system.

Think of how big this is! What if I'm right [you might say], and this message can go past your doubts and your fears? What if all this is totally accurate? If so, it means that some of you can stop your mourning now, and instead greet these loved ones who want to walk with you for the rest of your life. It's part of a system that is huge beyond your ability to understand.

God is bigger than anything you can conceive... yet small enough to live in your heart.

What a system - angels on the other side of the veil visiting with Human angels on the planet... yet so many of you are unaware of any of it. Do you know what this is all about? It's about discovering the secrets of mastery. When you can begin to understand these things, the knowledge will begin to apply the attributes of mastery to you personally, going beyond the reality of which you were born and rewriting the blueprint of your DNA. That's the definition of enlightenment.

These angels who walk with you, enhance and help activate the DNA. It means that no one here is ever alone. Oh, let's stop for a moment and think about this.


How big is God? Big enough to create Universes! Yet small enough to live in your heart.

The veil is like a paper tiger. You think you can't penetrate it until you start becoming it [through your becoming interdimensional]. Then you wonder why it took so long! All that fear of it disappears as you begin to actually become part of it.

I've had some say, "Kryon, I've seen you many times. You seem to be stuck on the same message. When are we going to get something really new?" I'll make a deal with you, reader (and listener). Here's the arrangement: When you fully implement this information I've been giving you for these 16 years, then I'll change the message! And maybe it's time for that. Why don't you leave this place different from how you came in?

Earth history is poignant with shift, and you're not here by accident. You've chosen to arrive here because of the shift. Some of you wring your hands and say, "Oh, I hate being here. It's difficult and it's hard."


Here comes that old message again: Why don't you just turn on the light so you can see where you're going? Change your DNA! You have a disease tonight? Why don't you leave here without it? "Well," you might say, "only masters of the planet can do that." You've got it! That's exactly right! Why don't you claim the master-hood that is yours?

You're here for a reason. You can shine a light that only a few Human Beings have ever been able to shine. You're in the middle of a war between dark and light, and you feel it, don't you? So why don't you turn on the light, and in the process, stop and think for a moment: That metaphoric ocean is so big! Universes were built by that ocean. More angels than you could ever imagine are part of that ocean - more angels than the number of stars in all the galaxies of the Universes.

God is big enough to have created all that is... yet small enough to live in your heart.

And that's my message. The next time I see you, it may be my message again, because that's how much you're loved by God. You see?

So many of you are trying to get out of the glass. You wish to broach the sides of the glass and become part of the ocean. I have another goal for you. Instead, why don't you just let the ocean in? If you let us in, peace on Earth will be a reality! Letting the angels into your life isn't a metaphor, but a reality. By allowing the divinity to be realized in your life, you activate the divine DNA within yourselves and become part of the veil itself. This changes the balance of energy on the planet.

So this has been the message for this evening. But for now, I want you to leave this place changed. Here's a theme we've given you many times: You're a Lighthouse for the earth, built to withstand storms. That's why you came during the storm, you know? [This is a metaphor for coming to Earth right in time for the shift.] You never find lighthouses in safe places now, do you? And that might give you a hint why you're here. And so when the storm rages, why don't you just smile and say, "Bring it on. This is why I was built. I'm here on the dangerous rocks of life, and I'm going to strike my light and guide those who do not have light, to safety. I'm going to send the light into the darkest places I know on the planet so that the Humans there can see better. And if there are treasures to be revealed around them, I'll supply the light so that they can see the ones that are hiding. And the treasures that hide may be these: peace, where it's impossible to have pea! ce; love in places that have only featured hate; healing of those who have incurable disease, and a consensus of regular men and women on the planet that civilization deserves to exist in peace."

Those are the jewels that are hiding in the dark. That's why so many of you are here. Why would you come to a place like this [speaking of the channelling meeting]? Did you just want to see the freak show [as some perceive channelling]? Perhaps. Or was there something more? The information we've given you today is accurate, and there's more than meets the eye... and you're involved... very involved if you wish to be. Start with yourself. Accept the light within your own biology.

We'll say it again: Leave differently from how you came! Get up from where you're sitting, different from how you sat down.

Some of you aren't going to sleep very well tonight. There are too many angels having a party in your room!

And so it is.