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Kyron Wake-Up Call, November 13, 2002

Channeled Through Nancy Tate

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the people, there is a tendency toward the revolution of the white house and its occupants. This is the result of the talk of the overthrow of the present regime by the ones who would seek to build distrust among the people of the country.

This is the circumstance by which the present regime will be ousted. In order for this to happen, there must be just cause in the eyes of the people for this to happen. Let there not be a mistaken idea that the judiciary is to move in and take over, for this is not the case. The reality is that there has already been appointed by the supreme court an interim governing party that will keep the country running until the elections take place. Because of the talk around the nation of the possible impeachment of some of the members of the present regime, there is a growing unease as to the powers that be in the white house, and their ability to keep our country out of dire circumstances. This is the talk that I referred to. There is a growing concern among the people that there will be chaos when this happens. What you are seeing here is an energy of setting the people against each other by the forces who would seek to bring that about. This would in their eyes give them the opportunity to come forward and bring in their agenda through the splitting of the strength of the people. There is no circumstance by which the other forces will come out ahead.

I tell you this in order for you to carry forth the message to the people in your vicinity that there is a power at work that is monitoring the actions of these ones in the cabinet and the judiciary. There is a great deal of activity that is taking place, and it is not all based on attitude against the people. In fact, this is action taken in the energy of the powers of God in action.

Due to an abundance of good will that is being generated by the peacemakers of the world, and the country in particular, there is a growing building of energy that can serve to overcome the energies of the agenda that seeks its own way in this country. This is all in the course of the Divine way of it. This will bring the energies to a standstill at which point there will be a reckoning of energies to the core of the earth. These energies will bring about the usurping of the polarities inside the core of the earth, and the co-reaction with the electro-magnetics will bring about a reversal that will set up a responding energy that will have the effect of peace coming forth as the prevalent energy on earth.

Do you see what this can mean? Do you realize that this scenario I spoke of can be one of the major contributors to the peace you all strive for? I am not saying to turn your backs on the issues of the day and see them as no matter, for they are of consequence to the state of your beingness. You are the ones who determine the state of the energy on this planet. The Christed energies which are flowing in at this point are the energies by which you operate and choose the new destiny that is in potential. This is the energy that is being produced and given to the heart of the situation.

There is great purpose in the games that are played on the earth at the time. To meet these games with the roles that come forth from your heart is to play your parts to the fullest. Those of you who are in the roles of the peacemakers are the ones who find the Light in the situations that seem completely dark. Those who play the parts of the dark agenda are the other side of the coin in this charade that goes on to the ultimate destiny of peace and love.

I give you a promise of true nurturing of all of God's children. He sees no difference between dark and light, for to Him it is all the same, with differing degrees of the same. This journey is for the purpose of bringing the Oneness into the knowing consciousness of the All so that they may stride forth and create in that knowing. There is no opposing side to this story; there is no winner, nor no loser. All are created equal, and all will see that equality when the sun rises on a new day of peace in every corner of the globe and every heart that shines its warmth to the inhabitants of the earth and beyond.

I give you this day a blessing of profound beauty and peace with which to go forward in your day. I honor your journey and I wash your feet in the morning dew as it is kissed with the first rays of the sun.

And so it is.