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Kyron Update

By Nancy Tate

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the undue threat of war in the Middle East, or anywhere on planet earth. A certain person of the highest authority is being monitored for the emotional output and severity of his derangement. This will necessitate the leveling of the ground zero memories in the nature of the bomb that will be averted and de-fused.

The glory of the whole situation is that the people are rising up and claiming their power in this matter. As they rise up, the escalation is increased, and the experience of the duality is increased in its expression.

This can cause an energy equivalent to the amount needed for the shift that will take place when the energy reaches a certain degree of pressure. Within this pressure is the potential for the explosion, so to speak of the momentum of the Light to cause the opening for the intercession of the forces of that light to intervene.

This is the very occurrence that has been necessary for this intervention, for as we have explained before, there must be a certain amount of intent, translated into the imprint of the energy in order for the allowance of our forces to enter the wormhole of perception that must be created by the energies on earth. This is a concept that is, at best only able to be comprehended in part by you.

We give to you an amount of clarity when the governing parties come together and see the peaceful authority of all of you in the face of the most horrendous threat to the future of the world. This will come in to cease and desist in the minds of all those who travel to the places of gathering in a peaceful stand for the many who walk forward in their purpose and put their lives on the line for the issue of peace and decency.

When the law that you are all awaiting is put into place there will be an exultation that will ring around the world and touch many hearts in the simplicity of the message. There are blessings coming for all of you beautiful beings. You are all being given a new chance to create for yourselves a life that represents the very beingness of your souls. There is abundance in the world of Spirit, and that will be coming into manifestation very soon. And there is justice, mercy, and compassion for all who walk this great universe, for I speak to you all in that statement. The universe is your home, as surely as the Earth is your home. From this point on, there will be a steady increase in the ability to heal your great planet, and all who live and walk on its fine ground. And yes, there are those who make their home beneath the surface of the earth. They too shall be rising and renewing old acquaintances. Are you ready? Do you realize that this is the coming time of redemption? Join with your fellow man and give it all you've got, for that is more than you have been able to comprehend to this point. You are all Holy; and you are all walking in God. We bless you with the utmost compassion and love, for you are our precious family.

And so it is.