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"Where is Aunt Martha?"

Lee Carroll

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ced message given in Cape Cod, Massachusetts on April 22, 2006.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Oh, there are those here who are so precious, and who I know so well, but who are not believing that this is really taking place. You need some flashing lights, do you? You need some other ways of knowing that an interdimensional force is actually presenting itself within this place? Well, the lights are here and the invitation is open to see them.

A precious place, this is. There is a field of energy that is going to permeate all of you, should you allow it. Some of it is the energy of the Kryon entourage, at least that is what you call it. Actually, that is a misnomer. It is YOUR entourage and it's different every single time we sit in front of humanity. It's often a love fest!

The information that we present this evening may seem morbid to some of you, yet it is refreshing to the others who know the difference of what is really being said. We're going to talk to you about what's going on right now. Get used to this energy as we proceed. It is more than the sound of a voice in a 3D area, in this room. Instead, we suspend some of the rules of what you would call 3D and we allow some of you to see the colors and the lights. Let this be a time, a powerful time, of revelation for you. But let it be a time of powerful healing.

Do you know why I'm really here? Everything I'm going to tell you tonight, you already know! You know why I'm really here, too. I speak esoterically about what is already in your DNA. My real purpose tonight is to create an energy of home so strong that while you're distracted with the information I give, you might get healed! Distracted with 3D information... distracted from a strong bias that you carry called duality, which keeps you from your own mastery. In this distraction comes the core of your power, which is mastery.

Some have asked why it is that my partner presents such a humorous face in light of the seriousness of what is before all of you. His answer will be my answer: that it is hard to be somber when you are at peace with the Universe. It's hard to be down faced when you are filled with the love of God. There were so many shamans of the past who were always serious, filled with spiritual growth but not much fun. Well, it's time to change that. We bring you the balanced shamanic energy! Laugh and dance with God! We are telling you that a new energy Lightworker is a sacred individual who sees life, all of life, as precious, joyful, appropriate, fun, and reasonable in the scheme of why you're here.

There seems to be so much sorrow on the planet. Can you work within the framework of the test before you? Can you put on your armor and shields of sacredness and walk through the sorrow, fear and disappointment of what other Humans have done, without judgment of them or without being discouraged? The more light you carry, the more you will see that which is sorrowful on Earth. Only the masters can "see" these things as reasonable within the scheme of why you're here. It is important that the Lighthouses are not distracted by the storms as they shine their lights. Otherwise, they become useless.

We would like to talk about so many things, but I don't want to begin yet because there is something happening here in the room. Reader, this involves you also, for we see you very clearly as you read these words. Don't think you are reading about something that only happened in a far away place. It's happening where you sit.

Why are you here? Do you think I don't know you? I'm asking you what they call a rhetorical question. I don't expect an answer. I know what the answer is. I know why each of you are here, listening and reading. I know your names. I was there when you arrived and when you left... every single time. Check your Akashic Record and you'll see my energy every time you come and you go. That's who I am. Some have even said I'm the Gatekeeper, but I'm not. That's another designation for a whole other energy. No. Instead, I'm your best friend, and I stand back and watch when you come and when you go. As part of the cycle of life on the planet, I am the angel that you have called Kryon.


Somebody wants to let go. Somebody wants out of the sorry and the patheticness of their life, and wishes to step into a peaceful continence called ascension energy. I'm about to move out of this space here for a moment. This is a precious, safe time. And if you want to make the commitment now, you can. There's never been a better time, for the entourage is here and God is listening. Reader, God is listening. There's never a better time than this one. So why don't you let it go and when you do, we will all celebrate! One in this room is doing that and you know who I'm talking to, don't you? Maybe that's why you came, dear Human Being. I know who you are. There's a lot more going on here than you think.

Profound it is, the cycle of life. Profound it is, the cycle of death. So yet again, we will give this message, but this time I have deemed that it be recorded and transcribed. [A similar message was given one time before, but now it's ready for transcription]

Human Death

The message for tonight is a subject which some feel is morbid, so we're going to spin it in a way where it is not. We're going to give it a title which is cute and funny, to give it a humorous touch. The title will be, "Where is Aunt Martha?" We're going to talk about Human death, but we're going to talk about this death in such a way so you'll understand that it isn't termination, but rather it's transition. We wish to talk about the elements of it and how it works, so that you will be more comfortable with it the next time you do it, and so that you will even understand it better when it's around you with others involved.

From our standpoint, "death" is what you do when you're not on Earth. I know that sounds odd, but it's like saying, "Where is Aunt Martha?" We say, "She's in the other room." You say, "She's dead." Our perspectives are vastly different. To you, she's somehow gone forever. To me, she is simply "in the other room, changing."

There is a lot of energy that goes into the coming and going of humanity. Take this room, for instance. I'll make a statement here: I know who's here. Two of you are newcomers to the planet and all the rest of you are old souls. Some of you go back as far as Lemuria. More of you than not are ancients on this planet and have been here many, many times. The two who are brand new that have come in as first-timers have attributes that the rest of you don't. I'll call it spiritual innocence. You see, the rest of you have an Akashic Record built into you. [DNA] You've got obstacles to go through and reasons why you cannot do things without dealing with energy within your Akash. [This is Kryon's way of saying that when you have a record of lifetimes on Earth, they affect everything you do and everything you are, this time around. You don't arrive with a "clean slate."]

The newcomers? Well, they have clean slates. Don't be surprised when it's the newcomer who races right to the front and is the one who accomplishes the fast miracles. They don't know any better! They pay for it, too, since they are often the misfits of society, just finding out how it all works. But it is the old soul who has the wisdom and the temperance to go slowly and get much accomplished.

You come and you go. It is a cycle of life. It is the way things work, but you often see it as darkness. The Human Being is built to respect and honor life and the Human Being is built to love those around them. It is part of a system of survival that works very well. We wouldn't change a thing. It is correct, it is appropriate, and, indeed, you miss those you lost very much. We're not going to take you into the depths of compassion for those who you have lost, because we want you to understand that the transition is simply that. It's an energy shift from one attribute to another, and a dimensional one at that. Yet, when they're gone, they're gone. It's the finality of it, is it not? There will never be another one exactly like them.

The emptiness of this for those of you who have lost a partner know what I'm talking about. I know who's here, remember? I know who's reading, too. For the life is gone and suddenly an empty hole exists where they were before, and nothing will fill it again. That's the perception. The truth is this that the empty hole is within the person's mind who remains, and begs to be filled – not by the living, breathing Human Being – but by the precious entities who are left behind and who are willing to come in and fill it and live with you the rest of your life. Did you know that? All sorrow and emptiness has a built-in solution after a space of time... the compassion of God is complete, and you can enhance your life experience by taking advantage of what is around you if you give permission. But many never do... they wallow in the sorrow until they themselves make their own transition.

So the process of transiting, which you call death, is what we're going to discuss, but in a way we never have before in order to give you some enlightened ideas. So where is Aunt Martha exactly? Aunt Martha died. She's gone... or is she? Let us take you through her transition, so that you will have some understandings of the way it works, and so that you will not be frightened. Let us also discuss "where" she is, even after her death.

This is good information and almost all of you have been there and done it, but don't remember it, of course. Death is, indeed, what you would call the paper tiger. You've done it so often, you have, when it approaches, you can't remember really what happens and so you fear it. This is the duality working at its best, and it will continue that way. To the very end, your duality will keep telling you that death is the end of everything.

From our standpoint, it's simply the end of this earth's expression, and we see it completely differently than you do. You leave either because your body is finished biologically, or you're in a dead-end spiritually. Wouldn't it be more productive if, indeed, you would reincarnate and start again and have the young body? It's about the best use of your light. It's about the fact that youth, indeed, has energy. Many times death is the result of an agreement, even if it's suicide, or the death of an infant... all seen as appropriate within the scheme of why you are really here. But each one carries profound energy for the Humans who remain. Did you ever consider that? It's not about your death, but rather about those who remain after you leave.

But what happens when the transit occurs? Let me tell you. First of all, you don't leave right away. Now, you actually know this. If I could open the magic curtain and reveal to you what has happened to you so many times, it would violate all of the rules that I have before me. For the fear of death keeps you from walking into it. If you knew about it, you wouldn't fear it. However, even if you don't fear it, the responsibility you have to the Humans around you keeps it in check.

The first thing that takes place in death is that the consciousness is removed from the physical, and in a certain way, you stand next to the 3D body and you look at it. Some kind of understanding actually is there at that moment. Sometimes, there is a bit of confusion, depending upon the kind of death we're talking about. But there you stand, looking at yourself. Part of yourself says, "I remember this." The other part is so grateful that there is no actual death that immediately the fear goes away and curiosity and puzzlement replaces it. There's no pain after you are removed from the physical. Your spirit is removed from the body, which now must die. And dying is really about DNA.

We have told you that your DNA is divine, and that there are interdimensional pieces and parts of it. We've told you that some parts are divine parts. Some of them have your name all over them, and you can't leave until they're biologically dead. Now, in average death, the physical body dies slower than the consciousness. That thing you call the soul is only a piece and a part of you. We have told you this even in the last channelling that was transcribed, called "The many you's."

There are many interdimensional parts of you. There is the one here on the planet and there is the Higher-Self. Then there are the pieces that never come to the planet. There are pieces and parts of you in what you call a quantum state that are all over the Universe and that are actually involved in higher things all the time you're here. So within the body that you walk around in, only a portion of your completeness is there. I tell you this because part of death, therefore, is a reunion! It's one of those few times when the whole self is there. So much of your death experience is the joy of the reunion. You with you. It's a very difficult concept, but one we like to present. It also explains why there is a ceremony.

But there is a transition period where all manner of things take place and there are attributes around them that affect the question, "Where is Aunt Martha?" At the moment, Aunt Martha is standing next to her body. So let's say Aunt Martha has died peacefully in the hospital. There she is, watching her body, and she has to remain there until the whole body dies. This may take hours, depending upon the temperature in the room, or it could take days. But, you see, Aunt Martha's soul doesn't care, because it is suddenly in an interdimensional state where time is not relevant. Neither is distance. She is suspended, you might say, in a place where she's very patient, and in transition.

Days to you might be the "bat of an eyelash" in time to her. And there she is. So her essence remains until the DNA expires and has no more life. And the DNA is waiting, therefore, for the nourishment to stop and also for the waste to build up and kill the cells. That's just biology, and when that is complete, she can move on. But so many questions arise over this, don't they?

Comatose States

There are so many who wish to trick Spirit. It's almost like they think that Spirit has a number of rules that we cannot get out from under, and that we will be confused and tricked by questions around these rules. I'll give you two: One woman says, "Well, what about a coma state, where the Human Being is alive and yet the brain is dead? Where is the consciousness?" And I will tell you: the consciousness is standing beside the body. And it will be there as long as the Human body is. Even if you say it's "brain dead," DNA is very spiritual, very active and very much alive. So, even if Human consciousness is not there, the soul consciousness remains and is not impatient... it doesn't care. It's fulfilling an obligation to remain with the DNA as long as it's alive and it's comfortable with it. The Higher-Self is still active and doing many things. Do not confuse this with Human awareness. The Human is gone, but the soul is active.

Don't mourn for the soul! It's not stuck, and it's not in pain. It's in an interdimensional form, and like the angels who walk with you your whole life who are never addressed, it's simply part of the process and does not create distress. They're patient, because they know who you are and they are in love with the countenance of those whom they're attached. It's also part of "the system of life."

So where is Aunt Martha now? Well, she's still standing beside her body, waiting for it to expire... partly within your time and partly angelic time. And this is a magic time for her, for Aunt Martha is half here and half somewhere else. And here is where you need to really listen. There's an energy around transition that is awesome, because that energy imprints itself onto the quantum area around it. The transition is a unique "energy stamp" that is profound upon Gaia. More on this in a moment.


Here's another question. "Well, Kryon, what about the heart transplant? If you've got the heart of one individual beating within another, and one is dead and the other is not, and you just got through saying that one has to wait around until everything dies, does that mean that those individuals meld in some way and that they get a double soul?" These kinds of questions are very funny to Spirit. They come from the intellectual Human mind that compartmentalizes itself into an oblivion of scenarios of possibilities, most of which ignore intelligent design. So I reply: Do you think God is in the dark, unaware of any of this? You think that somehow that heart wakes up and goes, "Oh, my goodness, I'm in another Human body! I better tell God immediately!" No. Here is a beautiful example of a plan of synchronicity, of co-creation. This was planned. You think it was an accident that one heart wound up in another Human Being? It was no accident. Therefore, within the attributes of the plan are the "rules" of what would happen to create such a thing.

Synchronicity is often where one's life is used to help another. It's beautiful, joyful and known by God. The transition can be complete, even with one heart in the other's body. The new heart's owner does not have to "go along" and remain. It's because these things are "known by God" and part of the plan. They're seen as appropriate.

But let me tell you something that no one has thought of. Let me tell you something that we have not channelled before. There is something you call tissue rejection, and you think it's chemical, don't you? The one heart can't get used to the other one's body. The donor heart is now in the recipient's chest. The recipient must sustain themselves by taking certain chemistry for life, which deals with the rejection. Rejection. That's the word you use for it, and it's a good word, too, for rejection is about a DNA mismatch in the interdimensional layers. You've got the DNA of one Akashic Record and the spirituality of one, implanted in another! And they don't match. Therefore, the tissues know it and the tissues understand that they don't belong together.

Therefore, despite a universal spiritual plan, this biology has to be numbed and tricked with chemicals in order to survive. There is a solution for this, and I wish to let you know about it. The Lemurians knew about it; they knew about reprogramming DNA through magnetics. The one heart is all ready and primed through sacred choice. It lands in another Human Being – no accident that it is the one chosen to save that Human Being's life in a heart transplant and there within a sacred scenario. Now, complete the sacredness. It's time you learned how to reprogram the DNA in that heart, so that it will now accept the other. This is the same process that was done in the Temples of Rejuvenation in Lemurian time, where you actually deal with the DNA's magnetic patterns.

Reprogramming can take place with many different attributes – some of them require only energy work and some of them with machines. There are many different ways to do this and now we will encourage all of those who are listening, or those who are reading, to experiment with magnetics in the field of medical tissue rejection. It is a method that simply has not been thought of, and no real experiments have yet been done. When you begin this, you will see what we mean.

Back to Aunt Martha

Well, Aunt Martha is almost ready to transit. Her soul is feeling pretty good, too. She's had enough experience to remember where she is. Now, here is some magic that is going to occur and it's very, very difficult to explain. We spoke of it a moment ago. Human Being, listen: Energy is not paint! Spiritual energy is not in 3D. You don't "paint spiritual energy on a situation or a Human." Instead, energy is in a quantum state, especially soul energy. Therefore, it imprints itself onto Earth, onto the Universe, you might say, in a timeless fashion, and not in any actual location, as you think of it.

Martha's transitioning moments are, therefore, imprinted into the ethers of the very air you breathe. And they're not localized, since they are not like paint, when you apply them to something or somewhere. It's not imprinted where she died. It's everywhere. And so what we're telling you is this: Every single Human Being's transition on this planet has a remarkable attribute called the transition imprint. At the actual transition moment, waiting for the body to expire, there is generated an interdimensional crystalline marker by the planet. Quick or slow death... mild or violent, this timeless energy is imprinted right into the energy of the planet! It's imprinted there because it is a precious moment of profundity.

Where is Aunt Martha? Well, she's about to have a reunion. We'll call it the Human pass over. She's about to pass over and when she does, there's going to be a reunion of sorts, with the rest of Aunt Martha. Are you following all this? I cannot describe this. It is ceremonial, out of 3D time, out of space. It is a coming together of energies so profound that the reunion makes a mark on the energy of the Universe.

We've described it to you before as the Hall of Honor. But before she can go there, she has got to go to one other place, the "soul accounting place" of the planet. It's the Cave of Creation – a place that has the imprints in crystalline form of all of the active souls that are on planet Earth. She's got to dismiss the energy of her one crystal with her name on it. That's done for her as she watches. She doesn't have to know what to do, but it's second nature, because Aunt Martha has done it many times. And what's in the Hall of Honor? It's the reunion ceremony of all the parts of Aunt Martha, plus something you all expect intuitively... a reunion of those who you lost while on Earth, even though they may have returned to the earth and are currently living another Human expression. Confused yet?

Now, you're about ready to lose Aunt Martha for good, by the way. And I'll tell you why and how, because once the elements of divinity come together that used to be Aunt Martha, she ceases to exist in 3D form and becomes the angel she really was all along. Remember, the name Martha was her Human birth name for only her current visit. Part of the finality that you feel with her loss is that the Human combination of biology and spirit will never be repeated. She now becomes bigger – much bigger – and that is when all manner of other things take place. Remember this: The only thing left of the former Aunt Martha, Human on the earth, is the imprint she left behind. Remember this for what is coming next.

This former Martha, now the angel Martha, for simplicity's sake, immediately begins the planning sessions for coming back. "Well, wait a minute," you might say. "Aunt Martha told us she's not coming back." Oh, yes she is! And I'll say it again. Humans don't have the whole picture, and in their constant fatigue of life they often get together and self congratulate themselves for a job well done and feel they have graduated into a soul form that can now somehow retire because they have earned it. Now, that's very funny to us! For your whole universal purpose is to keep coming back!

When you get to the other side, and the majesty and the splendor and the remembrance of who you are and why you came is again known, and what the earth scenario is really about (which none of you really knows), you queue up (metaphorically) to come back! And that's when the new parents are selected, and when the karmic group is revealed yet again. The chances are very, very high that you will be reborn into a family of somebody you knew on Earth, if not a relative that's close. That's the way it works. Karmic groups are kept together so that they interact with the karmic attributes that they're supposed to revisit, if it's appropriate. These are not lessons, but rather they're enhancements. That is to say, when you have karma with another person, it might be the karma of love or partnership. It's not about who did what to whom so that you can get even, as some would tell you a karmic attribute is about. It is not. Karma is a dance of energy and a puzzle that enhances your life, not something that makes it difficult.

Now, let me take you back to this imprint that Martha left behind. This drives so much of what you see today, yet you don't even know what it is. "Is it possible, Kryon, that psychic energy could get in touch with Aunt Martha?" Absolutely. It's done every day, but here is where is gets complicated. Get ready for a mind puzzle First of all, as soon as Aunt Martha transcended, even while she was waiting for her biology to die, she became interdimensional. And when she became interdimensional, Aunt Martha was living all of what you would call past lives all at once. The moment she stepped across the veil, she was "all of them." As Aunt Martha was standing there, she began to understand that she was also 30 or 40 more Humans...all having previously lived on the earth with her core "soul" as the consciousness.

When you get out of linear time, all of the layers of what you consider past lives become activated and real. Therefore, the big issue is not, "Where is Aunt Martha?" but now it's, "WHO is Aunt Martha?" You're faced with a big puzzle: If you're a psychic and you're going to get in touch with her, you've got to isolate who she is from all the others who shared her soul, and who might currently be back on Earth sharing it again right now as the reincarnate Aunt Martha. Are you beginning to see the complexity of this?

There you stand with the psychic, wishing to get in touch with Aunt Martha on the other side of the veil, as though somehow she maintained everything that was Human, and is now in a rocking chair in heaven enjoying a cool drink and will stay that way forever. That's where the transition imprint we told you about comes in. Every one of her transitioned lives left an imprint. So those psychics with the ability to contact the dead have to sort through Aunt Martha's soul expressions. Then they need to speak specifically to the Aunt Martha expression (one of many). And when they do, they're only talking to the imprinted energy of the transitional death. As much as you wish to actually speak to Aunt Martha on the other side of the veil, you can't, since there isn't one there. But there is still one on Earth... the energy of the transition, imbedded into Gaia.

"Kryon, could one who talks to the dead discover where the treasure is buried?" Yes! You see, Aunt Martha's imprint is eternal, holding the consciousness of who she was, and still has all that information as her soul imprint. It's all there. She's still got the consciousness of everything she did on the earth as Aunt Martha and if she's got secrets where the treasure is, the psychic may be able to obtain it.

That imprint is forever. You can talk to that imprint any time you want to, depending upon the talent and how interdimensional the psychic is. But it's important to realize that you are only communicating with the imprint of Martha's transition. The next time you see this happen – what is called talking to the dead – observe the answers the psychic receives, for they're all similar.

"Aunt Martha, how are you doing?"

"I'm joyful," Aunt Martha says.

"How is it on the other side, Aunt Martha?"

"I'm learning things," she says.

"Describe your surroundings"

"It's dark, but I'm not fearful."

"Aunt Martha, can you tell us where the treasure is?"

"Of course. It's buried in the backyard under the elm tree."

She's got all the earth information she should, but if you want to know how she is, she may say, "I love you" for this is still on her mind in her transitional state... something imprinted on this planet that is forever. She can't tell you where she is, either, because it isn't in any reality that makes sense to you or her. Many who have heard this immediately apply 3D perception to it, and say, "Aunt Martha is stuck! Let's get together a prayer group and unstick her!" Again, if you apply the paint of 3D on this, then you will come away with a limited understanding.

Also know that whatever layer of her transition imprint is accessed by the psychic may create a different answer than the last communication. It's not paint, where it is applied and dries, and is viewed. Instead, it's an energy that is dynamic, feels like it's in real time (it isn't), and has many layers of reality. I will tell you only that her earthly part remains. And that's the part that the psychic talks to. To the psychic, all communication seems like it's now. But the imprint will always feel like now to you. It is in a timeless, interdimensional state.

Let me tell you something about the imprint that you should also know. If anyone in the family was sorrowful enough to let that imprintation enter their consciousness and their heart, they're going to carry around that incredible sorrow of her death for a very long time. And the imprint will stay with them as long as they feed it. Part of that imprint can be picked up and taken as fear, sorrow, disappointment and anger in any individual who wants to absorb it as such. Or, it can be taken as love, release, peace and solution. The transition imprint is flexible, because it's in a quantum state. Do you know what I'm telling you here? How many of you carry around the residue of someone's transitional imprint in the form of perpetual sorrow? It seems to stay and stay and the person just can't get over the death. That's how powerful the transiting experience is, since it can influence your life for a very long time, almost like an energy with a "life of its own."

Let me tell you something else that may explain some very ghastly and fearful things to many of you: It is the energy of what you call ghosts. Ghosts are very often the result of this death transition. But remember... it's not like paint. So it isn't necessarily local. Your mind wants to think it's 3D, so a "ghost energy" stays in certain places, but it doesn't. It's everywhere and anywhere on Earth you wish to access it. A family may move into a house, and they feel this horrific imprint of a death, and they're very afraid. So they move to another house. Oddly, the ghost (imprint) seems to go with them! This is because they actively participated with it and generated fear around it. They fed it.

Fear is a very powerful energy that attracts all kinds of things, and in this case, it was so powerful it allowed the imprint to become part of the family's lives. It will be with them anywhere they go until they break the fear bond with it... because they've accepted it into their countenance. Exorcists don't deal with evil entities (although they may think they do). They deal with Earth imprint energies that manifest into whatever the exorcist wishes to "see and believe." A real exorcist is one who specializes in the elimination of fear.

These imprints are not like paint. They doesn't rub off on you, either. It's energy that simply remains, but it's interdimensional, so it behaves oddly to you, and looks like the occult to those who wish it to. The transitional imprint is a powerful and beautiful part of the planet, for it's like a remembrance of every Human who ever walked with you, and it is needed for the vibration of the planet. Fear or joy is in the eye of the creator (you), and like so many interdimensional things, it can be loved (angels) or feared (ghosts), but the actual energy is very similar between the two.

I wouldn't tell you these things unless they were so. This information is given to you so you will understand the beauty of the system. Feel joyful that part of all life remains and can be talked to. Although the imprint would seem to be a "tape" that is played only when accessed, it isn't that way at all. It's actually Aunt Martha, suspended in time, in an interdimensional state, imprinted onto the crystalline memory of the planet. She's not "stuck" either, as some would have you believe. This system is beautiful, profound and a puzzle to your linear, 3D perception. But much like you accept that God can be in many places at the same time, adjust your thinking to Aunt Martha being of the same energy... forever part of Earth.

Can a psychic access a murdered Human and ask what happened? Yes. It is the same, but they are only accessing the Human in transition, and will only get what that Human knew at that point.

This all comes together under the category of understanding the interdimensional self. For all of you have your own imprints on Earth also. Difficult as it might seem, you can access them, too, and even take from them some of the wisdom and talents you used to have, applying them to you in your current life. I will call this "dipping into the Akash." It may allow you to think differently about death, but especially it makes you think differently about life. It's part of the system that enhances Human life. It's part of the system that is built to give you peace and not sorrow. It's part of the system that's built to honor your divinity and create something that you didn't know was there.

So where is Aunt Martha? As much as she can be, she's right here, part of Earth forever, and available. It's this way with all your lives, too, for the Human vibration is what drives all things on this planet, and is responsible for what is happening right now... the actual possibility of creating peace on Earth and moving into the 2012 renaissance with Lightworkers who are knowledgeable, unafraid and wise in the things of Earth, both 3D and interdimensional.

It's a sacred space here, you know. We don't always say that. A sacred space. And I don't want to go. But I'll see you in a moment. I always do.

And so it is.