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The Perception of God

Kryon through Lee Carroll

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rth" translation process from English to German. This kind of translation creates many short sentences in English, and to facilitate better reading, these have been put together and made to flow easier.So enjoy this enhanced message given in Oberndorf, Austria, October 14, 2006.


Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

So many years, we have been coming to you. From the beginning of the new energy on the planet, to what you have called the 11:11 energy, we have been coming to give you messages. These are messages you've heard before on the planet. It's about joy and self-empowerment. For some of you, this energy is not new at all. It's what some of you have expected since you were born!

I sit before a collection of Human Beings whose names I know. The names I "see" are in light in the Akashic Record. Beautiful, interdimensional names that we sing in light when we see you. How many of you really can believe that? Each one of you, no matter what you came for, let me ask you: Can you look inside for a moment? Could it be true that when your death is at hand, it's all over? Do you honestly believe that that's all there is? Do you not have the small spark of intuition that says, "No, it's not over at all." Well, the veil is thick and the duality plays its part, so you're not certain, are you? But can you feel it? Is there something more? That's called the veil. It keeps you from believing the rest of the story, it does. But you all know truth at a very intuitive level.

Most of the earth professes some kind of religion that believes in the afterlife. Almost every religion on the planet, even the mythology, claims that you go somewhere after you die. You see, it's intuitive, is it not? What you call Human life, it's not what you think. And if you would agree with that, then you must ask, "Well, where am I going?" How about home? This earth is not where you actually belong. I'm Kryon. I sit in the seat that sees you. I'm giving my partner pictures he's never seen before. I sit in a seat where I can see your magnificence and your grandness. You're not home right now. You're here on Earth. But you always come back, you know? If I could sing your name right now, the cells in your body would vibrate with remembrance. But the veil is thick.

We have taught for all of these years a premise that each Human is divine, that inside you is a system of divinity. Contrary to what most of you feel, you are, indeed, divine. This is not intuitive to begin with. In other words, it's difficult to believe. And that's the subject of this message. What are you going to do to believe this?

The premise continues and tells you that you have control over your actual cellular structure. Healing, fear and worry and frustration can be controlled – total control. But that's not intuitive, is it? Not believable, is it? Many of you here feel you're pushed around by these very energies that I just mentioned. I know who's here! I know what you're going through. In a group this size, there is so much! Some of you are actually in sorrow as you sit there in your seats.

Oh, this is a beautiful time. You say, "I've come for a vacation of my life. I can sit here and I can relax for a little while. I can get my feet washed by Spirit and I can feel the energy and relax for a little while. But then when it's over, I have to walk out the door and the heaviness will return. I have to go back to the same situation that I fight every day." I'll tell you, dear ones, this meeting should not be the escape. This meeting should be the solution. You should be here to celebrate! Celebrate your divinity and celebrate that you have power over the very things you think are imprisoning you right now.

Some of you are going to leave differently than you came. I know this. But it's a tough premise to teach. You look in the mirror and you just see a Human Being, don't you? It seems insulting, doesn't it, that every time you look in the mirror, your face has gotten just a little older. That is the way of it, you think. How would you like to change that? What about a system where you look in the mirror and say, "Well, you know, it doesn't seem like I've gotten older." What about that? "Kryon, can we do that?" Yes, you've always had the power to do that. The Yogis of old showed you how it was done. What did you think, that they were from another planet? Or were they just too special for you to think that you might do it? Were they so far removed from who you are that you think it's not for you to do? What is it that keeps you from understanding that it's possible? I'll tell you: Because it isn't intuitive and your assumed reality has taught you that you can't.

How Can I Believe?

The duality lays upon you in such a way that you're going to have to try to remove that false truth cover in order to find what is truly there. That is the premise. It's hard to believe, isn't it? "Kryon, what can I do," you might ask, "to increase my belief? Show me how I can grab onto this, and I'm having trouble actually believing. It sounds so good, I want it! I can't believe it." So, for those saying that, I give you the answer in this hour.

The first part of this answer is that you must get out of the box that wants to compartmentalize God. You don't even know you're doing it, but the box you're in is limited, as my partner said, to four dimensions. Most of you even think it’s three dimensions! And although you don't see it in a limiting way, there's a box you are in that is, indeed, limiting. Oh, the intellectuals among you don't agree with this. They don't agree with Kryon. They say, "We are an intelligent race. We Human Beings on the planet are the only ones who can contemplate our own existence. We can control our procreation. We can ponder our reality." It's true that you can do all those things, but only within the 3D box you have placed yourself into. You only ponder the box. You can't get past the ceiling, can you? You think the box is wide open and you're free to think anything. But not really. When pondering, you hit a reality ceiling that you don't even recognize. It keeps you from seeing who you are and asking the questions you should ask. It keeps you from belief and it's appropriate. It's called duality.

Just Happy to be Here…

Now, I'm going to give you some examples that might be humorous to you. For some it might be insulting, especially those intellectuals who will doubt what I'm saying. But I'd like to talk about your dog.

Not all of you have a dog, but you can pretend. If you have one, you truly own the dog. You are the master of him. To the dog, you are really God, aren't you? Did you ever think about this? How does the dog imagine you? When you have a winter and the dog knows it's cold outside, and you bring him inside and it's nice and warm, what do you suppose the dog thinks of that? The dog knows it's really cold outside, and somehow you have made it warm. Is the dog curious about that? Does his brain say, "Well, how did my master do that? It's really uncomfortable outside yet it's really cozy in here. How did he do that?" The dog doesn't think about that, does it? You see, the dog is just happy to be here.

Whatever you do, the dog is just happy to be here. You could put the dog in your auto and drive many kilometers. The dog will get out in a whole other place than it got in. And you'd think for a smart creature, it might wonder, "How did they do that? How can I get in this thing that moves, and then get out and I'm so far away from where I got in?" The dog never does that. The dog's just happy to be here. Every day you bring food from a mysterious place in the house and you put it in front of the dog. A constant abundance of wonderful food is always available. Sometimes he gets treats and deserts – all his life, forever! Wouldn't you expect the animal might some day look up at you and ask with its eyes, "How did you do that?" But he never does, you know? You see, it's out of his capacity. He's just happy to be here.

Now, you're going to say, "Well, Kryon, that's a dog, that's not a Human Being. Don't you dare compare the two." Sorry! I would like to tell you something. You're just like the dog! So many of you are just happy to be here! Amazing things are in front of you and you never even question them. God is at work in profound ways and you never even question it. There is an actual lid on your perception of all things, but you don't even think there is.

Angelic energy: Miracle or a different kind of "normal'?

You know, there are angels – real angels. You've read about them in scripture. They are spoken about many times. Think for a moment. An angel will sometimes appear in front of a Human Being or a group of Human Beings. It is an interdimensional energy, and so it often will come through a wall or floor – a huge iridescent interdimensional ball that is eight meters wide. Exactly eight meters. In it will seemingly float, since gravity is 3D.

Yet this experience is so powerful that whoever is in the room who is a Human Being has trouble breathing. It lays the Human Being on their knees and on their noses. It's a piece of God that comes into the room as an angel. When it happens, humans cry out in fear! It's totally and completely out of the purview of normal reality and so Humans immediately fear it. And, according to scripture, the angels always give the message, "Fear not. Fear not." Then the angel delivers a message and goes away.

Then what do the Humans do? Do they get up off the ground, scratch their heads, and say, "How did he do that?" No. I'll tell you why. Because you see God as another kind of entity – untouchable, able to do anything. Your mythology teaches you all about God, doesn't it? It's very separate from you – something to be worshipped, isn't it? In some parts of the earth, it's a controlling God, one that will punish you if you're not good. That's the mythology that Humankind has accepted.

Kryon is an angel. My energy appears through many Human Beings, but not in the way I just spoke. Instead, it's with a message directly for you in these new times. You can tell if it's really me, since the messages will have the same core of love. This new energy on Earth almost demands that you start asking the questions, "How did they do that?" And Kryon is here to help answer. The biggest answer is that you have a built-in DNA helper, if you chose to activate it.

I'll tell you something that is interesting. Has anybody noticed that the Universe has a system of creation about it? Scientists are even calling it "intelligent design." Scientists, not spiritualists, are saying these words: "Creation, as we see it, couldn't happen by accident. Everywhere we look in space, there's an intelligent plan. It flies in the face of being an accident." Then you simply go about your lives as if nothing happened. Did you hear them? Why is there no uprising that looks to the skies and demands of all, "Oh, how did they do that?" No. You're just happy to be here. [Kryon smile]

You say it has nothing to do with you? It has everything to do with you! Look at the stars tonight when you go outside and watch them wink at you. They all know who you are. The system is for you. The system IS you. Here we have such a profound, reliably observable aspect of how the Universe was created and even your scientists are looking at it and proclaiming intelligent design. You don't claim any part of it, do you? It must be God, you say… must be God.

I'll give you another one that's right in front of you. We've told you this before, but it's worth another look: You look around the earth and you see all the marvelous animals. You see the mammals that are much like you and you observe the results of their development over the years. Did you ever notice the variety? Even in the ones that seem humanoid, like the apes and the monkeys? Did you ever go to the zoo and see how many monkeys there were? Did you ever see the natural selection of the planet and how it works? There are dozens and dozens of kinds of monkeys – the ones with tails, without tails, the ones with the different kinds and colors of hair, the sizes. They are classified as to new and old world, and from different places on Earth. That's the way nature works. It creates dozens of varieties.

Now look at humanity. There's only one kind! Now, how many of you got together in a huge group and demanded of science to tell you what's going on? "That's not right! Against all odds there's only one kind of Human." Maybe this is a sign of something greater for you to look at? What does it mean? But no, there is no inquiry, is there? Instead, you're just happy to be here.

One kind of Human. Did you ever think of this? Oh, there are different colors. But there's only one kind of Human. The facts are counterintuitive to everything else you see around you. Almost seven billion strong, at the top of the evolutionary ladder, most progressive, able to contemplate its own existence, yet unable to see itself as unique and part of God. Yes, dear ones, there is a ceiling on your thought processes called "the veil."

The veil lies heavily upon all of you. And you don't ever ask the questions you should ask. Mr. Intellectual, you think you have an expanded consciousness, do you? Did you ever think about those things? What about the others around you? It's not intuitive, you know? See, there's also a known spiritual system keeping you in this box. And that, dear Human Beings, is what is changing in this energy. You're very resistant to change, you know? You are even resistant to scientific change with proof! You are often just happy to let it alone.

Let me give you a parable to show you just how resistant the Human Being can be to things different, scary, and fearful. Let me take you back to the Aegean Sea. A sailor named Wo is there. Now Wo is the Kryon parable example – a Wo-man, not a man or a woman. We always use him/her for the example. This time Wo is a male sailor, and he's been a sailor all his life. He's very familiar with the ocean, but now up comes an ocean storm, a squall. The fog closes in and Wo does not know where he is. It's a night he can't navigate since the stars are out of sight. Wo worries for his life, but he has done this many times. It's in the 1500s and there's no modern inventions – just courage.

Suddenly, a figure appears on his ship and speaks.

"Wo, we're here to help."

Wo doesn't understand. Who could this be? It was someone who was not there a moment ago, so it had to be un-Human. Immediately, Wo has to weigh whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Did you know you do that, too? In this year, 2006. If an apparition were to come into this room right now, just like the days of old, you'd fear it first and wonder about it second. Did you know that? If a piece of God in all its glory would come in here, the first thing you would do is fear it. That's not even fair, you might say, but that's what the duality does to you.

So in all appropriate duality, Wo decides this must not be a good thing. It could be the devil, you know?

"Don't come any closer. What do you want?" Wo says.

"Wo, we have seen you here and you’re in trouble, we have some gifts for you. Here is a device from the future. It's called radar. You can use it. Here, look at this screen and see where the land is. You can steer in that direction," the apparition replied.

Wo took a look at it and said, "This is a tool of the devil. Nothing like this can exist. It will never exist and this is only your evil magic. What do you really want?"

And the man said, "I'm here to help you, Wo! Here's something else. It's called GPS. You'll know exactly where you are in the ocean, right now. Look at this screen. It provides information that will guide you to safety."

Wo is afraid and orders the man off his ship. He decides to go it alone. "I'll take my chances with what I know and what I'm used to," Wo says. And he does.

I've just given you a snapshot of who you are, modern Human. It's also an example of duality at its most efficient level. Those things offered Wo weren't even gifts from God. They were just the common technology of your age, yet Wo was frightened of it. How many times have you walked the path and cried out to God that you need help? Then when answers come in odd packages, you fear first. You say, "No, I can't do that. I'm afraid of that." You all do it, and my partner has done it within the last two days, and he's the channel! The Human's first reaction is fear. You can't see the gifts if you don't feel you can "figure it out" in 3D. And you don't recognize the divinity at all.

It's time for you to understand that you are partnering with God. I've got some good news and I'll give it to you in a moment. Many say,"Kryon, how can I believe? How can I have a better belief of these things? You say the duality is built into me to keep me from believing , so how do I get beyond that?" The Human wants to figure it out before they believe in it. That's what your churches are for – a 3D bridge of belief. They write all the rules for you so you understand it and feel good about it. They serve their purpose, but it only opens the door for you to feel comfortable about it all.

I want to ask you a question. When you leave the room, many of you are going to get into an automobile and drive somewhere. How many of you will get out the manual for the transmission and read it fully before you get into the car? What about that complex engine? You're not going to get in that thing without understanding how it works are you? And the answer is, yes, you are! You do it all the time. You see, it's because it's common, and you trust it. You want to believe? It's time that you trust something we're going to identify for you called Cosmic Intelligence. That's the manual for your belief. Do you want this, dear one? Cosmic Intelligence.

I'm going to give it to you in a very basic way. You want to know more about yourself? Do you want to believe? All you have to do is, with pure intent, push on that door… the big issue door. Verbalize: "Dear God, is it possible that there are things that are bigger than I am that I should know? Dear God, I don't want to figure it out; I just want to know is it possible. I wish to open this door of belief."

Here is the promise today: Any of you with pure intent may begin to open that door. And when you do, you activate something divine within yourself. This is the button that gets pushed that allows you to go beyond the veil. With pure intent you begin by asking the question, and then everything begins to shift. Don't ask a curious question. It has to be a passionate question from the heart: "Dear God, show me what it is I need to know to go beyond myself and my unbelief." And then the light goes on, dear one. I'll tell you what happens: Your DNA starts to change! This is not a fairy tale. This is not fiction. This is the system that counteracts duality, but it is one that is activated with free choice and pure intent by each Human one at a time.

The good news? We have described it before. Layer 10 of DNA is responsible for helping you believe. Think of it – an entire portion of your own body is asleep all your life, but ready for you to do something. It is "hooked to" the divine, and when you start to push on the door with the passion of God, the body begins to react. Things start happening around you, and the belief is starting to be centered and activated. Slowly, you start to understand about cosmic intelligence. It's like you plugged into the partnership computer with God. You don't have to do anything to earn this! You don't have to do anything but ask, and then the energy begins to flow in both ways, slowly. You start to send light to the earth. You don't have to know where it's going, how it goes there, or even who receives it. You open the door to cosmic intelligence, and let it go!

Some of you have said, "Well, how do we pray? We've got to have a list. We have to know the names. What is the process of prayer, Kryon? And when we pray, should we have the lights on or off? What kind of music? Day or night? Candles or crystals?"

I'll give you a way that will shock you: How about you get in the closet, turn off the lights and pray? No candles, no music, no crystals. Because there's an angel in that closet who's hooked to the source, and no enhancements are needed for an angel. You'll feel the love of God in the dark and you won't be afraid. Stop writing the manuals and just send the light. Indeed there are new, elegant systems developed in this new energy to help you do this. You're not supposed to throw the systems away since some of them actually help you to push upon the door. It's interesting when you look at these new systems, for you will find that many have only been available for the last 15 years. Carefully stewarded, they are. Given to very high energy teachers, they are. Look for them. They're here for you, and they feature this very thing within their teaching: cosmic intelligence.

Helping you to find the divinity inside – that's our message. Awakening the true essence of your soul and helping you to see that you are eternal – that's our message. How many of you are going to leave this place just happy to be here? Or how many of you are going to say, "I'd like to change some things in my life. I'm tired of worrying about everything." See? I know who's here. Do you know how many people are in this group who need healing? In a group of almost 500, how many are really in search of healing? Don't do anything, dear one. Don't raise your hand, because I already know. There are almost 100 of you.

There are some that are unbalanced. Maybe that's why you came here? Well, don't look at the stage for balance, because nothing's going to happen up here. Instead, there are angels sitting where you are, and you are one of them. Perhaps it's time to push on the door and plug into that power? Feel the cosmic intelligence push through you right now. How do you know it's there? I'll tell you how you'll know: You'll feel peace when you shouldn't have a reason to be peaceful. You'll walk out of here peaceful. Your problems won't have changed, but suddenly, you're not just happy to be here, instead you're starting to ask, "How did he do that?" And the answer is flowing into your side of the veil – into you. You'll feel peace about your life. You'll feel assurances about the future, even though you can't know or see it. Things will begin to change. Are you ready for that?

All of these years that I've been here to see you, do you realize I have never changed? I have never, ever changed what I tell you. That's how the duality works. Some hear it, and some don't. Some hear it only w hen they are in fear, and others are beginning to realize that this information is available to study and act on within normal life. Blessed is the Human who considers this "normal"!

The entourage that is in here is going to remain. When you come back tomorrow morning, the first thing you're going to feel is that the room is ready for you. We will be ready to again hold your hand when you walk in, and wash your feet while you're here. We love to give you these moments of bliss and joy – not so you can escape, but so you will know what it's like to sit within your mastery. That's the way you're going to feel every day of your life until the day you die. Then you come home. That's the system. It's beautiful, you know? Did you come for a healing? Oh, now would be a good time!


And there are those in here who will send light to you and pray for you. Angels, every one of you. And so it is.