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Morning Wakeup Call October 31, 2002 Remember The Spark Within

Remember The Spark Within

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Morning Wake up Call Oct 31, 2002

On a day like today there are two ways to arrive at a given solution to a problem. Good morning I am the essence of the energy of Kryon, and I come to you in this manner for the purpose of uncovering the energy of this day as it is represented on your planet earth. This is the day of the spooks and the goblins. Do you know how it got started, this Halloween? This day is one that has come down through the ages as the day that the witches ride their broomsticks, and the dead inherit the earth.

Long ago in the annals of history there lived a person who carried a certain amount of clout in the carrying out of certain ceremonies. These ceremonies spoke of the brandishment of many forms of witchcraft and sorcery. In the carrying out of these accounts, there was one man who was especially wary of these practices. This man waited in the shadows to catch the other person at his craft.

One day, there was a huge explosion, and all the countryside reverberated with the noise. People came running out of their homes and searched frantically for the origin of the explosion. They went from person to person, from hamlet to hamlet, knocking on people's doors, and asking for the news that would appease their fear.

Alas, the only word they got was that the sorcerer had been up to his tricks, and that there would be a great spell cast on anyone who tried to stop him. This angered the man who appointed himself as the savior of the people. "I will find the sorcerer, and I will forever silence his ways!"

The people returned to their homes, satisfied that they would not have to continue their search and perhaps be struck down by the magic of the evil sorcerer. The savior carried out his announcement. He wondered far and wide searching for the sorcerer. He offered a reward for any news that would lead him directly to the man. The people were too afraid to even think of that possibility. They counted on him as their savior.

One day the savior came across a cave with an opening hidden deep in the shadows of the forest. He sensed a presence within, and gathered all his courage, and with a torch crept inside. The flames of his torch leapt and flickered as he descended deeper into the cave. Suddenly the cavern opened wide and he found he was standing in the midst of a cache of jewels and precious metals. The glow from the torch caught the glitter of the riches, and cast shadows that danced on the walls of the cavern. Soon the savior realized he was not alone. As his eyes accustomed themselves to the dim light, he could make out forms of people, many people standing still, almost lifeless. He did not hear breathing, only a drip, drip from a place high up on one of the walls.

In the next moment he heard a whisper. "You have come to the land of the dead. I am here as watcher of the dead and their treasure. You are not welcome here, so you must go and never speak of this to anyone." "But I know of this now, how can I not speak of this; it is too incredible a story to keep confined within my self." The savior feared not for he knew only that the people counted on him, he was invincible. The voice repeated the warning, and ended with the words, "I am prepared to include you with these dead, if you have any riches to include in the lot. Otherwise, I must cast you out and lay a spell upon you that you will carry for the rest of eternity." "I do not fear you; and you shall not kill me or cast a spell on me, for I am the great savior that the people believe in. I shall defeat you and carry the riches home to the villages. Then we will return and bury these poor souls and you along with them." The savior stood strong in his belief.

The sorcerer raged in his place, and raised his arms to the highest reaches of the cavern. "You are the nemesis of the underground, and I banish you from the earth and all of the riches of the universe. You are fighting the warrior of the darkness, and you will forever float in the darkness of the universe to nevermore set foot on this earth and be adored by the people!" The wicked laughter of the sorcerer rang out and echoed along the halls of the cave. Great sparks flew from the torch as it toppled to the floor of the cavern. Billows of smoke arose from the dying flames as the sorcerer spat great volumes of water at the torch to plunge him and his captives into the darkness once again. When the smoke cleared, and the dust settled, the savior stood firm in his place in the cavern. The sorcerer bellowed, "You should not still be here; I banished you to the emptiness of space!" I am here, though; and I shall not leave until all of this is at rest and sanctified by the people and god. You are nothing more than a fallen soul, and you will be given choice to return to the people in a peaceful manner, or forever be captive in your own world of darkness, the one you have created. Your power only extends as far as the confines of your small mind. Your abilities against the mighty power of God stand in nothingness.

The savior turned and walked toward the mouth of the cave. He looked back at the sorcerer and declared, "You are the product of your own fearful thought, therefore that is all you will have till you come out into the Light. There is no value in the riches you hold here, for without the people to share and exchange with they are but pieces of metal and stone. The people who once breathed the life of the Lord whom you hold here, have long been no more than just flesh and bones, and are of no worth, but to remind you of your own immortality. I offer you come and change your ways, and join in the fellowship of man. Or be dammed to your own retribution.

With those final words, the savior left the dark cave and returned to the freshness of the Light. He strode forward in new strength, for he knew in his heart that he had learned a valuable lesson. Without the love of the people he served, he was nothing in the eyes of the Lord. Nothing that is in comparison, and when the comparison put him up against the people, he was no more nor no less than they.

He hurried on wings of delight to the villages of his loving. As he met the people he told them of his adventure, and of the lesson he learned. He told them, "Revere me not, unless you revere yourselves as you do me, for I am the epitome of you and you are that of me as we all are of the God that lives in the core of our beingness. The sorcerer is the one to revere, for he knows not of his potential of the Light. He is lost in the annals of the time he has created in the sin of his denial."

The people gathered round and asked of the wisdom he brought them. The questions were many and varied. One especially was presented by many at the same time, "My master, why do you say to revere the sorcerer, for he knows not of his Divinity, and hides in the darkness of his soul."

"This my dears is the answer to the song of the ages. To revere those in the dark is to touch the very spark of the Light that lays hidden, and to bid that spark to grow if it chooses to match the Light of the God that shines forth from his fellows. You do not revere the darkness, but the Light, and in the adoration leaps the strength of the God within."

The people of the world learned a great lesson that day. And the lesson released a great fear that had held the darkness in slumber. With the Light that grew stronger that day, there was a great celebration that carried round the world. No longer was there the fear and hiding from the sorcerer. Every year the people carried forth in celebration of the spark of the light that lives within the darkness. Every year the Light invites another one of the darkness to come out and play in the Light of the love of the ages and the Infinite innocence of the Eternal flame

This is the end of my story, and the beginning of the problem solving solution. Go out my dears and carry your Light to the recesses of the universe and the darkness of the limits of the caves of compassion. Let your Light shine into each corner and cave and bring the beauty of the riches forth to be seen by all who gaze upon the splendor. For you are wise and you are joyful; and you carry within the degree of the Light that shines forth and enlightens the world.

I am Kryon, and I wish you the gloriest of days in the celebration of even the tiniest of sparks. For in that spark is the celebration of the light of the Source.