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A Message To Monka, Soltec, & al...

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onal dream, as you all know by now; Is to possess a flying saucer of my design; named "The Isle of Light" ; and use this "Galactic Mobile Home" as my Star Ambassador Headquarter's Ship...

I intend to build a cresent-shaped home -likely initially on this Earth; But later perhaps on Planet America in the 5th, 6th, & 7th Dimensions; Which would partially surround this starship; and be it's docking station.

This would give me a planet-based "base of operations". The planet Vixall has very highly skilled & competant androids; and I hope to obtain several of these "humanoid robots" for my crew !

Saint Germain's World Trust Fund has more money than the goodly Saint knows what to do with... ( see below ) and I ask that provisions be made to finance my endeavors through these riches... I request $ 3 Billion Dollars for my "Enterprise Solution" ...which would entail purchasing land and building my StarSchool University-City and a manufacturing plant for small Pleiadean "run-about" saucers to provide these as an alternative on this earth to automobiles, commuter aircraft, and helicopters... This industrial complex would provide funding for many other Lightworker projects; such as food replicators; and many other Spiritual Engineering Projects... $ 2 Billion of this Amount is ear-marked already for Lightworker projects including several "Cities of Light" to be constructed upon this Earth; and Kasandra Forenna Clemente's Media Studio Complex...

Once my "Isles of Light" become public knowledge throughout the Galactic Confederation of Free & Sovereign Planets; I am totally certain that Monka & Korton's Martians will have orders for thousands of these starships from Star Ambassadors wishing to imitate my plans & intentions !

I request that all of us work together to manifest my intent; and let's get the ball rolling and the dream actualized !

Commander/Ambassador Pa ule LeBreton


From Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain:

"When I created the World Trust 253 Years Ago, I envisioned a group of Highly Enlightened Humans, women and men, living in these times of the New Millennium who are bringing forth the new world Paradigm of Transforming war to Peace, hate to Love, pain to Pleasure, grief to Celebration, and poverty to Wealth. Many of you are Members of the 144,000 who chose to come into these times and fulfill My Dreams.

I am Honored by your Great Tenacity and Determination in going forth to fulfill your missions on Earth in these Glorious Times of Transformation on behalf of the One Source of All That Is and the Divine Plan. In the Coming Days, you will Surmount many challenges and you will Rise to Uplift the entire human race with the Glorious Wealth now coming to you which I have had the Enormous Honor of placing into your Stewardship.

I have Loved You from afar for many decades as I have watched you hold onto your Dreams of Transforming the world into a better place. I have watched you struggle to remain true to Your Vision that, indeed, the Transformations for which you came Are Nigh. I am here now watching over the Distribution of the Wealth I have arranged to be given to You, The Children of Light, in these Astounding Times.

In the Coming Days, I will speak directly to you and offer guidance for how the entire world's population may live in Comfort, Prosperity, Peace, and Harmony. I have provided the Divine Formulas to those White Knights who are bringing forth the Abundance of Heaven to each Man, Woman, and Child on Earth.

You have been fooled into believing there is little wealth to be accessed in Living Divine Light. In fact the Treasure Stores of Heaven are being Opened Up to you who are Children of Light to carry forth Your Missions with Ease and Grace. I and the Other Beloved Ascended Masters are bringing forth hitherto Hidden Treasures to be made available for the Grand Transformations ongoing across the world. There is more Gold, Silver, and Platinum, more Jewels, and more Wealth than We have ever allowed to come to Light for many centuries. We have gathered and hidden Great Storehouses of Treasures over the centuries which will be made available for Uplifting every man, woman, and child from the pain of poverty and financial distress into the Love of Source and Prosperity which allows them to Transcend themselves and live as Divine Human Representatives of Source on Earth.

I enjoin You, Children of Light of America, to Protect and Treasure the Restored Liberties under NESARA. Only in True Liberty are You Empowered to Carry Forth your Great Missions of bringing Peace to the entire world, of replacing government tyranny with Individual Liberty and Sovereignty as the basis of new government for All People, feeding the hungry, clothing, sheltering, and educating those caught in the vise of poverty so All People may step into their Full Divine Empowerment.

I will be Collaborating and Meeting with many of You Children of Light in the Coming Days. Our Moment of beginning our Collaborations is Very Near.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Folks, I'm told Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain was a friend and supporter of George Washington and other Founding Fathers in the days of our nation's birth . He is once again working strenuously to restore Liberty to our people through NESARA's Announcement and implementation. Dove of Oneness & The White Knights