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Relay Relay Relay Oct. 9, 2006

Spirit Eagle

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>When you sense that you are in our (Star Nations) presence, by all means engage us in conversation! We know who you are! We will answer your questions if possible to do so at the time.

We, too, are very curious about you and about, "what makes you tick". Ah, another allusion to "time". Speaking of that, we on the Trexel are also looking to the day when we all can get re-acquainted with our Earth Family!

We have studied your societies from afar. Now it is time for a closer association, hence our dropping by here and there!

You are the vanguard of the New Earth! You will sing the harmonies of the Song of Love and send this song throughout your Earth and send it throughout the Cosmos!

Every action you take towards Peace on your World, opens a Pathway for others to follow. And FOLLOW, THEY WILL! Speak, write, sing, paint, dance, run, walk, laugh, knit, Create Who you are in this world into one Joyous Expression of The All!

We will look for your recognition of us as we walk upon your Earth! Good Night and Sleep well in the Arms of the Mother!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle Friday October 6, 2006 10:50 pm