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"Lesson For The Scribe" by Violinio Germain - From Phoenix Journal #7 "Rainbow Masters, The Magnificent Seven"

Violinio Germain

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thy circuits. So be it, indeed, so be it. I hear you! I walk with you and I work with you and my chelas. The difference in you and others who follow my teachings is that you have bitten off great bunches more than most; ye ones have chosen to keep at learning, working and building in the brilliance of all the rays of the Mighty Presence, the total Light; I am humble in thy presence. Thee too, are the saints and the masters, beloved ones; man has simply misused the words. In the aged times "saint" was simply one of THE Master’s faithful chelas. It had naught to do with a club’s voting for favors. "Church" IS the body of the Master. If you follow my teachings you are the "church" of the seventh ray. It had nothing to do with a bricken building. Am I immortal? Yea, and so are thee. I am grand and wondrous for I AM--ALL; so are thee! But I work diligently for my lessons are always before me, just as with thee. I AM totally humbled in the Presence of the Lighted "One" who has Mastered All His lessons and yet he bends his knee before that which I AM and I can accept of it for it IS GOD TO WHOM WE GIVE HONOR AND RESPECT. One day ye will see of it all and not ponder at such lengths.

Ah, Dharma, thy lessons have been hard. Hatonn and I have caused thee to mind of thy scribing with things thee would not expect from Higher dimensions. Well, chelas, ye ones must not tamper nor "clean-up" of our messages--ye must clear of thy space and write what we give. NO MORE; NO LESS. We are in appreciation if you will correct of our commas and spelling. It has been kind (and necessary) to have shared of thy training, chela, for ones need to know how it is. Things for publication will bear our equally thoughtful and perfect input. It has not only been necessary to see how you would receive and pass along writings, but also we must see in what manner the writings are received by different energies. Ones are most set in their ways upon thy place. Receiving and accepting only those things within their individual ability to receive or express. My teachings have been most abused, amused--and too often, worshipped. ’Tis a negative thing to worship for that is reserved for the Totality of Perfection; God. You can get away with it with Esu Sananda for he is One with the Father in level of perfection. You will note I am referred to as Master, Lord, Saint and many other things--I am not called Christ. I am One with the Christos; I AM not achieved to a level of perfection to BE CHRIST!

The level of disease upon thy place allows both me and thee to grow and "earn our passage". Let us be ever most humbly grateful for the allowed experience and may we always do of our job with honor and perfection that we might earn of our rank.

There you are; HERE I AM--in the Heart of Infinity. Here where the divine spark IS, infinity. Therefore, blessed ones, I greet you as the Infinite One and as Infinite Ones--one times one times one times one, ever the Infinite "One".


Let the great and sacred circle of our oneness and our love cancel out all division, all misunderstanding, all ignorance and every false testimony as in the case of the blind men and the elephant--all giving varied reports of the same spectacle, but never arriving at the point of what was beneath their senses. The eyes that see are only a mirror of what thy heart and soul "sees". Always look with thy eyes from the perspective of thy Heart.

I call your attention to that point. For centered in your heart, which is becoming my heart day by day, you can see all things as they are. For the true perspective of wisdom, anointed with love, enfired with the will to be all that God is, and blessed with the purity of the Mother--what else can there be out of this than the crystal prism?

Behold, I make all things new by the flame of the heart, by the vision of the heart, by the wisdom of the heart that is the endless stream of the endless Source.

O my beloved ones, I am come and I am joyous to be here, joyous to bask in the light of thy own hearts. I see your perspective, for instance, of "freedom" and I come therefore to give unto you another. May you pass every test, precious chelas--may you pass every test!

Beloved ones, the reward of Love is great. However, those who deserve it often do not receive it because they are the ones, the busy ones, working and serving. They often do not take of the time to be quiet and receive. It is most important to allow receiving. Always be at work to enlarge thy aura of Light that ye can be in the abundant receiving. The "means" is not the "goal", but the end is the star itself appearing. Therefore, let us not allow our ways and means to compromise the goal or to cause us to tarry or lose sight of the goal. However, most surely you MUST utilize EVERY tool at thy disposal or ye will never move forward--you will be trapped by the very laws and actions of those who control thee. You must use of thy Higher Intelligence and USE tools hidden for "their" own advantage. Not unlawfully, nor with immorality; but use the tools brought to you for this wondrous mission. Ye are working within the arena of "man" and there is no place for "miracles' lest ye be shot in thy beds. Use the tools of man to thy best ability that we can be in the achieving of our mandatory goals. So be it.

God in you is able! GOD IS ABLE! But do not, I pray you, adorn the "human" self, which the mortal is. As the grass or the flower, it is here today and then gone. The mighty fire and the wind sweep through and it is no more.

Beloved ones, the course of perfecting the human is not the way. It is not the way of overcoming. Thus, if you are interested in perfecting, you can right now drop that pride in your human self. Drop it on the floor as an old garment--throw of it away. It is but an old, oily, torn undershirt that you have worn far too long.

Beloved one, this Messenger does gaze upon thee and rejoices in thy victories and yet I ofttimes wonder and muse "why", through all of the teachings given, you yet hang on to that supercilious consciousness of that "human" self. Well, so be it.

Beloved ones, I come, therefore, to deliver this message in consultation with my brethren and in the guidance of The Master Teacher TO PIERCE NOW THE VEIL IN YOUR BELIEF IN YOURSELF AS "MORTALS!" This is my God determination, this is God’s will, and I am here in the full force of hierarch to WIPE FROM THE VERY SCREEN OF LIFE THE LOADS OF "MORTALITY" ITSELF. SO BE IT. This is the same law that sustains the dark consciousness. You ones have petitioned to be relieved of this darkened consciousness. Then, I petition thee, be done with it. We are free spirits. WE ARE FREE SPIRITS! You do not have to wait until the hour of physical death, so-called, to know eternal Life. you are eternal here and now. This place is your eternal abode, and I speak not of finite coordinates, but of this place as the point of the eye of the Mind of God--the SEAT of thy consciousness. Come into the awareness of the God Within. Feel of it. That awareness of God in yourself is something above and beyond the "form", yet it registers within and upon the form. Therefore, now, let us roll up our sleeves and go to work. May you pass every test!


Beloved Chelas, how do we begin? Well, you ones have already moved far along but I will remind thee. Ye must learn to maintain that God-control that allows for the rhythm of God to restore balance before the human reaction--out of fear or anger or that teetering/tottering of off balance.

The components are there in the dictations, the lessons given and ye ones have had thy lessons from "THE BEST" there is. Ye have had thy lessons handed down from the Highest Source there is. Ye have sat in session with God. This does not mean ye are always in perfection--thee are human. It does mean, however, that if ye follow thy learnings ye will be able always to regain of thy balance when the normal flow of the aura has been disturbed. Ye will "respond" with thoughtful balance and through so doing, ye will prevail whatever the circumstance going on about thee.

Ye must always be the "calm voice" and presence in the vortex of activity and calamity, and learn the way of the power, the immense power of peace itself. Peace comes from the demanding of its presence--call upon my flame of violet transmutation. Use of the alchemy at hand and at thy disposal in all of thy needs and actions. Use it, use it, use it. It is there for thy use.

Use also the blue flame of Michael. Put up thy wall of blue flame, then you have the power of the tube of light. Further, if in thy circumstance, diplomacy does not work, there is always the strength of the shield of Archangel Michael at thy disposal.

In the sweetness of the Light, I AM come.

Often, chelas, it is simply a matter of stance. How do you hold yourself? Are you in readiness for the next delivery of God or thrust of the sinister force, or are you, as they say these days, "laid-back"? If you are "laid-back", wide open, lounging around the TV set and it is bleating, the ads are bombarding their rock beat, the Music?? video is blasting, the cat meowing, the dog barking, children are screaming, the phone is ringing--how do you expect, then, to keep your "cool"? It is a setup, but YOU have set it up!

Beloved ones, do not allow of it. It is a matter of one, two, three, four, five--. There are requirements. Do not allow all these things to be taking place at once in thy environment. Ye can feed the cat, quiet the dog, TURN OFF THE TV, quiet the children or plug thy ears until thee gets them under thy control. It is called discipline. It is education; disciplined education of self and then of others.


Taking the point of education; the education is of your soul and, by your example, the education of others. Avoid that which is controversial; you know when ye can start of a terrific argument. Ye even are in the enjoying of such; but thy children do not have experience to discern difference. They can only learn to shout and hit and destroy through example. If thee are quiet and listen, they will learn to quiet themselves and listen. They learn it from discipline; not abuse or striking of their bodies--discipline. If thee turns OFF the TV thee are headed into the right course. So be it.

Whenever there is "agreement" in a principle of God, a nucleus is formed--a bond of love. That bond of love actually begins to consume the area of "disagreement" and error which may be in the mind of yourself or other, for we ourselves must see our own misconceptions.

There are times you cause, by word or action, great pain and grief through the negative clouds of pessimism, criticism and clamoring to have of thy way. On other occasion, by doing what you know so well "how" to do, every one has come away feeling loved, satisfied and important. Oh, chelas, the carnal mind takes pride in itself, in its ability to control and hurt and put down; to best another, and to rise and puff up as the puffing up of a snake or puff fish.

Beloved ones, assume that those who come to you are injured and maimed and scarred, for they are. They have been in many battles of life. If you find them difficult or thick skinned, this is a defense mechanism they have set up for a very deep hurt. Heal the hurt, not in such an obvious manner as self-proclaiming oneself as the healer--but simply do it in the quietness of your heart--PRAY, DO NOT PREY. That which is going on within thy heart will be reflected outward and can be accepted by another at a pure level of mind understanding.

It is true, beloved ones. Much of the hurt, much of the cruelty expressed in the world today is the means of the individual wrapping up again and again that old wound, that sharpness. And thus, it becomes a very important point of the Law to apply to Almighty God for the healing of one’s soul of the NEED to be aggressive toward any part of life.

You see, mortals have these needs, humans may have them; for both are without the divine spark. But the sons and daughters of God, the children of Light have no need to partake in the world’s fare of psychology, just as you do not partake of the food that is served in some quarters. You have transcended the need for such intake. Much of the cause of your failure of many tests is that you have not stopped to rid yourself of the human habit to express that aggravation. All of the negative actions are coming from the need of the carnal mind to assert itself. It is not real! It has no power to dominate your personality. I speak directly to you, and all of you know whereof I speak. You compromise yourself by your inappropriate use of thy free-will choices.


Understand the Law I reveal unto you. "Sin" (and how I wish for a better word) can only be committed in a finite consciousness or in the finiteness of time and space. The moment "sin" is conceived, the conceiver of the "sin" is no longer a part of eternity. He will place upon his own head a price for the error in free-will choices.

When Michael cast out the fallen ones from Heaven, he was ratifying the law of their own being which they set in motion by the spirit of pride: "I will become God. I will not worship a living Christ but `I’ will be worshiped!" This was their vow. Instantaneously, they lost the protection of the circle of the One. Thus, in casting them out, Archangel Michael and his legions were the instantaneous representatives of cosmic Law. Each time you deliberately act in "sin", you lose the protection of the Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.

When you do act in human "sin", when an idea becomes so impelling that you fulfill it and commit some "sin", remember that you are creating bonds of limitation that will eventually turn upon self in forms of disease, death, et cetera. The Law is just. May the just man always use the Law in perfection and with wisdom, to their advantage, which advantage ought to be the liberation of the light of the heart which will insure you great gain in all octaves.


Therefore, as we move forward in our works, take care of thy intent. Let us quell the subtle vibration of ambition which you do not fully recognize and, therefore, I admonish you to pay attention. Clear of thy space and then look at what ye do in Light. Ambition in itself is a hideous ego monster, tricking you all the way to trust the human consciousness instead of to get God first and, in getting Him, to find a cornucopia of treasure and wisdom, abundance, light and divine love ever flowing.

Know, chelas, that all desires of the human that you may have in this world can be surrendered. When they are surrendered, the divine desiring of God comes into your life. Since the God dwells within self; who benefits? Ah so!

To move, with us, along our path there are things which must be overcome in thy personalities of desire. If you would retain, for instance, the desire to control others (a very prevalent desire in the human), the desire to have those things that are not ordained and on and on, but you desire to give up only those things that make you sick and uncomfortable, you will be walking upon a tightrope of the human consciousness, trying to take the best of it and to leave the worst and yet not really willing to forsake the totality of it or the whole ball of wax, as you might say. It is a precarious position and I can only admonish, for you have free will.

Every experience in life can be transmuted and transcended to become a divine experience--though physical, though actual, though down-to-earth, though a part of what that truly golden-age consciousness can be. It is not wrong to desire happiness, to desire thy own fulfillment or education or God success. Truly, no thing will God withhold from thee when you use legitimate means of arriving at thy goal.


Fear is what binds you to the alternative path and method. Thus, I say, drop those fears! Let God show you how happy you can be in the fullness of His Love--how you can have all these things in the fullness--how you can have these things in the highest sense, glorify His name, pass the human consciousness through the transmuting flame, and still retain an individuality which is happy, joyous, hard-working, ever-learning, striving and a joy to be with because you will be the one who unlocks the mysteries for others. The mystery of happiness itself written all over thy countenance can be divined by those who meet you by watching how ye live.

Cease, then, cease from toying with the idea of unreality! Cease from the idea that you have ever been enslaved. The slaves of death must live in a consciousness of death! Let us remove the octave of the consciousness of death. Let us remove that plane. Let us cease the pains of flesh that tell thee you are in an act of death reality. If it ceases to be, this plane, will YOU cease to be??


Take the astral plane for existence--nothing permanent, nothing reliable, all illusion, endless exploration of matter scenes that are changing like a kaleidoscope, entertaining for an "infinity" that is an imitation of the "real" Infinity. The labyrinth of the human consciousness--may dwell in it. As for me, and in my life, I long ago canceled it out and I have suffered no loss; for I had long before consumed and replaced the astral debris with the victory of the Christ Circle of consciousness.

God does not cancel out the astral plane because a part of each of you is still there--records of the past, a sense of life expectancies and insurance policies and actualities and possibilities and "When I die, this will happen".

You see, beloved ones, people actually consider themselves evolving toward death, moving ever closer to the final experience which they dread with their whole life being. Well, were we to cancel out that plane (astral) for them, so much of them would cease to be, there would be nothing left that could be transmuted and that could rise and could take dominion over it.

Thus, the only place where the consciousness of death and the astral plane can be canceled out is in the point of the will of the chela in this octave, Only you can decide: "It is no more! I shall weep no more about any human experience!"--that is, in the sense of self-pity or condemnation, for the tear that is shed with joy and compassion is not the weeping of the weeping entity.

When you decide it is done, and you decide with the full power of your I AM Presence that you are willing to wrestle with old momentum and not allow that beast to rise from the dead at any time, when you will plunge the sword of the Word, and the spoken Word, into it, when you will wrestle with every temptation to breathe upon it the breath of life again and take it up again--I tell you, beloved ones, so many angels will come to reinforce the determination of the sons and daughters of God to be free.


Cosmic reinforcements are waiting. You must not be discouraged and say, "This is the way I am and God will have to take me the way I am". Well, beloved ones, no louder voice did pride ever have, looming and glaring at the soul that has been silenced by the heavy tread of the boot of those who are the self-proclaimed independent ones, not realizing they have been singed by "Lucifer himself". For he is the one who said, "I am who I am! I am more important than the Son of God, and God will have to ordain that His sons worship me, else I will rebel--God will have to take me as I am!"

Chelas, the problem we have today in our circles is that there is not much farther down that anyone can be cast in this day and age than to walk the physical octave. Therefore, though you think the angel has not bound you and removed you from God’s glory by your defiance, it in fact has already happened.!!!!!! So be it, look very, very carefully.


Accept of thy chain of being, ye are a part of the eternal chain of God. The higher helps the lower. As you accept help in humility, you can extend help. If you do not receive from the one above, you cannot give to the one below you whose progress is utterly stopped because you yourself have stopped. Once again "pride". Some do not like to think they are dependent upon others. Learn to be receivers of our grace and the grace of a chela for whom you have perhaps had disdain. For the prayers of that one whom you think to be beneath you may be the salvation of thy soul.

Let God take care of the human and do not create a false hierarchy in your mind, a panoply of all persons you know--some you have judged to be on the lowest in your system. Then, ye will seek the company of those whom you "think" to be the "important people" who can somehow add to thy stature. This is failing tests, and it leads to a great debacle as the house comes tumbling down which you have built through establishing contact, associations, being a part of an illusory society, et cetera. Think carefully where you fit.

One day the world must always turn against the living Christ. I do not think that any among you would consciously turn down the light of your Christ consciousness to be accepted by men, yet some of you do this un-consciously to avoid the challenge or the hurt or the public criticism.

Beloved ones, you can only go so far with this little game as you fit yourself in and out of society’s cliques. Sooner or later they will make demands upon you, and you will realize that you just compromised your soul and your relationship to be popular with some earth human energy.

Think about it. The tests are lost because of an absence of forethought, of looking objectively at a situation as though you were on the ceiling looking down upon thyself. How do you "REALLY" wish to figure in the configuration?

Take care, blessed ones, ye do not have to consume the entire apple tree at one sitting; eat perhaps an apple or two per day. Take each problem and solve of it; this is my crash course in passing of thy tests. All the answers are made available unto thee. Ask and ye shall be given. Seek and ye shall find. --REMEMBER, AND YE WILL MAKE IT!

I have written long--Dharma had dreaded my visit for she knew it would be long. So be it; ye are my beloved ones. I leave you with one of my "pearls": WHEN YE WANT TO BE LIKE GOD, YOU SHALL BE!

I thank you for thy kind attention; our paths will be together and my joy is great. I place my violet seal upon these thoughts, and may they find their place within thy hearts.