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Source of Light Message

Kara Kincannon

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of truth is brought forth to the world.

All secret and hidden agendas are exposed. With this comes a choice for all humanity to choose again whom they serve.

Freedom of choice is restored to America as all sovereign rights go back to the "We the People". Freedom and Sovernity Restored.

On the wings of the hummingbirds, come great beings to assist humankind to awaken from their sleep.

The Shift in awakening is in full activation and set as the next now step for all.

Allow this knowing to be present within you. Hold the torch of Freedom as the Bells ring out across this globe.

Know this Dear Ones, Absolutely nothing can or will delay or stop the Forces of Light from the goal of re-establishing the visions held of heaven on earth. The power of Light is moving in and through this Earth as we speak. Be present in each now moment and receive your Divine Inheritance.

In Truth, Love, Power and Wisdom all is accomplished.

The long suffering and battles bravely fought by each of you is over. You each have received your Purple Hearts of Courage. We salute each of you in the recognition of the One Source. You have served and stood the tests of time for all humanity to be restored to Peace.

My Dear Ones know this, you are loved and protected always. Let go of any fears, doubts or unbelief . The only thing that binds the will of man to knowing the Truth and great Love of the Creator for all.

Freedom comes Now with great joy!!!!!!!!!

The battles are over. Receive, Receive, Receive and then appropriate the gifts of prosperity to all.

And So It Is. Peace always.

St.Germaine "Building the Now Age"

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Source of Light!

Building the Now Age!!!!!!!!!

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