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St. Germain 08.08.05

Through Mike Quinsey

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e rights which we knew would gradually have been eroded by this time. Many of you are aware, that along with other Master's I was present at the formation and signing of The Constitution, and NESARA is an act by which those rights will be restored.

You have been warned that much disinformation is being circulated, and it is finally up to you as to what you are prepared to believe. I only point out that it is mainly those who see their wealth and power removed by NESARA that would try to block its progress. It was always known that the Illuminati would try hard to de-rail the procedures necessary to put the benefits into being. As many of you are already aware, the extremes to which they will go have no boundaries even where human life is concerned. There are also those who for different reasons cannot yet accept that NESARA is real, and others who cannot grasp how such a vast undertaking can be brought to manifestation. The latter are not necessarily against the benefits of NESARA, but sometimes do not give their support because of the fear of disappointment if it were not true. These are matters that can be clarified if one is determined to get to the truth. Michael has acquainted himself with various aspects of NESARA, and on my behalf is able to refer those who wish more detail to go to the Internet address it is one of many excellent sites.

Much work has already been carried out to establish the framework within which NESARA can operate. The benefits have been carefully explained and it is clear that it WILL restore your freedom, justice and sovereignty. It is intended to secure for the American people their unalienable right to Life, Liberty , and Property. I must add here that it will be adopted by other countries in due course. NESARA will not only bring changes to the Government and the Financial World, but also a New Age of Enlightenment, and an Age of Peace.

Great wealth which is in the hands of the few, wealth which has often been illegally acquired will be taken back and fairly re-distributed. The greatest changes will come in Banking and Monetary Reform, and this is the largest section within the NESARA Act. Debt release both on a personal and public level will do much to alleviate the hardships that many are experiencing. The Prosperity Programs are overseen by me, and with the advent of First Contact there will be very quick developments in this area.

Your immediate future is assured, and at present it is held in place by millions of Lightworkers. Thousands of them are actually involved in the various aspects of NESARA, and ready to spring into action at the appropriate time. However, progress is in the hands of everyone, and there has to be a desire to move events forward so as to realize the vision you are holding. That energy exists and it will bring the changes sought. At our level of understanding we also see the energies that you are attracting to the Earthly dimensions, and the positive ones are in the ascendancy. We also see the negative energies, but these are insignificant by comparison. There is a great surge of energy that is breaking up the negative thoughtforms and they will no longer manifest, but instead will be transmuted. This is a unique period, and all negative energies will be dissolved well before you enter the final phase of Ascension.

Dear Ones, think clearly about what you read and hear, and rely upon those sources that are considered to be proven as honest and reliable. If you cannot make up your mind, let matters rest until you can do so. You have been guided and shown the path of Light for a long time. Do not allow others to force you off your path, and keep your goal in sight and do not let it go. Many travel with you in the unseen, and your efforts are considerably helped unbeknown to you. In fact, your Guides know you better than yourselves, and are certainly more aware of your life plan. How often do things just fall into place, so that when you look back you ponder over your luck? You talk of coincidence, when all is being moved to ensure you follow your path. Whoever you meet and influences your life, are not there by chance but by design.

I am both a Master, and a Man of your Earth of many adventures in recent times. I was already preparing the way for this most important time in your evolution, and I am at the forefront now. I see the fruition of our dreams, yes they belong to us all, and you have a special place in my heart. Have I not told you many times that all is well, and I mean it. Have no fears, and walk your path with your head held high and with confidence. You have passed your tests with flying colors, and well earnt the joy and happiness that are due to you. Soon, you will released from the clutches of the dark, and then Humanity can move fully into the Light. You have a great natural love that will move from the personal to the Universal Love, that you will hold for all life forms.

I am St. Germain, as ever in your service. You are very special to me, and I will ensure that we travel together for the final steps, in Glory, in Light and in Love.

Thank you St. Germain

Mike Quinsey