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St. Germain: "The Spiritual Side Of War"

Channeled BY Forenna (aka Kasandra Clemente)

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of view of the physical body and why it is compelled to express itself through the medium of the cellular structure that contains the energetics of Light and Dark. And, because of that, why it is that the human soul that has chosen to come into physical form also wants and desires to purify and express itself through this physical medium that contains elements of Light and Dark.

If we were to look at the human soul on one level--which is eternal and intact-- and if we were to look at the physical body-- which is known as finite and intact for a certain amount of limited time--and when we place the soul into the vessel or vehicle that is known as the physical form, what happens?

Emily: It is exposed to the polarities of Light and Dark.

Saint Germain: Exactly, and the Light and the Dark as expressed in the physical form, have a third element between the Light and the Dark that is called Transformation. The element of transformation is contained and brought forth by the human soul, or the soul itself--which is eternal. You are mixing the element of the human soul into the physical body that is expressed in polarities, and the soul is expressed in transformation.

What is transformation? Webster's dictionary translates it as changing one form into another form. However, I would like to add to Monsieur Webster's definition by saying that transformation also means the bridging between the two polarities into what is known as Transcendence.

So what happens when the soul is coupled with the human form and these three elements become apparent: The Light, the Dark and Transformation? We get what is called "the human potential."--The availability of an alchemical expression that potentially can support and allow the human being to enter into the state of transcendence, or the state of Oneness. But what happens in the interim is, of course, in order to understand and have clarity about these three elements; the human being must then have THE WILL TO AWAKEN.

The Will to Awaken is dormant in most human beings. When it is connected with certain elements of Light and Dark it can automatically awaken, moment-by-moment and day-by-day. For example, when a great personal tragedy occurs, which is caused by the intensification of polarities, the soul has an opportunity to awaken from its dormancy to find out whether there is more to life than the polarities that it has encountered. That is also called, "the human potential."

If, however, the human being, after experiencing a "tragedy" decides to instead explore the polarity of the Shadow or Darkness, then the human being expresses that darkness in certain ways-one of them being conflict, war, disparity, or anything that causes the Shadow to project itself more than the Light. Then, it creates a situation that is only destined to bring about great suffering and pain. Wars are typically fought because disagreements are so conflicted that they cannot be resolved by alternative means. So, the expression becomes one of violence.

The human soul has an opportunity to understand the choice it has made to incarnate in a physical finite reality within the human form and to choose transformation and transcendence as the elements of change that lead the body and soul to the experience of Total Oneness. In the interim, an evolution or growth and expansion happens within the human being, to recognize whether it is moving into the Oneness or not.

Throughout religious history the question has been asked, "Why is it that men and women fight with the sword in the name of God, and kill and sever human lives, nature and all of the elements that are included during times of conflict, battle and war?

The answer is quite simple, and it has a lot to do with what I have just explained, which is that the human soul comes into a finite reality known as the human body in order to ultimately find itself as a transformed being that can transcend the polarities and rise up vibrationally into the experience of Oneness, which includes the polarities, but goes beyond them.

In the interim reality, conflicts must occur so that peace--which is sometimes the objective of the battle-can be attained. There is no way to change conflict in human beings who are expressing it, until they have awakened to that transcendent part of themselves, which is not connected with any belief, dogma or historical concept.

The experience of the Oneness of Who You are is attained by individual application to the experience that the person is having, regardless of what belief they have. As you can see, this war has elicited a lot of opinions and observations from many people and cultures that are at different levels of attainment and evolution. Never before in history have there been so many beings standing up against the war and viewing it as an inadequate reason for battle. Most of the time, the majority is in agreement for a particular battle to occur and they are willing to support it and give their

lives for it. But in this case, because of the experience with the Vietnam War, the general public has awakened to the inadequate reasons for that war ever to have happened. I will not directly address the opinions of certain people who believe there was a conspiracy behind the Vietnam War at the time, as there are already enough vehicles that are focused on this subject.

As I am approaching the War from the spiritual point of view, we must remember that a conspiracy is only begun by that conflicted aspect of the being that is not totally reconciled with the transcendent state of itself--as a being who has connected with the Oneness of who they are. And that is a very important point, because, ultimately peace cannot be achieved unless a being has reconciled the conflicted aspect in that part of themselves, whether they are coming from the movements of the Right or the Left. These are movements that are connected with certain aspects of shadow and are interrupting the greater sense of the alignment of the Oneness of all that is. When one is in the state of Oneness, one does not take sides, one does not create conflict.

It is difficult for human beings to attain that state of being. Certain human beings tend to seclude themselves in nunneries, monasteries, spiritual retreats, etc, in order to focus their entire lives to understand the level of oneness and transformation that can be attained. So how can one who is out in the public eye and participating in worldly activities on a daily basis sustain that level of Oneness? It is a gradual learning, dear ones. It is not something that comes all at once. It is something that is built, evolved and constructed over the days, months and years.

We now have millions of people in the peace movement who are moving that part of the Light-the positive self-into the evolution of transformation and transcendence. And then we have the people who are implementing war who are moving forward in a conflicted way, but surprisingly enough, they are also evolving towards transformation and transcendence.

This may be difficult to understand in the interim reality, but ultimately, transformation and transcendence is where they are moving towards. If they were not moving towards that goal, they would not be able to have the opposite reflection from the people who are co-creating peace. My point is that the Dark is helping the Light to achieve a state of Oneness. That is the ultimate reality.

In the grander scheme of things, we understand that the 13 years that were predicted by various ancient cultures and written in their calendars have to do with the complete transformation of the human embodiment to the state of transcendence, which is the movement to The One.

If, however, people say, "Well, Saint Germain, what about all of the destruction that wars are creating? What about all of the incredible levels of suffering and pain? What about all of the natural resources being used in an imbalanced way?"

Well, Beloved ones, if you were Light Beings observing the earth from the point of view of spiritual history, you would understand that the Darkness helps the Light in the interim reality, to evolve into itself as ultimately recognizing itself in the Oneness of all that Is.

What can an individual do, who knows and has this awareness? -- Perhaps not being in total agreement with it, but having the awareness of it is enough for a human being to understand that each person is responsible for the war that is reflected as conflicted in themselves, because they are not yet willing to completely experience the Oneness of all that Is. If all people were willing to create the Presence of who they are in the Oneness of who they are, wars would immediately cease to exist. Wars would dissolve instantly--even now. But it is an evolution to that point that beings of the hierarchies of Light are all supporting. These beings are also supporting the people that are creating war to come to that level of peace.

Even though these players do not seem to want peace, the other side of it is that they do want it because it is reflected in those people who want peace. One polarity cannot exist without the mirroring of the other. War and all of the responses to it is an example of the extreme expansion of the polarities of Light and Dark that are being experienced right now. You expected this time, because the soul continues its evolution in order to find that target at the center of everything, which is the ultimate experience of the Oneness of who you are. That is the goal of human creation because human beings came from the Oneness and they want to return to it, no matter who or where they are.

The darkness plays a part as well as the Light. It will continue to be that way until time ceases to exist, and then there will only be one kind of time, and that is "the timelessness."

If you had the opportunity to exist in timelessness right now, would you know what to do?

Emily: No.

Saint Germain: That is a wise answer because in the "no", there is a "yes" within it, or else both worlds would not exist. And the reason I say that is because there have been times when you have experienced timelessness, have you not?

Emily: For brief periods of time.

Saint Germain: And do you remember how you felt?

Emily: Very peaceful.

Saint Germain: And when you were out of that timelessness and went back into time, what happened?

Emily: I felt there were things I had to do. There are stresses, worries, and all kinds of things like that.

Saint Germain: Exactly. This is a good example that timelessness has something to do with the experience of oneness and peace. This is what "The Peace Movement" is moving towards-the experience of oneness and peace in the human body, right now. Peace is being achieved, even if those who are in supposed power say, "No, it isn't being achieved." Part of them is saying, "Yes, it is being achieved," because it is being reflected by others. Whether they agree about it or not, is irrelevant, because spirit is stronger than the polarities that exist on this planet.

Emily: Very few people see a reason for this war. Even the soldiers in Iraq are surrendering, so that the strength of conviction is not there. Polarities are changing because of that.

Saint Germain: The polarities are melting and merging. But the United States-the other side-still sees the Iraqis as enemies. If they didn't see them superficially as the enemy, they would not have a reason to go in and destroy Iraq. But in the destruction there is another reason, and that is The Resurrection. Even if they have a malicious intent to destroy Iraq, it is still ultimately a resurrection. You may not see that right now, but wait and see. The resurrection will occur.

Emily: Is this old karma that is playing out also, since Iraq is one of the original places on the planet that was settled?

Saint Germain: Yes. Actually, the entire Middle East, including Egypt, are all very karmically connected with the rest of the world because that region is the cradle of civilization. Now, I'm not saying that human beings first started in the Middle East. Human beings first began in Africa, but ancient civilizations began in the region that is known as the Middle East, especially in Iraq. Those areas have been conflicted throughout history. Why was that particular region conflicted? The polarities of Light and Dark were dramatically expressed there through hundreds of years. It goes back to what I was saying earlier that the human soul comes in to transform those polarities, and the Middle East demonstrated just how much the conflicts could happen within the self. Whether there were ancient Kings demonstrating it, or the population that was practicing idolatry, sacrifice, adultery, utilizing women for fertility purposes, and so on, these were experiences of extreme Dark that the ancient prophets, who mostly emerged from Israel, were resolved to bring to balance, justice and righteousness.

If we were to observe the karma of the Middle East as expressing great conflict between Light and Dark, then we can understand how the United States military and political structure would be magnetized to that area, to do what, on a spiritual level?

Emily: To transform and transmute what's over there.

Saint Germain: Exactly. And the possession of oil looks like the big excuse. Of course, the people of the United States have to continue to increase their standard of living because they are accustomed to having it. And the stock market depends on it, because the stock market is the lever that the government uses to make its policies happen. All of that is true and real to a certain extent, but ultimately it is an illusion, because what is really happening is another level of transformation of that karmic destiny that the Middle East has had for a long time.

Emily: Is this going to bring people to the consciousness that the polarity is making life unlivable?

Saint Germain: Yes. That is the purpose. It will take time to work out because of so many different opinions, but everyone is carefully watching this war because they are seeing that reflection back onto themselves, not only as individuals, but also as countries. They are witnessing a mini-Armageddon in Iraq.

Emily: A lot of people are thinking, "What if that were me, and they came here, and we were bombed? They are personally connected to the people that are being bombed in Baghdad. That connection never happened with the Vietnam War.

Saint Germain: Because the evolution of spiritual history is that the way the peoples of the earth have conducted themselves must transform and change within this 13-year period. That is why it didn't happen during the Vietnamese War or any other war, because America has been protected from war up to this time, except during Pearl Harbor when the bomb was dropped on the shores of the mainland. However, the fact that terrorists have been reported in the news as having "bases" or "cells" in the United States that have not yet been found, is breaking and decrystalizing the structure and mindset of the American people on purpose, so that now, they are saying, "Oh, my God, this can happen to me." My SUV and home may be threatened!

Emily: Or my children's school.

Saint Germain: That's probably the third option! (laughs). Just kidding, America. So that makes this war more real to the American people because they are now being threatened in their own homeland.

Emily: How much of what the media is showing us right now is real?

Saint Germain: What you are seeing is actually happening. However, the U.S. media has habitually protected the public psyche because, if they were to see certain things on the news it would tend to "confuse" and "baffle" the American people, as to the types of things that are going on and ultimately undermine their moral and spiritual attitudes and physical condition.

Emily: In other words, it would be "too horrible?"

Saint Germain: Yes. The media's censorship law says that certain levels of violence are not to be shown to the American people. It doesn't mean that they do not show violence, it just means that they would definitely not show it in this particular way, because that would change the attitude of the American people and ultimately change their voting habits. One must understand the political strings that are attached to the media. The media supports and is supported by the military, industrial and political structure. The media does not generally go against the wishes of the government and the military-industrial interests.

Emily: Are we going to see biological warfare?

Saint Germain: Not particularly.

Emily: Is it that both sides realize that it would backfire?

Saint Germain: It would be a greater threat than a military battle because it could not be contained or controlled. So we look at what kind of war this is, and that it is a controlled war run by people who are very controlling on both sides, as you know. Monsieur Hussein, with all due respect to the condition that he's placed himself in, has been a very controlling and malicious leader on certain occasions, especially towards women. This gives the United States more provocation.

So, the battle rages on, and the general conversation to the public by President Bush is that he's doing this for "freedom." But, you see, you cannot observe a human being in only one way. Human beings have many sides to them, or else they would not be expressing those sides. On one level he says that he is destroying oppression and tyranny, and on another level he says that he would like the resources of that country, and to give it an opportunity to establish a more democratic society. For him it's all of the above, and that is why he and his cabinet are so adamant in going forward, regardless of what the people that want peace will think and do.

Emily: There's also the point that Bush, from his religious beliefs, feels that he is playing the role of another Armageddon.

Saint Germain: Yes, and what we must recognize is that in the face of human suffering, panic, pain and separation, the Light prevails inside every human being. The Light is going to be mirrored much more strongly, because even though the agenda of the military-industrial-political complex is to finish this war as quickly as possible-at least that part of the war that has to do with battle and destruction-the truth is that another wound has been opened in the entire Middle East, and it has to do with the desire of the United States to become a world power, not only because it needs to do so because of its survival--a survival on many levels--but also because it feels that it is justified in bringing forth justice and democratic policies to third world countries that have been existing in extreme poverty for a long time.

However, the backlash of this act is going to cause countries that normally want peace to be very agitated, because this particular war is a different global war. It is not just a skirmish around the corner; it is a war that intimately concerns everyone, directly or indirectly.

It has escalated to this point and it has been predicted that there would eventually be a war of this magnitude, because humanity is now, shall we say "up against the wall" to face itself and the possible imminent destruction of the human self in this form. Spiritual connections, however, have said that this will not happen. That humanity will wake up in time and that the government of the United States will be transformed from within through the awakening of the people of the United States, so that they will create a vortex around the United States that has to do with bringing in the Light more powerfully. These 13 years are a period of proving that it can happen. It is a decision that has to be made in the hearts and minds of every individual.

What else this war is creating is greater communication and communion of the grassroots factions--simple human beings who live within the United States who oppose this war to continue on any level. This is a very important opportunity for people to unite, regardless of what culture or country they come from. And, of course, as you know, the Internet and the telephone have certainly aided at accelerating communication and making the world a lot smaller.

Even though I am not predicting this, I am going to share with you what could happen, and that is that the increase of communications from the grassroots level will create a stronger connection with people who have more advanced thinking in alignment with spirit and in alignment with the peaceful cohabitation that these people have desired to have and have had in their hearts for many years. These people are beginning to take action, where heretofore they were in a state of dormancy or preparation. These people will bring forth a change in the way that governments have been monopolizing decision-making for the chosen few in countries and circumstances.

This particular war is increasing the visibility of these people, and the desire to reconstruct these lands will bring about even further communication, communion and action by those beings that have protested the war in their hearts and activities. There will be many people who will be now encouraged to make things happen who are more in tune with a higher frequency. That means that more integrity, truth, facts and spiritual realities will be explored, investigated and implemented by these people. Most importantly, new communities and new and more authentic media expressions will take hold during this time. The Internet has brought about more connected and truer expressions and has allowed a voice and a venue for those who have many beliefs and approaches to life to come together and communicate.

The Ascended Masters are increasing their encouragement for a lot of Light to happen in every region of the world. We are encouraging the communion with spirit to expand and be more connected, and we are encouraging the beings that have been silent to take a more active role in society.

I want to explain to you a bit about that conspiracy that people have been worried about, especially if martial law were called here, and what the people would do. Well, Beloved Ones, that cannot happen, because the impetus of the wave of Light through the peace protests and the wave of Light through everyone waking up in an accelerated way is causing that not to happen. I encourage all of those beings that want to take action that this is the time to do it and to not be afraid that their lives will be threatened, because the Light wave is getting stronger and bigger. And when it gets stronger and bigger, it gains momentum and literally dissolves any particles of evil that could remain. It is important to take courage right now and do what you are meant to do in the world. Awaken that part of you that perhaps you have been afraid to express--that has been dormant or that you have delayed because of one reason or another. Bring forth your visions. Bring forth your truths in your Divine Expression, for it is time for that, Beloved Ones. This is the purpose for the 13-year cycle so that people can take a stand for who they are and bring forth the beauty of the transcendent state here on earth.

Emily: So we're not looking at just a few months here, but at quite a few years to stand up, take action and make things happen.

Saint Germain: Yes. And the war, of course, is stirring up that possibility for people, who before may have lived dormant and complacent lives.

Emily: Is there a portal over Baghdad that has to do with the Anunaki?

Saint Germain: I can understand why people of psychic abilities would want to place that dimension onto the Middle East. The Anunaki are beings from displaced worlds that have wanted to connect with the planet on many levels for thousands of years, and have done so but have not really succeeded.

Emily: They were the ones that established Babylon in the first place, weren't they?

Saint Germain: Yes, but they did not succeed in the long run. They have only succeeded in the short run.

Emily: Following up on this same vein, is there a portal in the Middle East where ships can come in and out, and is there some element that wants to control that portal.

Saint Germain: It is not an individual thing. That portal has been there before, and in a way, it does support the continuing conflict that is going on there. But ultimately, the conflict can be reversed and dissolved by the people of the Middle East. This is their awakening as well. So, if there is a third conflict on the invisible planes, you could say that it is because the people themselves are bringing it about.

Emily: As above, so below?

Saint Germain. Yes.

Emily: And how does Israel play in this?

Saint Germain: Israel is actually very angry about a lot of things. But, you see, they do not have enough organizational ability to get beyond the boundaries that they have been in for hundreds of years. This is an organized war. This is an electronic war. This is a technical war. All of the soldiers and civilians who are being sent from the United States are all people who are trained in conjunction with the electronic disciplines and information that comes through. This is what makes the U.S. a powerful and versatile country. Technical things are important, and are only available to countries that have a certain economic status. Israel is basically a humble country with people who live in modest means. However, a certain amount of people in political power are wealthy.

Emily: They do have nuclear weapons, and I guess the United States has given them instructions not to participate in this war.

Saint Germain: Yes, because the United States supports Israel. But the United States is basically in the war for its own gain.

The Children of Light--some of who dwell in the United States--are assisting to bring about a different kind of world, and that world will become more apparent after the 13-year cycle. I urge everyone of the Light to implement your Destiny Paths during this 13-year cycle, regardless of what you see happening in the outer reality. Jesus predicted that the Children of Light will inherit the earth. He also communicated that statement as a desire and a support that the Children of Light actually WILL inherit the earth.

Emily: So these polarities are going to play out for a while until we can transcend them.

Saint Germain: You can transcend them by bringing about your Destiny Paths as soon as possible, and by collectively connecting and taking action from the Light as much as you can and in the most desirable and wise way. This is the key to change. This is the key to transformation of the existing planetary patterns.

The Anunaki know what the patterns of the planet are. This is what they base their invading behavior on. As the planet pattern changes etherically, and the Children of Light gain dominion, they cannot invade or be allowed to come to earth anymore.

Emily: What are the primary ways that the Anunaki have been invading or influencing our world at this time?

Saint Germain: They are compounding the Shadow on the planet. They have their own reasons. As I said before, they are a displaced race of beings that do not have their own planet anymore. They are basically borrowing planets.

Emily: Do they influence the leaders of the world on a psychic level? Saint Germain: They attempt to influence, but do not always succeed, because if they were totally succeeding, the world would witness a great deal more influence from them than it actually is. Emily: Is their planet within range of the earth now that they can do this? Saint Germain: Yes, because they have strategically designed that over the centuries. Emily: And this is the 3,600-year cycle that they come around? Saint Germain: Yes.

Emily: So as long as our consciousness remains high, that prohibits them from influencing us more?

Saint Germain: Yes. The Children of Light shall inherit the earth. This is a big statement that Jesus said. And he meant to give you courage to do that.

Emily: So this is a lot about remaining in the state of love and peace within ourselves and not allow the fear to come in. I'm sure the Anunaki would love to have that FEAR consciousness prevail around the planet.

Saint Germain: Yes, because they, too, would love to "inherit the earth" and do it their way. Through control and enslavement they would like to make that goal happen. There is much beauty and resources on this planet. But their presence is compounding the awakening, because The Children of Light ultimately cannot be dominated. It is impossible. They have proven that over the centuries, and they will choose to lose their bodies in order to prove it. When the children of Light lose their bodies, they enter into the world of Light, and some have returned to continue the quest to enlightenment.

There are and will be more Light Beings coming through human bodies. The psychic children are such messengers of the Light. It is important for the psychic children to be known by those who are still not aware that they exist, because they already have the inheritance of the Golden Age inside of their souls that is imbuing their physical forms at a most rapid rate. They have the Light that will catalyze everything forward as they grow.

These things, of course, are not supposed to be documented. They are to exist in the minds and hearts of all Light Beings as a source of inside communication, because you are the ones that are building this new "government of the Light," regardless of what it looks like now on the exterior. The psychic children are helping to have that happen, because ultimately God's desire and God's greatest commandment is that this world will have peace, love and prosperity. This is the shift of the patterns of polarity on this earth, and this is the human quest for all spirits, no matter who the players are, because all will benefit. And when the earth reaches that state, all universes will know it. This is, indeed, The Greatest Experiment on earth.

Emily: So other planets and universes will shift when we do?

Saint Germain: Yes. Please recognize the importance of your Presences at this time, and how important it is to communicate this experience on earth.

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