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Message From Germain Through Lisa and Melinda

Lisa and Melinda

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uly connect with those who are ready to rise up to the next dimension. There are those who have gone before you to light your way and be ready for when you come.

We know and understand that the Lightworkers want everything in place now. We know that you know that the Light always wins. Knowing that and keeping it consistently in your front mind is not always an easy task. So I say to you now, now is the time for change. Now we truly need to see and understand the process. It is okay to feel confused, disjointed, out of sorts, and out of focus because what is truly happening is we are shifting the energy, and opening the way for the blessings.

We call on all Lightworkers now to come together with open hearts to receive the higher energy that they need for their quantum shift and that of the planet. I am happy to say that all that I have set in motion is now time to materialize. This is the highest energy time ever. We are at a place now where we don't need destruction in order to rise up. The more Lightworkers that can hold the higher vision, the less the dark agenda can do. And so once again I call upon all beings of Light to stay strong, have faith and not to let any appearances sway their judgment. The more beings and the longer the focus is positive, the sooner the changes will materialize.

I am Germain.