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Relay Relay Relay - Germain

Spirit Eagle

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order to fan the wars of Separation!

Mother Earth's Destiny, and yours is so much Brighter and Bigger than the manipulations by those who would Completely Enslave you! So many more millions of you have awakened to the Truth of Your responsibility for the chaos on this world, and you Are standing for the Light and for the Change in the Self that is needed at this time. We applaud you! We applaud you! You have come far in a very short time!

It is time for you to Walk Your Talk, to Be Your Truth! Be on the side of the Angels and together shine the Love from your hearts upon all! Speak your Truth! The Time for Fence sitting is OVER! You are no longer little children who must be led by the hand. You Are Our Sisters and Brothers of Light!

As Sovereign Beings it is time to Claim that Sovereignty! Sit no longer on the sidelines. Do what you know how to do! Make a fuss when needed! Focus! Action! Compassion! Forgiveness! Peace! Love! They are not mutually exclusive! Stand up for the Freedom of All of the World's People! You and We, are ALL Sisters and Brothers! WE ARE ONE!

I Am St. Germain. Go Forth in Love and Peace and Joy for this Day and in the days to come the Bell of Freedom is Ringing Around the World. You are Loved and Protected Always!

Telepathic Communication by Spirit Eagle July 4, 2007 12:01 pm