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Messages from Germain

Through Lisa and Melinda

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lieve in. What we would like to do now, thru you, if you will, is begin to teach you about the magic and the pure energy so that we can help you to raise the vibrations of your planet. Magic is a normal and natural way of things. Because you live in the physical realm you see things in a limited way. You see magic (miracle) (energy) as something supernatural or out of your realm of possibility. That is not the case at all. That is the natural state that we on both sides should be living in.

Germain: Sometimes you get the message and you say, ďoh thatís a miracleĒ someone or something outside of yourself had to have created this. Well we are here to tell you that you have everything you need to create the miracles. Yes, we are definitely with you and once you understand the power that you possess we can then help magnify your power and help you to raise your vibration. But you really donít need us. Although we like to think you do.

Germain: Our mission is to watch over you and help you to remember the truth. We are grateful that you will allow us to help you accomplish this. We are ready now that you are ready to share some of these insights with you. We know that one of the first things on your mind is the announcement of Nesara and the prosperity programs. Yes we are here and yes we could move things around so that the next phase could begin. It is almost time to let the world know what has really happened over these last few years. Some will accept your words and others will not, it doesnít matter; your job is to share information. It is important to stay connected and focused on the high golden opportunities that lie ahead. We would like to let you know that we are making progress in being able to connect with more people, more light-workers, to begin to put some order into the chaos. We have come to let you know that in time most of the secrets will be revealed so that you may prepare for the future. We have answers to your questions.

Germain: The people in power have been there for a very long time and they are unwilling to see a new way. But thatís okay. We want you to know that we will be more specific in the next few weeks as to what changes need to take place. We are glad that you understand a little about how the energy works and that we will be able to teach you how to reach within and connect to be able to read the energy. One important thing to do is to be focused and yet blank. The answers to most questions can be found in the energy, that is to say that when you allow the vibration to come forward the message becomes clear. We have been given permission to help you communicate the lessons and the changes needed to bring forth this information. We know that you are very caring and want to help, but in this case you donít need to change anything, you just need to allow the information to flow thru you and thatís all you need to do.

Germain: Until we talk again, we will work together with you to raise the vibration even further so you will be open enough to hear the messages and begin to do the work of bringing the changes into being. Thatís enough for now.


Message 8/12/06

I am Germain. I first want to commend you (plural) for your openness and willingness to do what is necessary to allow the messages and the healings to come forth.

I am here today to speak on certain matters that you will find enlightening and informative. We are at the time and place of great change. With each step we take we bridge the gap between the worlds. As we get closer to the final phases of the ascension process there will be many changes that you will notice in your world. We have begun to enforce the changes. It is time.

Those who understand and move toward the light will be swept across the millennium galaxies to great new heights. Those that choose to do otherwise will energize themselves to a place of vibration matching their own. This is a wonderful time and probably the first time in many centuries that we can be called the One Energy, the One Light.

You have proved your ability to transcend the earthly realm to the ethereal realm and as more and more people begin to understand the process and see that there is no difference then we will be able to truly begin the healing ascension process. I really should say complete the process. Make no mistake the process has begun in earnest and you will get messages. You will see evidence more and more as time goes on.

We are thankful that you have chosen to be a mouthpiece for us. We can tell you now that now truly is the time. Stay at your highest level; be open and aware in every moment and situation to find the truth in every situation. Know and understand how illusion works. And donít be fooled. It is extremely important at this time to be as clear of mind and heart as you can be. You must be a channel for the messages now. And you will see changes. They have already begun.

Let all your fears and doubts fall away now and move towards that place of perfect joy and peace. Nothing else matters as the changes begin. So as you continue you will have all of the means necessary to further your causes. The world is ready for our messages and we thank you for being patient and ready to share our news.

I know that we donít generally speak of time and in this case it is different. Time is of the essence now due to the facts that have taken place over the last few months. What a glorious time to be alive what a glorious time to be able to share and ascend. You are the light of the world. Let your light shine.

Until next time. I am Germain.