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CAUSE is the desire-energy within Mind to manifest Mind-Idea by extending light-waves of thought from centering fulcrum points.

EFFECT is manifested Mind-Idea expressed by motion of ex­tended light-waves of Mind-thinking. God--the Creator--is CAUSE. The created universe is EFFECT.

The foregoing defines the very simple foundation for higher knowledge which man needs for the unfolding of his spiritual nature. Without this higher knowledge needed by man for the unfolding of his inner vision, he will still remain barbarian in thought and practice. He can never progress toward happiness, peace and prosperity while he is physically dominated and lim­ited to sensed effect, for world history shows that the increase in material power of expression, unbalanced by spiritual power, is always accompanied by a multiplication of crime, wars and immorality, with increased sex and cultural degeneracy.

Every time a material civilization has prospered by the vicious methods which have made all past civilizations prosper, it has fallen low into the dark for long centuries and has recovered only through the agonies of tears shed for deep suffering.Your present civilization is in its eleventh and a-half hour, preceding a similar fall and for the same reason, as everyone must now come to know

The only way that mankind can save this present degenerating civilization is to throw off all that is barbarian and ungodly in him through acquiring the higher knowledge necessary for his inner, spiritual unfoldment.

The only way that mass-man, who constitutes a civilization, can acquire that higher knowledge is through mass-teachers, and there are no such teachers in any of your scientific, educational or religious institutions. None of them has made any attempt to fulfill this requirement for bringing God and man together in close communion and companionship. In fact, every one of these presumably man-building organization has done just the opposite, which has retarded the unfoldment of the spiritual na­ture of man.This is indeed unfortunate for some hundreds of thousands of advanced thinkers have freed themselves from the anchors of traditional material concepts and are seeking earnestly for the Light of higher knowledge which will eventu­ally illumine them into Cosmic Consciousness.

When I utilize the term "barbarian", I define as: possessing of characteristics of a cultural level more complex than primitive savagery but less sophisticated than advanced civilization--mercilessly harsh and cruel and without refinement.

When I utilize the term "pagan", I define as: a follower of a poly (many) theistic religion (as in Ancient Rome); one who has little or no religion and who delights in sensual pleasures and material goods; an irreligious or hedonistic person.

READ THAT "PAGAN" AGAIN. YOU ONES GO ABOUT CALLING THE NATIVES AS IN "NATIVE AMERICANS" AND PRIMITIVE TRIBESMEN--PAGANS. WHERE DO YOU COME BY SUCH SMUG CONDESCENDING INFOR­MATION?  THE NATIVE DOES HONOR UNTO THE DIF­FERENT RELATIONS AND SHOWS HONOR UNTO THE SEASONS, THE WINDS AND THE BROTHERHOOD OF LIFE--BUT HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF, YOU OF IGNO­RANCE--THE GREAT SPIRIT? WELL, THE GREAT SPIRIT--THE WAKAN TANKA, ISGOD BY ANY LABEL.  Moreover, this ONE God has the same offspring in recognition as do your traditional Life-streams. It is time you ones learned that which is your own language--for you speak things that have no meaning in FACT. The primitive "natural" natives have less interest in that which is physical and material than any species on Earth--THEY ARE NOT PAGANS! YOU HAVE BE­COME PAGANS!!!!!

Can you now comprehend how it works with the adversary? You are told a thing and without question you hop on the bandwagon of denouncement, etc. You know not anything of value for you have been told the opposite of Truth for such a long time that you even reverse the meanings of your own language words.YOU HAVE BECOME THE PAGANS--NOT THE NATIVE INDIANS. THEY, IN FACT, SPEAKING OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN "INDIANS" WERE ONLY LABELED "INDIANS" BECAUSE THE EUROPEANS THOUGHT THEY HAD REACHED THE INDIES. THE NATIVES, IN THEIR OWN LANGUAGE, CALLED THEMSELVES "THE PEOPLE" OR "HUMANS". YOU HAD BEST LOOK A BIT INTO HISTORY AND TRUTH--AND PERHAPS YOU MAY LEARN SOME SHOCKING FACTS.


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