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The greatest tragedy of humans is their failure to recognize and comprehend the teachings of ones like Christ and Krishna. The Hindus, Lebanese and Persians recognized and revered their Teacher but did not comprehend him. They sought God, as he taught them to do, by searching within themselves through deep meditation. They became a deeply spiritual people that way, but the Hindus were more deeply influenced by Buddha and over­stressed their searching through meditation without following it with action. As a consequence, they neglected the creative action of working knowingly with God, as Krishna more particu­larly taught. Because of that misinterpretation of Buddha's and Krishna's teachings, the Hindu world stood materially still for these many centuries.

The "Christ" of the Hebrews transformed many of His own people with His great love and would have, undoubtedly, cre­ated the One-World Ideal of the Brotherhood-of-Man, as He started out to do, if the religion of His day--which Heso vio­lently attacked--did not tear Him down and attempt to totally de­stroy Him through persecution and crucifixion. Then His fol­lowers paid the same price for some three hundred years by hideous tortures and death in the arenas, as with the lions

This failure to comprehend the divine Messengers whom God sent periodically to illumine man with the Light of God-aware­ness within him is the human tragedy for which the world has paid in blood, tears and agony for nineteen centuries. It is a great pity, however, that the human race has set itself back two thousand years because of but one thing--gross ignorance.Shall you now have the courage to look at your faulty civilization squarely in the face and begin, at long last, to build an en­during civilization based upon Love and the Oneness of all men with God?

This you must do lest you perish. You have no choice, actually. Every cultural institution as well as all industry, commerce and government must place the acquisition of higher knowledge first else Markham's wisdom in saying, "In vain do we build the city if we do not first build the man," will be verified by witnessing another fall of man into chaos and degradation--and brothers, you are there!

It is for this very reason that we come forth to awaken in your Conscious Mind the great Truths of God and His universe. We will continue to unfold that which is "wrong" so that you might confirm for self that we bring only Truth--you have watched the long foretold present world crisis come to peaking. You have seen the crisis of fear and hate unfold until it has been recog­nized, realized, written about and talked about by every man to every other man, and by the press even in its secret bondage, radio and television throughout the world. How long will you turn away and presume that God will, at your whim, bring His Truth through another? It is not to be so! Here it is and you who will partake are welcome at the banquet--you who choose another table--so be it! We shall see WHO sits at the table of God.